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  1. Why hasn't the MTA posted the late-night express bus schedules, such as the X28 and BM2 in Brooklyn? It's been almost a month! Do they not have a set schedule? But at least they posted updates to local bus schedules such as the B15, B8, and B63, which are now running every 10-25 minutes at 4am!!
  2. The only way this plan would work is if the LIRR would accept a free "Metrocard transfer" all the way to Manhattan/Brooklyn, including during overloaded peak trains. The people who ride the bus don't do it because they want to. They do it since they can hardly afford the $2.75. They can't afford one penny more. Not ever gonna happen.
  3. This is the worst idea I have ever seen. Huge amounts of people ride the N24, N22/N22x, N4/N4x and N6/N6x from Long Island into Jamaica. The reason why they do it is since they can't afford the LIRR, even at off-peak fares. They transfer to Queens local buses at major transfer points or to the E/F/J train. Much cheaper to get from Freeport to Midtown Manhattan for $2.75 rather than $14.00 peak on the LIRR. If NICE bus can't go to the subways, they might as well shut down. The Queens buses would be overwhelmed if they had 50+ people attempting to board them at their first stop in easternmost Queens.
  4. There was the man stabbed to death on board a Parsons/Archer-bound J in the wee hours of the morning the other day. And the nurse beat up, pummeled & robbed by 15 teens by Bellevue/#6 train (also posted above). And the woman waiting on the Jamaica-bound platform the other evening at Forest Hills who was randomly stabbed in the back by a homeless person; she suddenly felt pain & saw blood. Friends who were walking in Manhattan recently (who normally aren't bothered by things) say they were extremely uncomfortable in the past few weeks with the loitering and aggressive panhandling they've seen.
  5. Who drew up the erratic mid-day N15 changes leaving Roosevelt Field? 11:06/23/46am, 12:03/23/43pm, 1:08pm, etc? Sometimes it's a 17 minute gap, then a 23 minute gap, then a 17 minute gap, then several 20 minute gaps, then a 25 minute gap a bit later, etc. They could have tweaked their current schedule to keep it simple: 11:15/35/55am, 12:15/35/55pm, etc. Evenly spaced 20 minute intervals. But I guess that would make too much sense for the people at NICE bus. Really ridiculous & will likely lead to bus bunching, and more ridership drops.
  6. A few years ago, around 8am, there used to be long lines of 40-50 people waiting at Mineola weekdays for an eastbound N22/N24. Now, you're lucky if you get 5-10 people at that time. Just a handful walk to Mineola Blvd for the N22X. By having extremely unreliable N24 service during morning rush-hours at 8am (with 30 minute gaps in service), NICE has decimated ridership. They had a huge moneymaker on their hands, with many LIRR riders needing to go from Mineola to Roosevelt Field. And they completely screwed it up. People found other ways to get to work (cab, car pool, changing jobs to work in Manhattan, etc). They need to institute a Mineola to Roosevelt Field shuttle that runs every 5-10 minutes during rush-hours, and every 15 minutes all other times on weekdays.
  7. E, F and R trains have been cut back to every 12 minutes permanently on weekends due to the neverending (how many more years will it be) construction work to implement CBTC. There is no way any G trains can go down the Queens Blvd line until this work is complete.
  8. Is the suggestion to extend the Franklin Ave S northbound to terminate at Bedford-Nostrand on the G ? I don't understand what route a "rerouted Q" would take. Is this suggestion in Brooklyn, or in Manhattan (to go from 86/2nd to Astoria Blvd, for example)? I can't see how any suggestion would help Q passengers if there is a Q shutdown between Atlantic and Kings Hwy, as has been the case recently. If the Q shutdown were only between Atlantic & Prospect Park, wouldn't most passengers find it quicker to take the Franklin Shuttle followed by the 2/3/4/5, instead of getting stuck in insane gridlock around Flatbush Ave on a shuttle bus?
  9. From looking at the Brooklyn bus map, I don't see any parts of Brooklyn with a lack of bus lines. People in Bay Ridge would kill for the 8 minute mid-day frequency (7 days a week) on the B37/B16 that East New York residents get during those hours on the B15.
  10. How would people get from 91st/Shore to the busy shopping district of 86th/4th with elimination of B16 service? The proposed scenario presents 2 options: walk, or take a very meandering route up Shore to 69th, across 69th, then back on a southbound bus or R train. Also, the 91st/Shore stop has the medical center and is extremely highly used. People don't limit their medical appointments or shopping excursions to weekday rush-hours.
  11. - Very large volume of senior citizens use the 91st/Shore Road stop on B16, and I believe they prefer the more direct route to/from the R at 86th rather than a very long meandering route via Shore Road/69th to the R train. - Elimination of service from 91st/Shore to 4th/86th R train would be very unpopular. How would riders get from 91st/Shore to 86th/4th? Would the elderly need to walk this long distance? Many people who live at 91st/Shore want a quick ride to the R train and/or want to shop the 86th St corridor. - MTA tries to eliminate duplication of subway service. S79/S53 already have huge congestion backups due to Verrazano delays on weekdays, and extending route to 59th/4th would exacerbate unreliability. Even if you just miss the R, the next is never more than 10-12 minutes behind and is just as fast (if not faster) than a local bus extension. - Reroute of B64 via 95th makes sense (similar to old route from 86th/4th to Coney Island) as 69th St riders are already near an N train to Coney Island, and 95th riders have no direct subway so the B64 would be a big time saver for them. - B16 already has huge reliability/bunching problems (mainly weekdays) due to traffic in the Caton Ave area, so extending it even further eastbound is sure to cause more trouble.
  12. Let's say for arguments sake that work trains need to start moving at 8pm. Why does 4th Ave express service northbound now shut down around 6:45pm most nights? That's during the heart of rush hour!!! Never used to be this bad; we'd have express service along 4th Ave until 10pm or later. Causes considerable delays and most nights I have to bail northbound at 9th St (for an F to Manhattan) to escape the conga line of D/N/R along 4th Ave local, merging with B/Q at DeKalb. Many many delays and inexcusable to happen starting 6:45pm rush hours.
  13. You can ride a Staten Island bus to see the OMNY readers in place there (lower than the farebox, and some sort of lock around them to prevent people from yanking them off and stealing them!) But as of now, OMNY readers on Staten Island do not offer free transfers to the subway. Perhaps when they integrate it with Unlimited rides, then NICE will consider it.
  14. Considering the high rates of fare evasion on many buses around the city (I think the stats are 25% fare evasion), I'm sure the driver wouldn't say anything if you didn't pay at all. Or you could follow the rules and use it on the bus lines mentioned.
  15. They don't seem to want lots of people to buy the $5.00 Atlantic tickets at Atlantic Terminal due to the 3 (possibly 4) vending machines I've seen at that super-busy station. Same at Jamaica - very limited ticket vending machines when you're on the mezzanine level. If they're going to have such limited ticket vending machines, they should allow customers to buy the $5.00 Atlantic tickets on their phones.
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