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  1. I do remember back then during the Late 90's or Early 2000's,North and Southbound trains skipped the Bowery Street Station as a Nassau Street Express between Canal Street and Essex-Delancey Street Stations during Midday hour,while the Midday to 9th Avenue operated as a Local,don't remember if it was ever a GO. I noticed on the maps during that time that the J-M-Z letters on Bowery Station where lighter and the other stations letter J-M-Z were bolder as to indicate Bowery was skipped during those hours.Does anybody remember that service pattern ?
  2. That is true,i also read it some where as well.I believe i have an old timetable that says there was visitor special trains.
  3. hey brom how u doin???

  4. I remember riding on GMC New Looks on the B1/4 routes in Brooklyn around the mid 80's,before most of them were rebuilt and Blitzed afterwards I also remember some private bus company called Apple Metro Express that operated around Brooklyn back in the day,around early 90's i believe and they had GMC Old and New Looks too
  5. I was in Pacific Street this morning around 9:30 or so and i saw a 9th Avenue bound train pulling up the local tracks as i was waiting for a Coney Island bound train,i was shocked and surprised to say the least. After about 4 trains and getting annoyed,our good ol' (N)ancy train finally pulled up
  6. They look a bit wider in the front than BMT/IND subway cars or does it just look wide?
  7. Yep,you're right about that! Someone on another thread awhile back stated that in the current or next Capitol Plan,refurbishment of LIRR M-3's are stopped due to budget cutbacks Did this already happened or is it coming up in the next Capitol Plan?
  8. Doesn't 20th Avenue on the Sea Beach have a signal towards the end of the platform? I believe i saw one on the Coney Island side if i'm not mistaken
  9. Never mind,you just answered the question
  10. If you are referring to the same pair that had some kind of grafitti written on too? I believe they are because the pair by Riverhead still have the blue stripe on their sides,while the other pair that sit at Morris Park now don't have their stripe,i think they are the same ones that had grafitti written on a while back while at Bethpage spur Can anyone confirm this or was it the other pair at Riverhead? :confused:
  11. It seems the pair by Riverhead are in better shape then the pair by Morris Park How would they place them inside the NYC Transit Museum,aren't MU cars wider and longer? I definitely know the height and width clearance would be a problem
  12. It would be nice to see it repaired and opened again but realistically Jay Street-Borough Hall would be the ideal express stop,7th Avenue,Church Avenue and a Peak direction express from 18 Avenue,Kings Highway would alos be nice

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