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  1. It was out o nthe shuttle which QV is no longer doing.
  2. What exactly is going on? I'm lost. What's LGA Getting and why is JAM getting more RTSs?
  3. lol Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I took that accidentally.... Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Thanks! Evaluation period Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
  5. It was 256. Ventured on into 2010 untill JFK got their last of the NGs then it was retired
  6. Best Night Shots I've ever taken
  7. I wouldn't say cancelled, maybe put aside due to the storm. It was approved
  8. Large bus move for you A number of QVs MCIs are going to Yukon As soon as they pull in from rush hour They being moved to Yukon I don't have numbers it's being Done at random as they pull in This info coming straight from the office here...
  9. LOL Thats a far ways from the transmission... more like HVAC work. THanks! Thanks! I work at QV lol (No I'm not a driver before anyone asks) Thanks!
  10. The Last Orion V in Queens Village was 256 back in February 2008... It was transferred to Casey Stengel, then sent to live out the rest of it's life at JFK till it died in 2010
  11. WE GET IT You don't like the XD40s you don't have to repeat yourself over and over again. It's your opinion. fine.
  12. I really dont see that happening... I don't think there will be a day the MTA owns 10,000 plus buses.
  13. Thanks Guys!!! Regarding 9374 I saw no papers indicating scrap or anything like that so they might just be doing work to it. The panels are by the paint booth, and the farebox and radio are still in the bus so it should be coming back
  14. First Downtown... Back to Queens Village I think 9374 is done...
  15. Gilligs are mid duty buses not meant for the beating NYC would give them NABI on the other hand is heavy duty
  16. This is a C40LF thread take it somewhere else ladies
  17. Same with NABI, no qualification, can't bid. Plus last I heard they don't want much to do with the MTA, one good structural flaw of any compobus (if ever) in NYC with the MTA could lead to a large lawsuit... Like the Chicago artic fiasco.
  18. I wonder what New Flyer is gonna do with the remaining 275 Old faces then...
  19. According to wiki: Cummins ISCe/ISBe/ISLe & ZF
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