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  1. Look, i am not going to fight him or hurt him for a Metrocard, i just want him to give it to me or i will get the police no matter what.:mad:
  2. Hey LRG, Thank you for the help on the site, but i have one question, since my friend still has my metrocard that my mom purchased with the credit card how do i get it from him, he said to me that he won't return it to me and to spend money and buy a new one for myself.:cry:
  3. My mom paid with credit card for the Metrocard, it just annoys me so much when my friends steal from me without asking me and he took the metrocard out of my wallet and hidden it somewhere in his house.:cry:
  4. Sorry bro, but fighting and violence is not the answer to this problem, i just wish that he would give my metrocard back to me directly right now or i will just get the police on him.:mad:
  5. My Metrocard was not lost, it was stolen by one of friends when i was invited to his house.:cry:
  6. When i was going to one of my friends house, i noticed that my metrocard was missing from my wallet when i got to the train station. I already reported to the that my metrocard was stolen and they told me to wait, so should i get a replacement or just buy a new one?:mad:
  7. I am sorry to get off topic here and i know that this is a transit forum, but i just want to know that if anyone would like to be intrested in posting pics of your family members, if so you can post here now you if want.
  8. Thank you for posting these nice pictures.
  9. I believe that it is good that the is retiring all of the R44s by sending in more R46s from Jamaica yard, it not only saves more space but most of all it saves more money so that way the dosen't need to order any more new cars yet.
  10. Correct me if i am wrong anybody, but i heard that all the R44s will be gone from the system by this coming September.
  11. Some people nowadays just like to foam too much.B)
  12. Seriously, the train is fine with the R62As and there is no need for the to waste their time on putting R142s on the line at all, just deal with the subway cars that are provided.
  13. Konichiwa Takuma Ishizeki, Hajimemashite. My name is Justin Shallimi or you can call me by my user name Railfaner100. I am just sending you this message because, I want to make a new friend and have someone to talk with about trains, buses, etc. I am looking forward in to developing a close friendship eventually with you.

  14. Are the R188 cars going to have plastic strip map cards of Find display signs, like the R160s?
  15. Will CIY give some more R160s to Jamaica yard, if there are any spares left when service is cut and elimanted?
  16. What is going to happen to the remaining R42s at East New York Yard and the 14 R42s stored in the 207th street yard?
  17. Cool, At least now the and the trains will be getting new subway cars for the CBTC operarion by Kawasaki and thanks for the source info about the R188.:tup:
  18. Nice story about the NYC subway combined with the Wizard of OZ, Yuki;):tup:
  19. When will the 7 train start getting R142s or R142As?
  20. Are there enough R160s ordered to retire all of the R44 cars?:confused:
  21. Are there enough R160s ordered to retire the remaining R32s and R42s that are left in the property?
  22. Are there enough R160s ordered to retire all the R44s completely?
  23. Tell me about it, when i was sitting down on those seats my back was hurting and my spine felt like it was being crushed and broken when i was trying to get up and walk.:mad:
  24. Is that R160B set permanent on the train or temperary?:confused:
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