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  1. will go to 96 St weekday late nights and early mornings as well.
  2. Third phase will be the , second phase is just a extension.
  3. Q47 to Serve Bulova Corporate Center

    Some of those buses (the small ones) don't even run to the subway, they just end outside the complex
  4. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Bx12 SBS and Q44 SBS extend further than the Bx12 Local and Q20 Local, some people have to take the SBS
  5. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The did run on CPW on weekends from November 2000 - July 2001. The even ran on CPW until after midnight, a bit later than the did.
  6. Bx5 was supposed to run 24/7
  7. Planned Subway Service Changes

    Not enough late night crews to come completely cover the late night to 148, so the issue of crews stopping at 145 will still come up.
  8. Select Bus Service Discussion

    SBS would restore weekend rapid service to 3 Av and would replace the weekend Bx55 LTD service.
  9. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Bx5 could be extended to Bay Plaza on Fridays if a separate schedule is done.
  10. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Bx23 starts/ends at Pelham Bay only, there are two route patterns, 1-2-3-4-5, 5-4-3-2-1, but only one terminal.
  11. East 177th Street is coming back

    The Local Law just took effect today
  12. East 177th Street is coming back

    1960 East 177th Street is also 1960 Cross Bronx Expressway. Any listed East 177th Street address 1700 to about 4299 is along the service road. That map is wrong, the address range is 1100 (West Farms Depot) to 1129 (Joseph's Auto Center). 1130-1199 are unassigned to any building there. Check the "addresses on this lot" https://www.realdirect.com/e/1954.EAST-177-STREET.10472/ https://www.realdirect.com/e/1954.CROSS-BRONX-EXPRESSWAY.10472/ https://www.realdirect.com/e/1960.EAST-177-STREET.10472/ https://www.realdirect.com/e/1960.CROSS-BRONX-EXPRESSWAY.10472/
  13. They have the rollsigns already, the (8) is a green color and would be out of place on the west side. They would have to change the signs to a red (8) to use it.
  14. East 177th Street is coming back

    Rawson, Lowery, and Bliss show up on street signs outside of the stations (while not on the City's official maps, the City does consider that to be official). Bliss Street does exist on the City's official map as a secondary name "46 St / Bliss St" inside Sunnyside Gardens since 1982. Lincoln and Fisk don't exist in any capacity. In any case when people along the Cross Bronx still use "East 177th Street" as their address, reverting back to the previous name makes sense, some use both names, like this link below http://opendatany.com/corporation.php?id=4661646
  15. East 177th Street is coming back

    I also said there is precedent for MTA restoring original station names, look at what they are doing in Queens. They aren't required to keep those old names, though they would probably get a lot of complaints if they removed them now


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