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  1. Looks like the rest of the incoming C40LFs will be spec'd with LED headlights. 631 has em
  2. well it'll all be one in 2017 but for now mislabeling continues lol I hope they don't notice this.
  3. Novas were doing really well out here in Queens
  4. We don't even have an Orion 230 Haven't had one for a LONG time
  5. School trippers or extra runs? we do not have those lol... checked the log today before I left @ 6:30 PM
  6. Not sure why but 9360 is at stengel not sure it's maintenance related or what-not...
  7. Especially after the frame has been sitting in salt water after a period of time.... That rusts the frame out
  8. This one I printed out two days ago is up to date Has 4899 listed ast the Navistar EGR bus And LFSA numbering going up to 5363 Shows the new MCIs and C40lf numbers
  9. Jamaica got a bunch of RTSs from LGA so they're sending theirs away to different depots
  10. Also adding to that, The last 3 LFSAs will come with the Cummins ISL & ZF ecolife not the expected DD11 Sadly Yet another recent spec change. This info is straight from the DOBIC bus spec sheet.
  11. Fun Fact of the day: Did you know? The 1998-2000 C40LFs don't have MAN axles. they have an ArvinMeritor Axle in the front and the rear axle is a Rockwell
  12. Thanks... it must've been recent... 8000-8014 Have Allisons though... Thanks dude. and lol... Thanks! Thanks! Me neither lol... thanks Thanks! Thanks! Only says what you see. Thanks Thanks! I think they do Thanks and most likely. more of them at QV than anything else... Thanks! Thanks!
  13. Well here you have it The last Orion VII E10 in Queens, 7010. Now currently in service on the A Shuttle. Currently the last 2002 MCI D4500 in ACTIVE service in Queens... 2920 is still sitting in the back OOS.
  14. According to the FTA "Heavy-Duty Large Bus 35 to 48 ft and 60 ft artic. GVW of 33,000 to 40,000lbs Seats 27 to 40 Costs $325,000 to over $600,000 Years-12 Miles-500,000" You guys are right technically Gillig is Heavy Duty, and qualifies as a heavy duty bus. It's just been used by so many agencies to replace medium duty buses figures.
  15. Why does everyone keep assuming its Gillig?. Gilligs are medium duty transit buses.(Accirding to the FTA documents I saw online a few months ago) They aren't built to handle the streets if New York, more like city where the streets are smooth, suburban counties and towns. Did you see how bad the DART Gilligs were bouncing on the streets in manhattan when loaded? I really cannot see the MTA dealing with Gillig, it would be a miracle if that bus passed the shaker test, especially with it's minor flaws
  16. Welcoming the new pick with a few codebreaks But first, 8000 with LED lights? Now the rest:
  17. Hopefully and we're praying that we get to keep these. And thanks guys!
  18. 8017 came in when I left so I didn't see it. It's going to be a bitch finding that bus next week lol
  19. YOU CANNOT USE THE BELT PARKWAY/CROSS ISLAND FROM QV. (Bridge clearances) Even though Trevor already updated the roster, 7012, 7016, 7022 @ Castleton. That leaves 7010 & 7013 which are in the back at QV awaiting a trip from the vendor and some parts. 2815, 2879, 2881, 2892 @ Charleston 2272, 2279, 2282, 2284 @ QV (I Personally put the depot stickers on the incoming buses myself today lol) 8015, 8026, 8029 @ QV
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