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  1. Although I do agree with what you wrote, the problem isn't as big as it seems now that the countdown clocks are virtually everywhere since they show the number and destination of the train.
  2. Didn't affect subways but the FDNY issued a slow order presumably to make sure passing trains didn't do any more damage
  3. An easy one: Manhattan bound trains from Far Rockaway skip Rockaway Blvd and 88 St. What track is OOS between what two points?
  4. It has to be 63rd/Lex, there are tracks behind the orange all that will see 2nd Ave revenue service.
  5. I'll take a shot Downtown track at 125th st OOS. trains run b/t New Lots and M track 138th St/3rd ave and 125th St uptown track and Woodlawn.
  6. When I rode, there would be a collector at the entrance to the boat and you give your ticket as you board. Not sure how selling onboard works
  7. I tried the ferry once and liked it but $4 to go from LIC to 34th means I'll only use it in emergencies. Why not have machines similar to SBS that sell ferry tickets instead?
  8. I've seen them at 23rd St and stops. Not sure where else though. Only noticed within the past 2 or 3 weeks.
  9. Track 1 connects to the downtown local track just south of Grand Central
  10. The double ended requirement may be because when the DMs hit a 3rd rail gap, they go into dynamic braking. And GCT can't have DMs, not enough clearance
  11. There are quite a few: see below. The changeover point for the DM's is QUEENS going westbound (just east of Queens Village) and HAROLD going eastbound (where the Port Wash branch and Amtrak diverge). IIRC the changeover used to be at NASSAU (Mineola) for westbounds. The regularly scheduled DM runs are: Montauk Branch: 2733 (5:08 Speonk due Penn 7:02), 2737 (6:21 Speonk due Penn 8:23), and 2734 (5:09 Penn due Speonk 7:13) Oyster Bay Branch: 503 (5:50 OB due Penn 7:06) and 564 (6:16 Penn due OB 7:30) Port Jeff Branch: 605 (5:44 PJ due Penn 7:20), 615 (7:35 PJ due Penn 9:24), 658 (4:19 Penn due PJ 6:05) and 660 (4:49 Penn due PJ 6:36) Occasionally a DM will substitute for electric equipment for 1105 (8:10 from Freeport) or 1107 (8:25 from Freeport) if there's a problem with turning equipment for those runs, or they'll extend one of the extra Montauk Summer Westbounds into Penn if it's a double ended DM
  12. Although there's only one revenue run (there used to be an eastbound peak run to OB until it was rerouted to serve Hunterspoint), there are deadheads throughout the day. Some are to / from Jamaica, others to Morris Park, yet others are work trains. I know there is at least one eastbound deadhead to Jamaica around 730-8 am, and several more in both directions throughout the day
  13. Are the route bullets going to be navigated over?
  14. It opened as of Monday, just as Subwayguy predicted

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