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  1. 1305 was just fueled yesterday it's still in service 1306 is oos atm
  2. We went on a road trip and brought the bus back it was only doing like 20-25 MPH max no pwer, had the prolink hooked up, it read like 0 then 0.6, then 0 again. took the hose off to check the turbo (theres an old clamp there and it was tight) Checked the air filter first but its brand new..
  3. >Goes to CMF >Gets BRAND NEW Series 50 & Turbo >One of the operators had too much fun and done f**ked the turbo up >Me got bored and went troubleshooting >turbo was defective >No turbo pressure whatsoever (via Prolink)
  4. >Not retired >EC randomly parks its MCIs all over the depot, but just happens those two DL3s were there because they are actually reserve
  5. Haven't really taken pics in a while but here are some recents
  6. Well dunno waht happened to this one but most of the skirt panels are gone on both sides
  7. I find funny that 5656-5658 have all been in accidents... lol
  8. >Been looking for this thread... For those who dont know who I am
  9. You talking about this? Doesn't look repainted to me at all...
  10. Reason being it was at Jamaica depot. BF For Stengel (being fixed up, maintained ) Also all those MCIs pulled from EC For the shuttle are back in their resting place at EC
  11. Sorry bus was buried in couldn't get good photo, but this is 6475 Also: 3687 & 6525
  12. hmm They still have AXion Controllers/ODKs, it's prolly just the new program. I'll check though
  13. 9360 had to be towed out to Grand the other day, wouldn't shift into any gear and something about the wiring harness 9654 had a tranny swap (would just rev at high RPM when shifted into reverse and barely move)
  14. not 100 percent sure the'll be ZFs.. they might endup being aliisons as well if this manual i'm reading is correct...
  15. Such a foamer statement Their here for 12-15 more years get used to it.
  16. Wrong pic -> That's 6443 has it not 6448... Looks like a small mistake
  17. Noticed this long while ago when it came back from 8 year... 6443 is fitted with an "Ultracapacitor" I guess that's what the new vent on the cover is for
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