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  1. Does anyone in this forum know if all subway yards are at capacity or are there still some more room for the MTA to purchase more subway cars at any point in the future? I feel this is something the MTA wouldn't answer if I ask them. I've always dreamed that the MTA can extend trains all the way to Jamaica/179 St (via lcl of course) when trains are running, which can also mean there should be enough room again at the Jamaica turnback tracks to restore the back to QBL.
  2. The used to terminate at Bedford Park Blvd. a long time ago according to this map: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/files/file/105-1988-new-york-city-transit-authority-subway-map/
  3. Has the first set of R179's arrive yet? I'm anxious to see some pictures of them to see how similar they are to the R160's.
  4. In response to MTA's press release at about the train, do they really need a public meeting for this? I mean, that's how it's used to be before 2010 besides the 2nd Ave subway opening. Would you all agree that they should just do what they said about restoring and changing the back to 57 St/7 Ave?

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