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  1. you do do know that the bus has to be moving if you wanna see boost pressure readings on the pro link right? And I don't see any clamps on that turbo hose either. Unless they reused the old ones(not suppose to happen) and they are just dirty. Also, make sure the clamps on the turbo itself are tight. IIRC, the turbo for the RTS is the one that has to be clocked before you install it. Some people put it on with the clamps loose to make it easier and then forget to tighten the clapms fully.

    We went on a road trip and brought the bus back it was only doing like 20-25 MPH max no pwer, had the prolink  hooked up, it read like 0 then 0.6, then 0 again.


    took the hose off to check the turbo (theres an old clamp there and it was tight)


    Checked the air filter first but its brand new..

  2. WTH is 3269 being retired for?!???!? I can see the 2XXX's but they're retiring some of the 3XXX's now too...  :o  <_<

    >Not retired

    >EC randomly parks its MCIs all over the depot, but just happens those two DL3s were there because they are actually reserve

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