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  1. The will have to handle almost all of the Bronx riders between Bowling Green and 125th Street weekday evenings as the only express.
  2. MTA already does this sometimes on Monday mornings after a Clark Street Tunnel shutdown. service runs Flatbush - 241, but there are still trains running South Ferry - Dyre after 5am, so from about 5-7am there may be two different services running N/B from Chambers St to E 180 St. Also the is running N/B as a Dyre shuttle while trains are still running to Dyre. Guess people are used to this happening during the "transitional service period". MTA would rather run two different trains than run the to/from Bowling Green after 4am (like they used to do in 2011)
  3. Another option would be to run half of the trains as trains to South Ferry to maintain the service between E 180 St and 149 St - Grand Concourse, this way the can be reduced on Lexington Avenue and there would still be the same amount of service in the Bronx. MTA did this on a Friday evening once by suspending all service from 8:30pm to 10:30pm S/B and from 10:00pm to 12:00am N/B and ran the to both 241 St - Flatbush Ave and Dyre Av - South Ferry at the same time. The resumed service when the and swapped terminals though, the just went to/from Dyre early.
  4. The has to run at 5 tph when the is replacing the as 241 St and Flatbush Av can't have 20 minute headways. The has to run local when this happens though It is either: 7.5 / 3 / 7.5 or 7.5 / 5 / 5
  5. Maybe now MTA can finally run a consistent 20 minute headway late night on the Bx15 since there can be up to 60 minute gaps after 4am some days
  6. The Bx30 would also have to run on Fordham Road (and would have to swap with the Bx16 past Conner Street) for the 60/61/62 to be completely closed door
  7. The alternative is to cut the to 12 minute headways and run the local to keep the running normally during GOs. They did this when the Clark Street Tunnels were closed. One weekend the was cut back to a Pelham shuttle at 125th and the and went local to Brooklyn.
  8. It was once called the Lexington-4th Avenue line
  9. Keep the crew assignments the same or close to it. crews operate the from 241 St to Flatbush Avenue, crews operate the from Dyre Avenue to South Ferry.
  10. Rawson, Lowery, and Bliss do exist outside the station since 2003 (Bliss also has existed in Sunnyside Gardens since 1982). Because of this, MTA will not remove those names again. This is also why those three names were also restored to the subway map as well. https://forgotten-ny.com/2009/09/back-to-the-boulevard-queens-boulevard-along-the-flushing-el/ https://www.nytimes.com/2003/09/07/nyregion/neighborhood-report-sunnyside-names-have-been-changed-confuse-innocent.html https://sunnysidepost.com/sunnysidewoodsides-street-names-remain-relevant
  11. Goodbye Lincoln and Fisk, unless they get the City Council and DOT involved....
  12. Excuse me? The / swap is done to keep the 2/5 crews in place (with similar runs) and to cut down on overtime. I just pointed out the benefits for some riders. The alternative would be to swap the and in Manhattan causing more confusion than just swapping in the Bronx (and Brooklyn).
  13. Not BS, the will actually run the whole weekend, even overnight, good for Lexington Avenue and lower White Plains Road trunk lines. The swap will be the only time the will really run on weekends at all.
  14. Or run the 24/7 full length, no sense to have two shuttle services overnight, might as well combine them with a through service.
  15. The or running 24/7 is assuming the Utica line is built. The running to Brooklyn 24/7 means the will still at least run to Times Square 42 St late nights, meaning better late night service overall. MTA already had the and local in Brooklyn on weekends for more than a year, so they could just as easily do that again. The would have to run 24/7 for Harlem residents in some form (like to South Ferry on weekends). The Harlem politicians will complain if the is cut on weekends permanently.

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