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  1. Sure. In class in no order you learn about the different types of trains, and the circuit breakers associated with them. You learn about signals (even though you really don't understand them until you hit the road). You learn track safety and fire school which is pretty cool. You also visit all the yards and terminals which is really important because these are places you have to report to. You go deep in the tracks and learn about the emergency exits. You also visit rail control center. On the train you learn the actual job. You learn the difference between circuit breaker and non circuit breaker problems and how to resolve them. A big part and one of the final test are how to resolve door problems (if you are not getting indication that all doors are closed and locked you basically have to resolve it). You learn how to make announcements, to open and close doors of course and observe the platform. And a few other things I'm sure I left out lol.....
  2. LMAO! You are correct! I took exam 3014 and got my score Feb 3rd 2005. I still got the test score envelope. My list # was 3007!! My class was the last class off the list, appointed 7/2009. The list expired 8/2009!!
  3. Yep! I took the test in 2002 and didn't get called til 2008. I scored a 94.25 though....

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