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  1. random thoughts The 7 express stopping at 74th St would add to the already overpacked platforms downstairs at Roosevelt Ave/Jackson Heights. The distribution of riders using the local to access the Queens Blvd lines and express service into Manhattan even each other out. Messing with that is like messing with the Butterfly Effect and no one wants to see another Ashton Kutcher movie. And this business about Woodside going local only or doing track reconfiguration... all that that won't be necessary. Back in the late 80's while the 7 was going through rehabbing there was no express service. When it was reinstituted Woodside was left out of the equation. I forget why... maybe excessive dwell time was the reason? Anyway that lasted about as long as it took you to read this paragraph. If it didn't fly back then, it ain't gonna work now.
  2. FINALLY!!!! I've always wanted to do this
  3. The is crowded enough as it is, making it stop at 74th Street would crush it. Any time saved would be spent by the conductor attempting to close the doors. It would also back up the which can be insanely crowded on its own.
  4. I got into a shoving match with some lady a couple of weeks ago at 42nd & 6th. A train had just emptied out and it was only people coming up the stairs while I had to get down. It isn't one way so people need to get with the program and move. I'm not going to be late for work because some a**holes won't move out of the way. The tunnel between 5th & 6th Avenue can be ridiculous also. If there's a huge crowd coming down in one the direction they almost try to rail the opposite direction into the wall. Move the F over. Once again it isn't one way.
  5. I paid my $2.25 just like everyone else that does not entitle anyone to take up more than their fair share of a seat. Suck it up chubbs cause I'm sitting. When you pay extra maybe we can discuss different seating arrangements.
  6. Bring back the W same format as before, Q goes to 57th The C runs up to midnight Increase weekend R service on have the M run weekends... I think the former will be more likely Increase weekend 4/5/6 combinations of service. some help is needed there but it's debatable which line needs it the most these are all for selfish reasons: bring back the midday 7 express service. increase late night service to every 15 minutes of every 20. I'd love weekend 7 express service but I know it can't be at the loss of local stations headway either.
  7. I saw at Main Street today there are signs up the express configuration is switching in the AM. Local will be on Track 1 only and express will be on M or 2 only. I think it starts next the Monday after next. I didn't see anything indicating it was temporary or not. That is all.
  8. I'll admit it I'm spoiled and can't be bothered to navigate when the 7 is out on the weekends so I use the LIRR instead. I'm surprised by how many people are waiting for the train at Flushing. I always figured with the 7 right there why would anyone want to use the LIRR since it's more money. I figured wrong lol.
  9. Queens Plaza & Queensboro Plaza aren't as close as you think. That would have to be one hell of a stretch to link the two stations together,
  10. I passed by this entrance today and it's sealed off with a full metal gate so you can't see anything at all. It just looks like a closed store. I wonder how long it's been like that? I used to pass by this entrance daily and it always had the chain link fencing,
  11. Haha that's one of the best descriptions I've ever read for the NYC subway. Most of the stations I frequent are in good condition so I can't really pick out a bad one. I will say for as nice as they made that new transfer at Court Square it sucks out loud navigating through. I did it once and once only. The maze you have to get through from the 7 to E is awful. It's too bad they can't build an exit and the west end of 7 Court Square stop. You'd be better off getting out at that exit and reentering on the E entrance.
  12. we'll be teleporting before any of that happens. nice map though B+ for effort.
  13. I wonder if Mr. Cuomo is using an 8 ball to decide the fate of the Javits Center. How can he be so sure the property can be sold and redeveloped so speedily? What if it sits empty for another 10 - 20 years before it gets redeveloped? I thought the whole 7 extension process was to bring/build life to the west side. If the rzaing goes thru the 7 train will have been extended for nothing. But at least there will be a one seat ride... to nowhereland. Population = homeless, derelicts and hippies.
  14. iTrans NYC would be first pick. The push alerts are a godsend. Exit Strategy would be my second. Those are the only two apps I've paid for and were well worth the purchase.
  15. I read this post way back when it was originally posted and just tried looking for it this past weekend. I couldn't find anything so I thought I misread something. On the 6th Avenue side is it what's behind the glass doors on the western side of the station mezzanine? And where is it supposed to connect to on the other end? Will you be able to connect to the Times Square station without leaving fare control?
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