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  1. I agree with you I think Station agents get it the worse out all the MTA employees you guys get it from both sides. I dont mind swiping(not to mention I dont like to use the gate sometimes bc there are some shady characters waiting for you to use and follow you through, who gets in trouble for that then??) at all usually at terminals the gate is open since so many workers enter and exit there so many times. I forgot how bad you guys get and my grandmother has been a Station Agent for 30+ years she likes #20 something file number. I dont see the problem with All MTA employees using all MTA services we all should be allowed to anyway.
  2. Oh that sux i wonder do MNRR And LIRR employees can ride NYCT for free i think they do since they have the pass
  3. I posted this in LIRR thread not many ppl there so ill try here Im a conductor who works in the A division NYCT. My Wife and I just offered to buy a home in South Hempstead that was accepted. I really dont drive that much (still learning....sad I know) She does though. If I'm in Uniform to go to work from Hempstead to Flatbush ave Do I have to pay or i get the slide bc im in uniform. I dont know the policy on LIRR just want the info thanks.
  4. I think it was 3 years the test i took was in feburary 2004 and they called my nov 2007 and i started jan 2008. I love the job its ood when i hear the old timers get mad or upset at the job. The only thing i dont like is when ppl ask dumb questions like is this a 6 train( some ppl really do not look at the number on the train) I took some kids to south ferry once and they thought it was a 3 and i was like you guys didnt notice the big red on the train, or what's the next stop when you can just listen to the automated annoucement before you ask me.
  5. I got 3 wrong on the 2004 C/R and my list # was 2082 and I was called in Nov 2007 Also Bridge and tunnel I got 6 wrong and my list # was 296 and I was called in Nov 2007. I love trains so I am a conductor and cant wait to be a T/O

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