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  1. I am very sorry for the inconvinience!!! extremely sorry! Basically the mother and daughter were attacked on the train (A) coming home from work late night around 3am. They were attacked around Euclid Ave. They were heading into Queens when they were surrounded by 4 girls and 2 men of the African American race. The mother was slashed on the face and near the eye and her daughter was betten. Both mother and daughter suffered injuries from the attack. The attackers got off at a station with no survailance cameras and cannot be identified at the moment. Police are looking at security camaras around the area to see if they can get a glimpse of the attackes. Both mother and daughter demand justice and hope they attackers are brought to justice!!!


    I was a bit lazy to translate the story earlier so i just translated w/o checking (which will not happen EVER again!!!)

    *This is a good lesson for me on NOT taking shortcuts!!!! Sorry again!

    We should have more police, and survailance cameras as i mentioned earlier! This is unforgivable and should be brought to attention int he english media!!! How else will these two women ever get justice!!!

  2. Removed incorrect translation.

    *** Article found in spanish news only... if someone has this article or story in another news website please place a hyperlink here....

    this story was featured in



    This story was released today and in my opinion is one of the reasons that stations need more camaras and they should start placeing camaras on the train cars. i felt bad for them and those thugs should be brought to justice!!!!

    ***This story should be in english news papers and media!!!!:mad:

    Any opinions on the matter???

    ***This was later confirmed to have happen on the (A) line, NOT the (3)***

  3. It's people like these that makes many others look bad. I thought the first two guys were drunk, but over all STUPID!!! the third guy reminds me of the kids from my school! i remember how some stupid freshman were jumping in the track and having a good time. They were lucky that the cop that was in the upper level(near the staircase where they were at) did see them! By the way, this was at 50th St on the (E) lower level. some people have no RESPECT for the rules!!!! i hate ppl like them! :mad:

  4. if the (T) on second av ever does start up what will its yard be? ive seen bell mouths on the (F) after 63rd st-Lexington Ave. will the (T) connect with the jamaica yard or how will it get and store its trains? Will it get its own yard? sorry if this thread already exists or if it causes problems or inconvinces. just wanted to know :) thanks!

  5. Go to the image, click "Save As", save it wherever, then go to your sig, use option 2 to select it, then click upload, then click save signature.

    thanks so much guys!!! it finally works. i've been sving it on pictures and stayed still untill i saved it to my documents. thanks guys ur all so helpful! and i love my sign:)

    *** it does upload but when i save it it wont appear....anyways thanks for everything guys...sorry for the inconvinence:)

  6. Yes, the signature size limit is 800X60, and my LED signage size is 786x107 (deserves an increase IMO). But I resized both of them, though the (7) needs to be redone since the color is way too dark. :cry:


    thank you so much! and dont worry about itthough i greatly appreciate it :P thanks so much! your so cool :)


    *** why does it keep saying "Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file."??? i inserted the url but it just gave me this message? am i doing something wrong?

  7. LOL!!! We'll see about that!!! :P


    However, I can't use it for my sig because the image is too big and when I try to resize it it no longer animates...can you resize it with a 60 px. height for me please?


    sorry to bother you again but like LRG, i have the same problem with both my signatures. they wont upload as well as saying that the "upload failed due to failure to up load temporary files"...???

    dont know whats going on their so can u help me? im sad that i cant display the signs u made :)

    ...also when u paste the url into the box to upload do u delete the stuff thats alreadythere? (htp www) or keep it there and put the url next to it? ive tryed so much!

    ***or is it just the size affecting it**** !!! sorry to bother anyone with so much help :) ! thanks :)

  8. I love your signs! You are a very great artist ;) If it is possible, can you make me the following R160 sign?


    R160 original gray

    (B) Flip-dot:[LCL]

    (B)to Forest Hills-71st AV

    (B)via 53rd st/ Queens blvd LCL

    (B)Brighton Local

    (B)6th Av Express


    and if it isn't to much trouble i would like another one but for the (7) line:


    R160 original gray

    (7) Flip-dot:[LCL]

    (7)to Flushing-Main St

    (7)Flushing Local

    (7)via 42nd St


    It would be great if you could do these 2 for me. im sorry for bothering you, but i love the signs you make. thank you so much! you are the best! :)


    *** if you can only do one i understand. Thanks.***

  9. its rather sad that my first pics deal with the end of the (W) and (V). this is tryly a sad occasion for me. not great but just learning... enjoy










    hopefully can take pics of the (M) this summer

    enjoy...(first time i ever hanged out with my friends outside of school)lol


    sorry...i forgot to take pics of the (V). my favorite line... :'(

  10. Not everyone knows b\c clearly this person was surprised about something like this.


    i was truely surprised, and their is nothing wrong with that... ;) i love to see new destination signs that i've never seen before. that is what makes this website great! You get to find out new things and express your ideas or simply asks questions about the subway...

    anyone have an idea on how many different destination signs the R160's have? a table or info sheet perhaps?... Thanks:)

  11. I'm thrilled about this new change. finally their is change on the Qns Blvd line:). Although i am wondering why they chose to do terminate the (M) in QNS both terminals. they should make the (M) go to bronx to serve uptown too, and reroute the (:P to forest hills... :P just a suggestion... i would love to see a R68 (B) on the Queens Blvd line lol.... ima fan of the (B) to Forest hills too... ;)

  12. What's so funny about a confused tourist? At least he/she took the time to ask online instead of pestering an MTA clerk.

    I agree (except for pestering an MTA clerk, it their job to answer questions aswell). why is this funny. I mean he's to NYC like he said and he's just trying to learn more just like all of us here try to learn something new everyday! But hay!... we all have a different sense of humor don't we... ;)


    you all act like everyone anywhere knows everthing about the (MTA)! and what with more changes coming who wouldn't get confused. if you never ask you'll never learn... lol :P then again, at least that person asked and didn't stay shut!! i look up to people that aren't afraid to ask a question like that:)

  13. the (N) and (W) trains now anounce:

    Female:Transfer is available to the (4)(5)(6) and (R) trains

    Male: A free transfer is ALSO available to the (F) train by walking to the 63rd st station.

    if i remember correctly, they never said that before on those lines...did they?

  14. I was wondering if anyone managed to catch a (V) to 179th St. Why did it go up to 179 and i never knew that the (V) had a program to 179 with all the stops. why doesnt the (E) have it and will the new (M) have a program like it? any pics? sorry for asking so many questions :P...thanks for answering :)


    also...if the (V) has all of these programs then the (MTA) is just waisting so much money in changing everything to the (M).... (off topic but just saying... :) LOL)

  15. the platform at queensplaza was so full!!! i was with my friend and if i hadn't heard about the problem we would have stayed on that full platform!!! we ran to catch the train on the lower level. so many people didn't take the train on the lower level...then again i did get a seat!...

    people need to be more aware...horrible monday!

  16. Last time I rode a R46 (E) was last year. Things seemed kind of odd these last few days! I saw a R68 (N) train today.


    I do miss R46 on the (E) and the (F) (when it was fully R46). i do hope that more changes come to queens blvd... and IMO it would be really cool if a R68 showed up on the (R) or (F)! then again it's the MTA...anything can happen right?

  17. The cop didn't have to give her a ticket, he could have gave her a talking to thats it. These cops right away have the itch to write summonses thats all they know how to do, there robots. Same thing when you guys get your balls broken about taking pictures on the subway. Its a feeling of power that gets them off. Yea she walked between cars, ok its not safe but c'mon sometimes you have to have a heart.


    thank you so much!!!i totally agree 100%. now you know the cops will attack someone for any reason! if your sitting on the stairs, taking photographs, or crossing between cars. But hay, the don't care as long as they get their paycheck. Right?

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