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    Welcome to NYCTF! Hope you fun !
  2. Yes there was! All(F)trains were running between 179 St Jamaica to Euclid Av via Fulton Local. All(A)ran local between 168 St and Canal St and Express between Jay St and Euclid Av. All(A)ran between 207 St and Howard Beach JFK Airport. A shuttle bus ran from JFK airport and Racaway Pk B116 St or Mott Av Far Rocaway non-stop. From there a(S)shuttle ran between B116 St and Mott Av. All(G)ran to Coney Island. No©were running.
  3. 1990-2001 R62s- R62As-(rare trips)(1991-present) Redbirds-(1990) 2001-2003 R62s- R62As-(2002 only) Redbirds-(01'-02')(01'-03')(01'-02')(01'-03) R142s- R142As- 2003-present R62s-(rare trips) R62As-(until May 2005) R142s- R142As-
  4. The said that if there is high rider ship thr will remain at church av. If not the would be redirected back to Smith-9 Sts.
  5. Untrue 100% R142 &(5)make LTD rush hours trips to New Lots Av & R142/A trains run there late nights!
  6. 1990s r62s (1)always,(3)always,(4)always,(5)rare trips untill 2001,&(6)sometimes,& (9)always Red Birds-(7)always & (6)sometimes 2000's r62s (3)always,(2)2002 only,(4)always until 2003. Now rare trips are made, (6)until 2001,(7)2001-present,(9)until May 2005
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