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  1. Man, the seats on that R160B pilot train are so hard and feel very discouraging. I wish that set was removed from the train and sent back to Coney Island yard where it really belongs.:cry:
  2. Does that R160B set (8713-8722) run on the weekends on the train or only on weekday rush hours?
  3. Okay, I get it this time and i now understand, Thank you for the help.:tup:
  4. Okay, I will stick and stay with this site, Thanks.:tup:
  5. Where can i catch that set on the train, because usually i have to wait alot by letting the other R160s pass by?
  6. I would like to know you source to your arrogance and cockiness about the third option order of R160s not happening, since that is your claim.:mad:
  7. What makes you so sure and positive that there will not be a third option order of R160s?
  8. In nyc subway.org, it keeps on saying that there will be a third option order of R160s, i tried to contact someone to change that information, but it keeps poping up and no one wants to change that, meaning that it could be true and we won't know until we see that happen.
  9. How do you know that there will not be a third option order of R160s and why should i belevie you in saying there won't be another third option order of R160s, when there might be a chance for the to still purchase the order when if ever they need to?
  10. On nyc subway.org, it says that a third option order of 130 R160As and 100 R160Bs are still pending to be ordered, can someone go to that website and update the R160 page on that site, because it is causing some confusion for me and other people.
  11. Who long do you think that R160B pilot train set will stay on the train?
  12. I really have a hard time trying to catch that train set on the , i really want to ride it before it goes to another line, like R32 3838 said.
  13. The riders really need to grow up and stop complaining about the R160s, so that way they don't get tormented with those hard flip-up seats in that train set.
  14. I think the put that set on the train, because the riders kept on complaining too much about the R32s not being on the anymore.
  15. Why did the put that R160B pilot train on the line, when it originally belongs to the Coney Island yard for and service?
  16. Is the Coney Island yard going to get back R160B 8713-8722 on the line?
  17. Is R160B 8713-8722 on the line a temperary train set on the train or permanent set that is going to remain on the and not go back to the and lines?
  18. Was it impossible for the train to use R160A-1s, even though they are meant exclusivly for service on the (M2) trains?
  19. Nice photos and videos of the R160 with folded seats on the train, Yuki. Domo arigato gozaimasu.
  20. What is going to happen with the remaining R32s and R42s, will they also be retiring with the R44s as well?
  21. Originally, didn't the 2nd option order of R160s consisted of 260 R160A cars and 160 R160B cars, and now this order has been reduced to 242 R160A cars and 140 R160B cars. What might have cause the second option order to reduce those amount of cars in the delivery in the first place?:confused:
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