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  1. East 177th Street is coming back

    The Local Law just took effect today
  2. East 177th Street is coming back

    1960 East 177th Street is also 1960 Cross Bronx Expressway. Any listed East 177th Street address 1700 to about 4299 is along the service road. That map is wrong, the address range is 1100 (West Farms Depot) to 1129 (Joseph's Auto Center). 1130-1199 are unassigned to any building there. Check the "addresses on this lot" https://www.realdirect.com/e/1954.EAST-177-STREET.10472/ https://www.realdirect.com/e/1954.CROSS-BRONX-EXPRESSWAY.10472/ https://www.realdirect.com/e/1960.EAST-177-STREET.10472/ https://www.realdirect.com/e/1960.CROSS-BRONX-EXPRESSWAY.10472/
  3. They have the rollsigns already, the (8) is a green color and would be out of place on the west side. They would have to change the signs to a red (8) to use it.
  4. East 177th Street is coming back

    Rawson, Lowery, and Bliss show up on street signs outside of the stations (while not on the City's official maps, the City does consider that to be official). Bliss Street does exist on the City's official map as a secondary name "46 St / Bliss St" inside Sunnyside Gardens since 1982. Lincoln and Fisk don't exist in any capacity. In any case when people along the Cross Bronx still use "East 177th Street" as their address, reverting back to the previous name makes sense, some use both names, like this link below http://opendatany.com/corporation.php?id=4661646
  5. East 177th Street is coming back

    I also said there is precedent for MTA restoring original station names, look at what they are doing in Queens. They aren't required to keep those old names, though they would probably get a lot of complaints if they removed them now
  6. East 177th Street is coming back

    It is necessary to complete the 'Blissful' restoration though. MTA will still likely do it though (they weren't required to do it for the train stations and they still did). They have exit signs reading "Hugh Grant Circle, Westchester Avenue, E 177 Street" in the station already (and have for the past few years) .
  7. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Should other stations on Metro North be re-opened, like 183rd Street? In that case there is no nearby subway station at all since the Third Avenue Elevated (8) train was demolished.
  8. Planned Subway Service Changes

    This doesn't make any sense, Why run a Dyre shuttle (in mostly one direction at a time) for a few hours anyway, just keep the running completely on Friday evening. TRACK MAINTENANCE Service ends early between E 180 St and Bowling Green trains provide alternate service Evenings, 8:45 PM to 11:59 PM, Friday, Jan 19 • Jan 26 • Feb 2 service operates between Dyre Av and E 180 St. Travel Alternatives • Transfer between and trains at E 180 St. • Transfer between and trains at 149 St-Grand Concourse. Trains run local in both directions between 125 St and Brooklyn Bridge Weekend, 10 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Feb 2 - 5 • Please allow additional travel time. Trains run local in both directions between 125 St and Grand Central-42 St Weekend, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Feb 3 - 5 • Please allow additional travel time.
  9. East 177th Street is coming back

    Other numbered streets by Rosedale Avenue include E 172 St, E 174 St, and E 180 St (further up near E Tremont Av). Past Beach Avenue E 177 St will be the only numbered street in the area. It makes sense because many people along the Cross Bronx still use "E 177 St" as their address. If you see the video for the Parks and Recreation meeting it would clear up confusion over the naming of the street. This is also why MTA no longer removes historical names from the subway stations.
  10. East 177th Street is coming back

    The exit signs at the station since renovation have had E 177 Street on them, good thing MTA did that. The previous station signage was "E 177 St - Parkchester" , the map signage was "Parkchester - E 177 St". Just like "42 St - Grand Central" in station and "Grand Central - 42 St" on the map.
  11. East 177th Street is coming back

    For historical reasons it would be necessary to change the name to either E 177 St - Parkchester or Parkchester - E 177 St
  12. East 177th Street is coming back

    To become the service roads of the Cross Bronx Expressway, like how Van Wyck Boulevard became Van Wyck Expressway. Bruckner Boulevard remained the same when it became the service roads of the Bruckner Expressway.
  13. http://legistar.council.nyc.gov/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=1709698&GUID=9518C471-1983-4D22-82B5-15CE7EF4D9A4 1. The local law goes into effect next week (City Charter Rule Adopted after 30 days) 2. NYCDOT will place up new E 177 St signs by the train station (and replace all of the Cross Bronx Expressway signs) 3. MTA will restore E 177 St to the train station (they would have no reason not to, plus there is precedent for this in Queens). Those E 177 St - Parkchester R62A signs come in handy now. What a 'Blissful' experience this will be lol. Queens has the line now the Bronx has the line. https://council.nyc.gov/press/2017/12/11/1552/ Amending the Name of Properties in the Bronx Introduction 270, sponsored by Council Member Annabel Palma, would permanently change the name of two thoroughfares in the Borough of the Bronx to East 177th Street, and amends the New York City Map accordingly. “The renaming of part of the Cross Bronx Service Road is a logical amendment that my constituents have long sought. This change is emblematic of our city’s commitment to addressing all concerns, no matter the magnitude,” said Council Member Annabel Palma.
  14. Planned Subway Service Changes

    This affects people going to Manhattan as well, more crowded to an even more crowded making ALL stops, even worse if you are going to lower Manhattan.
  15. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Brooklyn only has the and instead of the ,, and . MTA saves money during the day, only during the night would MTA ( and crews are running extended services) would the MTA lose a bit, but it is still overall weekend savings for MTA.


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