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  1. 2920 just left to go to Charleston Only leaves 2922 as the last '02 D4500 in Queens
  2. >LBSS will never gain my anythin >But I do love me some C40s
  3. Well it could be scrap bound pending, its still on the roster is all
  4. Runnin errands day two... Le 8810 Before & After
  5. Confirmed amundo: According to the Dobic it's still in service... (Today)
  6. I just seen 1833, I haven't seen it in nearly a year. Lol on the n22 I nearly forgot what the 1800s looked like before being decaled/painted It's still running around in Mta blue & white
  7. http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1142505/sun-metro-of-el-paso-texas-awards-new-flyer-a-contract-for-up-to-202-xcelsior-tm-cng-buses
  8. Technically yes but after i'm done with college/all schooling then I'll have a permanent position Randoms:
  9. 126 has no more 96XXs 9638-9639 @ QV from 126 exterior inspected and big ass dent on the side of 39... I also had to fix teh amber clearance light on the right side. brings QV up to 77 total RTSs Oh and 5014 to 126 from MJQ 6220 JA to CS
  10. 3800, 3805 @ KB 9217 From I have no Idea where To LGA
  11. Custo/Reserve not fully retired They paused the D60 scrap program and are gonna start picking good ones to go to MTA B. (From High power at EC)
  12. Dunno if mentioned but: 8829 ENY to LGA 8972 ENY To LGA 8994 ENY To LGA 9047-9048 ENY TO LGA 9071 ENY TO LGA 9238 ENY TO LGA Also: 6122 CS to CH 6192 CS to CH 2807 CA to MA 2895 CA to MA 2903 CA to MA 2849 CH to MA 2843 YU to MA 2895 CA to MA To compromise to 49XX moves: (4968, 4970-71, 4972, 4974 , 4978, 4986-4987, 4989 FLA TO ENY)
  13. There are ALOT of Artics in Eastchester storage... trust be told lol plenty to go around between MTA Bus
  14. LGA is gettin some but they're for the Q33 & Q47 for airport service...
  15. Alot of activity this weekend... Also 8793, 9122, 9216, 9221 to JA That leaves 8990 the only '96 nova at 126 5023-5027 @126th (excluding 5025 thats at UP) 3832-3833 to MJQ 5060-5061 to FLA
  16. 9640 (hahahaha MHV you tight) , 9641-9642, 9651-9652 @ QV And QV lost 8756, 8798 & 8803 (Damn good buses) to Jamaica... that just leaves 9638 & 9639 @ 126th in that order/range
  17. Suppose to be more 94XXs but it may be done at random
  18. 9426 is covering for 8048 which went to Canada on Tuesday 3 RTSs from 126 will replace the ones sent to LGA
  19. Laguardia is about to steal (i mean aquire) 8803, 8806 & 8810 from QV Tonight 8806 & 8810 will leave to LGA Those were good runners too the drivers here were killin for 8810
  20. It is on reserve it's sitting next to 5494 5252 -> taken yesterday
  21. *Sigh It's been said more than once these are SPRING CREEK buses on loan to JFK. They get fueled at SC then driven and stored at JFK because JFK doesn't have a CNG facility. Those ARE NOT permanent buses at JFK. They are loaners, not assigned to JFK rightfully SC buses so the roster is correct
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