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  1. Any cut MTA Bus Express service will just free up more NYC money to run more ferry routes
  2. If the goes to Essex, wouldn't it be better to bring back the as a Broadway service instead of having two different colored trains? Another option is to make the run on Queens Boulevard 7 days a week in place of the weekend service. If the and have problems both using Whitehall, another option is to re extend the to replace the in Queens on weekdays since QB needs 4 services.
  3. https://transportation.westchestergov.com/images/stories/Schedules/2019sprpostereng.pdf Notables: Added trips: 1 (Sunday), 2 (weekdays), 42 (weekdays), 55 (weekdays), and 60 (weekdays and Sunday) Deleted trips: BxM4C The last two S/B trips are combined into a new trip. The first two N/B trips are combined into a new trip
  4. The is currently OPTO late nights unless it is extended below East 180th Street for a service change.
  5. An elevated could be done over Park Avenue Metro North tracks
  6. The late night Bx15 short turns to/from 149 St are also former Bx55 runs, problem is after 4am nothing replaces them, so late night service is not 20 minutes all night, it can be up to 60 minutes wait at certain directions/days
  7. The was going to be local after 1am anyway, so might as well have that service go local. The was express all night, made no sense to have it run local. MTA did have the go local with the a few times while the was normal. One time the even ran overnight on the weekend as a local, meaning the ,, all were making local stops overnight.
  8. 49th Street is a very busy station and it helps that both the and stops there, at least MTA thinks so.
  9. Hoyt Avenue should be kept on the signs since it still exists right by the Astoria Boulevard station.
  10. The Bx23 can help the Q50 with the ridership to/from Target and the other stores in the shopping center it will be more than just ferry riders. Some Co Op City residents at a meeting did mention something about having a route go to the Soundview Ferry. They could wait a few years and have the Bx23 to the Ferry Point Park stop. Some rush hour Bx23 trips will still be Co Op City loop shuttles, all of the off peak trips will be extended to Ring Road in Ferry Point Park.
  11. Extend the Bx23 to the Ferry, it is the local version of the Q50, it just won't go to Queens. The City can pay for it due to the blank check reimbursement.
  12. Rawson, Lowery, and Bliss will never be removed because of the dual street signs outside of those stations. Instead of removing outdated names, another option is to have the City restore them, then they will become current. A few other once non existing station names are guaranteed to be preserved in the future because the City has already taken action to rename or co name areas near the subway stations 6 Av (L), 110 St stations (1), (2)(3), (B)(C), E 143 St (6). Restored in the future E 177 St (would be the 4th time MTA had to completely restore a station name they previously removed) Honorable mention: Continental Av (no longer on the subway map, but still in the station.) The old names on the were preserved recently (though will likely be removed from the stations in the far future). At one point MTA stopped removing historic names due to complaints. Lincoln and Fisk on the are in danger of being removed next since they weren't recently renovated. Unless they want to restore Lincoln and Fisk via the City Council. https://nypost.com/2012/10/07/subway-stations-retain-signs-listing-places-and-streets-that-no-longer-exist/
  13. Bx12 SBS is considered a separate route from the Bx12 LCL.
  14. And the evening and weekend service. Possibly the late night service.

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