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  1. What's with all the gas leaks lately? 1756, 1777, 1824 and another 1800 I forgot the number... All the strobe beacons on those buses are flashing. Yet I see them in daily service everyday. I I couldn't catch the strobe on 1756 as it rolled by, beacons flash for a split second
  2. Rendered this at 2 in the morning out of boredom, NICE New Flyer XN40 Haven't posted on here in a while lol enjoy
  3. Incorrect The LFSs are on loan to Gun Hill during all hours, not just rudh because Gun Hill is short because of 1. Artics that can't be used 2. Buses getting CMF work done Guys I just wanna mention there is alot of loaning going on between depots, some depots are behind on work or just short.
  4. You know, thanks for this. I'm really starting to forget what these buses looked like before the NICE takeover lol
  5. **Not my pictures** From Facebook Armondo Toribio
  6. That is very far from true... QV has one of the highest MDBFs for the entire system hmmm
  7. As my good friend 711 has said the sign on 2922 doesn't work, it's usually a backup bus and doesn't run that much anymore. @Kingsbridgeviewer that bus was never oos (yes I'll admit every time it goes out there's a road call ) but it's always parked ready to go. The New MCIs I haven't been available so to speak...
  8. You can barely buy 3 buses with 1.3 mil, I guess just system upgrades
  9. The bigger the ads, the more the revenue I believe no?
  10. QV had NGs before, borrowing from Stengel a few years ago
  11. Also 8049 is going to be repainted and 6340 was repainted at the creek
  12. It's OOS rest are still ok for now 2082 2084 2086 2087 Are backups at QV they don't have fare boxes and according to higher ups in case of an emergency they pull these for service
  13. (If it wasn't mentioned yet I'm not up to date on this)
  14. I said this months ago when it came back from Zerega lol for now 8000 & 8014 are open no LBSS.
  15. That's not gonna happen that will happen lol 6204 finally home at CS Btw 6340 that's at QV Atm-> (Yes I know 711 posted that it was here)
  16. Jamaica just acquired a few 98 Novas I believe loan due to being short 9527 9549 9559 9566 9661
  17. Oh so True and a few others. being drained of all CNG
  18. That bus has been gone for some time iirc 7252 is the only remaining ex triboro on property the others last time (well you were there ) 7253 and others had been and were being parted out awaiting tow
  19. 8007 to Zerega CMF 9545 & 9565 to Grand CMF 9663 & 9697 to Flatbush from QV
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