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  1. All I know is that someone in maintenance at UP Is going to have the feels lol.
  2. QV Moves Update. 2887, 2913, 2916, 2923 @ Charleston 7008, 7015, 7019, 7024, 7028 @ Castleton 8000, 8012, 8018-9, 8023, 8028 @ QV 2252, 2261, 2283, 2278 @ QV By Friday if everything is A OK the last 3Gs will leave Queens to SI
  3. When it comes to the MTA. does anything make sense? lol
  4. Yeah 1305 and 1306 are the Orion Vs there's a pic of it on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3976049730127&set=o.230272825248&type=1&theater
  5. Confused. Very confused This says 600k for a LFS http://ttmg.org/blog/2011/05/5-facts-you-probably-didnt-know-about-mtas-nova-lfs/
  6. How much does an xcelsior cost again? 600k for a LFS is a lot of money... For a 40footer
  7. ... But when I do, I catch 4833 on the Q56 out of nowhere.
  8. Oh no wonder they want some of the 9600+ RTS to last up until 2015
  9. Didn't pay that close attention to detail Another way to tell wrap from paint is the white vinyl under the orange compared to the dirty white body
  10. Gilligs will never survive In NYC and that's a mid duty transit bus lol
  11. I don't get it lol The next 40 foot order for 850 or so buses will knock out buses pre 99 or something like that And same depots will get these buses?
  12. Update: 8003-8008 @ QV 7003, 7006,7014,7016,7024 @ Castleton 2255, 2257, 2262, 2267-2271 @ QV 2888, 2883, 2886(but it came back to QV idk why), 2806 @ Charleston so far (2820, 2876, 2893, 2816 are in the process of being shifted) Also, sue to the Queens 3Gs not having EZ Pass they have to be moved in pairs or something like that.
  13. Man oh man this brings back my childhood, I love em all Thank you Trevor!
  14. Great shots, Really love the M15 one
  15. Administrative Assistant to the GSI upstairs and when I'm not doing that I'm downstairs in maintenance doing the similar position. They let me go out and sit in the buses and such like this if they don't have something for me to do right away or i'm done with paperwork. lol it's a pretty great gig
  16. Before these leave for castleton, thought Id enjoy my time with 7017
  17. 2253 2254 2256 2258 All at QV In service Also castleton will get all the 7000s This was confirmed from the highest power here at qv
  18. Yes 5367? I know I typed it in and it worked...
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