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  1. That is totally true. I one time filed a complaint similar to that and the MTA people laughed right in my face, instead of taking my report seriously, which i think is bullshit.:mad:
  2. Excellent Job with the pictures and videos, Yuki.:tup:
  3. Does anybody like or is intrested in any Japanese sports such as Sumo wrestling or karate?
  4. Nice Pics with the buses in the Chinatown of Downtown Flushing.:tup:
  5. Awesome work with the Skyliner bus shots, Yuki, you sure know how to take excellent pics and videos of buses very well.:tup:
  6. Since I am also mixed with Japanese decent, I love Sushi, Sashimi, Gyoza, Miso Soup, Yakitori, Tempura, Curry Rice, Wakame and many others.
  7. Is anybody here intrested or likes any kind of Japanese food?
  8. I would like to live and work in Japan one day, if i had alot of money with me.
  9. I just wanted ask, Does anybody here like or enjoy playing sports as a hobby during your spare time?
  10. Hi and Welcome Joel Up Front, enjoy your stay at the transit forums.B)
  11. My favorite kinds of Anime are Pokemon, Dragonball series, Naruto, Death Note and Bleach.B):tup:
  12. I feel very sad and sorry to hear that your grandmother passed away.:cry: How old was your grandmother when she passed away?
  13. What the Hell do you mean by your Grandmother's home is Haunted?
  14. That's right, I think that he should really learn how to keep personal and private stuff like that to himself, because in real life people in general don't care or don't want to know about his private bussiness in the bathroom.
  15. Those videos are freaking sugoi.B):tup:
  16. About the part when you said after taking a shower, I think you should keep that to yourself instead of posting that, because that is personal information to reveal and none of us would want to hear your personal bussiness in the bathroom, okay.B)
  17. Let me tell you guys a little something about Japanese people. I have had a good experience with them so far and i even made friends with Japanese girls and boys in my classes and i even was treated with respect rather then insult or racist remarks. Also there parents were poilte and very kind to me because i am aware with there tradition and culture. In my point of view and perspective I think that all Japanese people are kind, poilte and understanding of a foreginer.B)
  18. Japanese people are not racist with non asians and westerners. They have better relationships with them better then other oriental or asian people.B)
  19. I refuse to believe all of this. Japanese people are mostly racist with other asians, such Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Vietnamese and etc.B)
  20. Is it true that the R160s where taken off the R train? On wikipedia it says that the R160s don't run on the R anymore, someone correct me if i am wrong.:confused:
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