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  1. Is the SBS just as crowded on summer weekends when the local goes to Inwood (and Bay Plaza after Orchard Beach service ends)? The SBS and local on Saturday evening after 10pm both run the full route for about 30 minutes, on summer weekends after 8-9pm, the local and SBS run the same route (for the most part, on Sunday buses go to/from Edson Avenue until around 9:00pm).
  2. SBS routes would be a bit harder to change (look at all those machines that would have to be moved around)
  3. GreatOne2k

    Weekend Lex Service has been a disaster.

    The , , and all share the same track north of 42 St. MTA apparently can't run weekend ,, and service at their normal headways when they do that, so something has to be cut. Usually the is cut to 20 minutes (or is cut completely), but because the is running 241 - Flatbush, they can't cut the now, so the gets cut (because it doesn't go to Brooklyn). One thing MTA did one weekend was cut the back to 125 St and run the and local to replace the . After 4:30am on Monday, the was by itself on Lexington for a bit because the stops running below E 180 St for about 60-80 minutes.
  4. Can't combine NYCT and MTA Bus completely, MTA Bus still has the blank check, thus will still be treated a bit differently.
  5. GreatOne2k

    Weekend Lex Service has been a disaster.

    Early Sunday morning and late night service has improved though with the running all night. Normally on weekends the would be running 20 minute headways or not running in Manhattan at all instead of the running 12 minute headways. The would still be crowded under the normal setup on 20 minute service. G.O.s during Yankees or NYCFC games doesn't help either.
  6. GreatOne2k

    Bx9 SBS Study

    Q50 LTD was created in 2010 a split from the QBx1
  7. GreatOne2k

    Bx9 SBS Study

    People near the Bronx / Westchester (or Riverdale / Yonkers) border can pack the W1, or W2 for quicker service to/from 242 St
  8. Some Bx12 LTDs did go to Orchard Beach (on Saturdays), Bay Plaza had less service during summer weekends until 2008
  9. GreatOne2k

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The Dyre line has through service this time while the upper White Plains Road line has shuttle service.
  10. GreatOne2k

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    MTA could try running the (to 14 St , Chambers Street, or South Ferry), the (to 42 St, Brooklyn Bridge, or Bowling Green), the (to Lefferts Boulevard), and (to 57 St or 71 Av) Friday-Saturday late nights. The , , , and will be the late night expresses those 2 nights a week. The Lefferts shuttle will be replaced by the for those two nights. Every Manhattan trunk will have one express on Friday and Saturday nights (currently every Manhattan trunk has a weekend late night express except the 8th Avenue and Broadway lines). The on Sunday-Thursday late nights should be extended to 149 St Grand Concourse. The on Sunday-Thursday late nights could possibly be extended to Chambers Street (some late evening s to this now) . The weekend should be extended to Chambers Street after the reopens in Manhattan. The additional weekend late night service will run from Friday night 11:00PM to 8:00AM Sunday Morning (no more and shuttles running until after 7-8am Sunday mornings) This is a middle ground between doing nothing and running these service 7 nights a week, it covers the two busiest nights. It would require permanently having a separate Sunday schedule, Monday-Thursday schedule, Friday schedule, and a Saturday schedule.4 MTA currently has a separate Sunday schedule, Monday schedule (until 5am), Tuesday-Thursday schedule, Friday schedule (after 10pm on the , 10:30pm on the , and 11:00pm on the ), and a Saturday schedule on the , and trains. The complete Monday and Friday schedules are only shown in real time and not on the timetables.
  11. Another option is to extend the to 149 St - GC on weekday late nights (Monday - Thursday), extend the to Bowling Green on weekend late nights (after the Clark Street Tunnel reopens). if MTA is willing to permanently have a different schedule for Friday evenings like they currently do now. At the very least the should run to/from Bowling Green later on Friday and Saturday late evenings (and earlier on Sunday mornings) as it has been doing so for almost the past year. Due to GOs the can't run to/from Manhattan any later Monday - Thursday, in fact it has been ending earlier almost every weeknight. Maybe that would be the compromise run the later to/from Manhattan Friday - Sunday, but end it earlier Monday - Thursday.
  12. GreatOne2k

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    has more priority than the since it now runs to Brooklyn on weekends, so instead of the running every 20 minutes, the runs every 12 minutes (instead of 8) whenever the and have to run on the same tracks on weekends. The upper White Plains Road line now sees 12 minute headways on weekends instead of 8 minute headways. They also have a train overnight with the choice if transferring to a train at E 180 St which is usually about 1-3 minutes behind it. Much better than the usual overnight trying to rush and connect with a which may be leaving by the time the gets to 149 St GC meaning up to 20+ minute waits discouraging ridership. Weekend daytime riders suffer, but weekend late night riders benefit.
  13. How is weekend late night ridership (Friday night to Monday morning) since the now regularly runs overnight below E 180 St? Would it be worth it to make the weekend late night extension to Bowling Green permanent (or at least keep the Friday night extras and extend some Saturday and Sunday trips to/from Bowling Green)? The would help with late Friday / Saturday evening crowding on the train.
  14. GreatOne2k

    Large gap in scheduled Dyre Av service

    The and Friday schedules are not completely accurate after 10pm anyway (the transition periods aren't noted), MTA runs a supplement schedule for Friday evenings and early Saturday mornings, but doesn't show this at all. There is no Dyre shuttle on Friday into Saturday, that part is missing on the schedules.
  15. GreatOne2k

    April 1, 2018 Bus Service Changes

    The 24 minute gap out of Bay Plaza has been fixed. The last Bx12 SBS out of Bay Plaza is at 10:00pm, the first Bx12 Local out of Bay Plaza will now be 10:15pm instead of 10:24pm, that first local bus should be a bit less crowded than before.


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