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  1. i hoped u enjoyed the holidays as well... my holiday vaca was okay. HAPPY 2010!!! and hope u have a great rail fanning year....


    by the way, have u heard of the elimination of the (M) and (V) extension....

    do u think it will happen or...? i honestly like the (V) the way it is!

  2. good afternoon! same to you and im sure you'll look great in them! i have PSAT's this week so i am stuck studing:( oh well....oh and it has been a long time!!!! hope to talk soon!:) have fun and enjoy your weekend!:)!!!

  3. thanks a lot:) i'm glad to meet new people here. thanks again...

  4. hay!!! sorry... i accedentally deleted all visitor messages... i wanted to delete some in my inbox but im still learning!!! and my computer is messed up... so im sorry!!!! :(:( i hope to talk to u soon:)

  5. yeah i look alot like her so my friend made me do it!!! i dont see the resemblance though!!! the backgroung is actually the back of her apartment:)

  6. yeah i look like her so my friend made me take it... same look!! i dont see the reseblance

  7. thanks so much for the complement!!! im sure ur pretty as well! oh... wat is ur favorite subway line in the system?? i really love the (7)<7>!!! it's awsome! then again i love the EL's!!!

  8. hi welcome! i glad to see another girl intrested in the nyc subway as well!:) i also want to learn more about the subway and i too am looking to learn more!!! there are a lot of great ppl here so hope u enjoy it here!!!:) have fun and hope i can help you learn more about the subways... even though i still need help as well:)

  9. i would like to be a line general manager of the (N)(W) or (7)... btw. what H.S did u go to???

  10. cool! i feel the same way as u do!! except im a bit younger and dont know what i want to do... i would like to be a biology or history teacher, or an botanist, a mythologist, an Train operator or designing train cars for nyc, or singer.... so many things that idk where to start!! im a junior in h.s this year and the year i have to start getting more involded!!! i say to you follow your heart! do what makes you happy! i would love to be all of these things but know it's impossible! i want to study biology in college or musical arts... i sometimes wish i was 4 years old again!!! also the time of the good subway cars! lol...

    R32-R68 :) btw... i think you would make a great MTA employee:) nicer too LOL... some train operators are mean >:[ but some are really nice and cool!!! what did u want to work as in the MTA??? what line would u like to operate or drive on??

  11. ok! thanks... i'm glad i have friends like u!

  12. hi! i just wanted to say hello and see how ur dong!!:) i hope u remenber me lol.... i havent talked a lot! so i hope ur doing great!!!

  13. well i take the (7)<7> to jackson hieghts-roosevelt av/74th st then i take the (F).... but i usually wait untill a not so crowded or nearly empty train comes, usually right behind the full one:) i just like the window seat and like to sit on it!:) i do get lonesome at times but i usually just read a book or write in my diary... typical girl stuff LOL... :o:o:):)... so u go 2 john jay college. that's cool!!! my school is assosiated with it or something like that.... as a matter a fact i went on a tour of a SAT/ prep courses offered free there... so do u wanna become a police officer or lawer? judge? or do u wanna work 4 the MTA?:) what do u wanna do after college???

  14. i go to graphic communication arts. im in the journalism academy. it's an easy trip home if i take the (E) but i prefer to take the (N)(W) to QNS BOURGH PLZ then the (7)<7>. i love the EL's. what school do u go 2?

  15. i really like the (7)<7> too!!! i take it everyday from school!:) my second favorite would have to be the 8th Av lines... the reason i take the long way home is because i like the outside feeling the (7)<7> gives me reather than the darkness of the tunnels on the (E) (the short way home). i guess i like elevated lines more than underground lol :)

  16. yeah! very true... what is ur fav live???? 6th av, 8th av...etc...

  17. the R160 uses the red lighting to show the truck line..... it's no longer like all the other train models with the color line sign... i guess that is what makes the nyc subway unique....

    (A)(C)(E)- 8th av

    (B)(D)(F)(Q6)(V)- 6th av etc..............

  18. that is true... but i do like the nyc subways' use of color and letters! where else can u find that??? except that the r160 is kind of ruining that isn't it???

  19. thanks so much for the complimant. dont worry about the late reply. i am in ireland right now on vacation so i check in less than usual.... but i'll hopefully be back next week... i really miss the city. i especially miss the subway!!! i mean the trains hear are ok, but nothing compared to the diversity of the nyc subway am i right??? but what city's transit system outside of the U.S would you like to visit???

  20. I really didn't like the picture so much but my friend made me take it in the spring:] do i look bad???

  21. it's me :) my friend made me put it up... lol...why do you ask?

  22. hi!!! i wanted to welcome you here to fourms... i hope you have a great time here and enjoy your stay here:) have fun!!!

  23. hi and welcome! i hope you'll enjoy your time here as many of us do!!!:) have a great time and a wonderful trip!!!

  24. thanks. i hope to learn a lot about the Nyc subway. thanks for welcoming me:)

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