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  1. They probably think the express buses are free all the time, not just 1-5am
  2. The gap I was referring to was the gap between the last regular Bx39 and the first enhanced Bx39. Also there is a gap for anyone going northbound on the upper after 1am since the first enhanced northbound Bx39 doesn't get to Bronx Park East until well after 2am, and the trains are exit only after 1am.
  3. Until they redo the schedules the Bx39 is going to have gaps 7 days a week as through service doesn't begin until 1am from 241 St. Northbound service below Gun Hill Road has no service at all for a while.
  4. There are still Gun Hill Road buses between 12:00-1:30am (11:30pm-1:30am on weekends), so there are still gaps in service. After 1:30, there are two Bx39 buses overnight, one goes to Clason Pt, the other goes to Gun Hill Rd and becomes a Bx41
  5. They should extend Bx39 buses at 11:30(weekends only) 12:00, 12:30, and 1:00am from Gun HIll Road to Clason Point and run them back up from Clason Pt at 12:35, 1:05, and 1:35am to keep some kind of consistent service running since there is a gap in service. Cut the Bx41 buses back to Gun Hill Road completely instead of running them as Bx39 shuttles.
  6. 41 is going to lose an afternoon trip, even worse the 40 that will replace it is going to end at Mt Vernon, not good for those going to the Bronx, looks like they want everyone going to the Bronx to be packed on the 20 and only have the 60 as an alternative from White Plains. https://transportation.westchestergov.com/images/stories/Schedules/spr20poster.pdf
  7. Looks like Bee Line is going to change a 41 trip to a 40 trip in the PM and cut it back from 241 St to Mt Vernon, a step backward for Bronx service (and south Mt Vernon). https://transportation.westchestergov.com/images/stories/Schedules/spr20poster.pdf
  8. Woodlawn -> Mosholu -> Burnside -> 167 - > 161 -> 149 is possible with track switching
  9. Reverse commuters going from The Bronx / Yonkers to White Plains, just like the 41 is reverse commute route with The Bronx / Mt Vernon to White Plains
  10. The is going to be a Dyre shuttle one hour earlier in the evening. Also, the two reverse peak trips to 241 St in the morning are also cut back to Gun Hill Rd and will be running express to Gun Hill Rd instead of local north of E 180 St to 241 St
  11. Bus bunching on the Bx36 and Bx39, can happen anytime of day, middays, rush hours, even weekends. The lack of late night service on the Bx5 is another issue that should be brought up. MTA even proposed it in 2007. Bx39 service to/from Clason Point should be extended to at least 1am 7 days a week.
  12. They should give 24 hour service to the Bx5 and full Bx39 so people wouldn't be stranded late nights
  13. That's a service cut on the rest of the to go to 20 minutes between 10-11pm, just run 12-15 minutes to Far Rockaway and start the Lefferts shuttle after the stops running.
  14. Yes just like the the past two weekends when it ran overnight, no need for three locals
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