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  1. Under the impression that 126th street and FLatbush don't like queens


    With the exception of 9642 & 9652, every single RTS we got from both depots has had to be to worked on, or taken oos.


    9426 -> Transmission, Air bags/suspension & AC Fan belt

    9638 -> forgot why it needed work

    9639 -> AC Fanbelt & leveling valve needed to be fix'd

    9640 -> ....

    9641 -> transmission takes forever to go into 2nd/no power


    9651 -> Slow as hell, was written up three times in the past two days by operators


    9653 -> Transmission & some engine work

    9654 -> when in reverse just revs at high RPM and slightly moves

    9655 -> was oos for a day I don't remember what it was

    9657 -> uhm missing lights, or burnt out lights. Needs some electrical work too

  2. In maintenance, it's very common. Due to the fact that in MTAB mechanics get paid less for doing what is essentially the same job as their MaBSTOA counterparts, they come over in huge groups when TA/OA start hiring. Especially since the test is the same.

    Are The MTA Bus guys transferring over put on a list? Or the ones first to be hired when an opening is available?

  3. http://www.ttmg.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=New_York_MTA_Bus_Operations_Depot_Roster


    124 LG to Scrap

    129, 137, 145 LG to Storage

    2850, 2851 MA to CA

    2920 QV to CH

    3118 SC to FR

    3761 BP to FR

    4705, 4708, 4709, 5463 Storage to Scrap

    4783 NEW to GH

    4969, 4973 FB to EN

    6210 CH to CS

    664, 666 NEW to JG

    8831, 9931 EN to LG

    9352 FB to QV

    8990, 9217 to LG




    Damn I just shot 9352 with GA stickers on the 46 on Friday.



    Lol... I just noticed 9352 is back home at Qv after its life in Brooklyn



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