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  1. Just gonna leave this here... 6443 also got repainted in the new scheme experimenting with watermarking...
  2. Dunno Foreman told me, " go look at 8066 they're towing it to Zerega Cummins."
  3. 8066 off to Cummins next to Zerega. no its not dead, the engine might crap out on the way there Also Indulgence: Whe nQV had some REAL equipment...
  4. 80th St & 58 Ave? area is familiar...
  5. Yes epic win Thanks! CNG CNG CNG! Thanks! LOL Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Not all, the SC units and select QSC units had retained their seats. Thanks!
  6. First: Now Spring Creek CNG buses on the Q8 Now best for last Orion V CNGs:
  7. LFS is a much more rigid reliable bus over the xcelsior so....
  8. Maybe 2-3 But this bus been sitting dead for so long that some other complications might have developed. Also never got that "new" wheelchair lift....
  9. about that 9551... Been sitting like this for nearly a year with the HOLD O/S W/C RELINE, now it's just a parts/scrap bus. the engine covers are off now and they took out some lights.
  10. i love the speculation going on here. Nice to see you guys put your imginations & minds to work
  11. So 4942 visited QV Yesterday.... It's back at JA but interesting lol
  12. 9365 is the only RTS with the numbers above the door at QV and in the City I believe
  13. On which buses did you see that? 9365 has been running around like that for a number of years now...
  14. Will the buses all say New York City Bus? Or still be separate?
  15. 2922 is currently assigned to Jamaica it seems I do not know why
  16. Navistar Maxxforce EGR http://www.completecoach.com/maxxforce/ 4899 is only one of three buses using this engine
  17. ^Inb4 flame war They trying to get more C40s?
  18. what happened to the new bus procurement?
  19. Oops my bad I meant to hit the green thing instead of red That's real hot though. Looks better than delivered lol
  20. - Bus pulls in -Shifter or driver pulls it up to fuel station -then there it get's topped off with diesel & other fluids (fluids like DEF if it uses a Diesel particulate filter) also gets the farebox emptied/vaccumed
  21. I rode 4862 two days ago... on the Q24... It's at ENY
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