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  1. Maybe the Emergency rescue thing at the end of the stations requires the large mezzanines for staging area or faster egress. I hate to think there could be an attack here, but its right to be prepared. At least they didn't decorate the stations with Advertising TV screens like Hudson Yards .
  2. I used to do that transfer by getting in/out at 55th st end of the 57th St station. Also for a time I used to exit 57-7 in decent weather to change to the 1 train at Columbus circle rather than transfer at Times Square. Like others noted, coming from Astoria we have to change at 57th st 7th avenue to get to the second avenue. Slow, but physically easy. I wonder if it would be worth it walking between 3rd and 60th and 3rd and 63rd. Or maybe just take the . It's still the quickest if you walk briskly from the station.
  3. On the other hand, the battery pack could explode in my pocket, causing burns. I guess it's one of those things where you have to weigh the risks and benefits.
  4. thanks. good to hear from an expert on the subject.
  5. With the right adapter, it could be possible to charge your phone on those outlets , if its permitted. Might be worthwhile on those long waits for the train on late nights and weekends.
  6. Anyone stand near a police booth while waiting in the station and notice how filthy and disgusting some of them are? I don't think anyone is tasked with cleaning them and they are wretched with graffiti and grime. Here is one of the nicer examples
  7. What kind of equipment is typically connected to the 30 amp electrical outlets that you see often in the subway stations (with the round lids)? I never see anything plugged in except maybe an extension cord leading somewhere out of sight.
  8. Great maps... Best fantasy maps I've seen yet. But they need some station name labels.

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