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  1. This is the best thing that could happen to New York/ New Jersey the excitement and economic bomm it will bring to the area will be unparalelled. This could bring in 550 million dollars in revenue and the SuperBowl in the number one market it' s going to be incredible good for NY/NJ
  2. Really sad I grew up watching Gary Coleman and as an African American looked up to him for having his own show and being one of the first child actors to actually carry a network television show. What a tragedy and may he rest in eternal peace.
  3. I think the is now about 60/40 160s saw at least 12 sets of 46s on the today and the had at least three sets of 160s today i rode on two sets myself and I saw a few sets on the . Jamaica is really spreading their allotment of 160s around leaving the 100 percent 160s and the , and sharing the remaining sets I think the has become the signature line from Jamaica.
  4. The has been using at least five sets of 46s because last friday I took the from Continental to Coney Island and saw two sets of 46s running and another three sets of 46s awaiting service between Avenue X and Kings Highway
  5. My favorite is the r-46 grew up riding those on the and love those cars lots of space. My least favorite is the 32 in my opinion they are ugly and old and need to be retired just my humble opinion.
  6. The mid term elections for Democratic Presidents have usually led to doom as with President Clinton in 1994 lost both Houses. This brought in the Newt Gingrich and joe scarborough into power. This is the system of checks of balances and the public not wanting the President to have absolute power no matter how popular he is. I think Bush avoided the mid term election doom because of 9/11 and the public wanting a consistency in a governemnt doing wartime.
  7. You are a 100 percent right Magic and Bird used to play every memorial day in game one of the finals remember in 1985 when the Celtics won by 30 or more and they called it the memorial day massacre.
  8. You are right the reason why they drag out the conference finals is dictatated by television and the networks not wanting the NBA finals to interfere with the important may sweeps which is the last Nielson book of the television season which will set the commercial rates for the fall season
  9. Agreed ESPN presentation of the NBA right down to the music is lame and TNT presents a far superior product especially Barkley. I wish TNT had the NBA finals.
  10. You can't expand the Jamaica yard because it is surrounded by the Van Wyck Expressway, the Grand Central Parkway and Flushing Meadow Park. There is no way to expand that yard impossible.
  11. Incorrect again if you lived in Queens you will know at 75th ave they lay up all the trains on the northbound track between 75th and union turnpike and on the southboud 75th ave track they lay up an . Between Van wyck Briarwood and 169st northbound they lay up and some trains northbound. Then at 169st they lay up trains for the one that use 179st as their terminal during am rush. The layup tendencies have nothing to do with car types it has to do with what is convenient for the am rush.
  12. GC you have made a valid point and in 20-40 years we can determine if Jamaica did a good job with the 160s but to prove my point the 46s are 35 years old and have spent the balance of their lives at the Jamaica Yard and they are in excellent shape. This tells me the Jamaica Yard is doing something right and just oppose the to the 44s from the pitkin and 207 yards that they are scrapping now.
  13. Totally incorrect they store trains on the weekends and latenights on the express tracks and one of the stations Van wyck Briarwood has a police staion with cameras all over and another one Union Turnpike is right under the Queens Court building. I guess you never been done the 4th Ave express tracks between 45th and 53rd st southbound at night where they store trains at night. By the way how many of Jamaica trains do you see are heavily tagged from the express track layovers. Please no what you talking about before shooting off your mouth.
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