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  1. Compare the N4 in Queens to the N24 in Queens. The N4 stops at roughly "every other" local stop going eastbound, where the N24 stops at "EVERY single" local stop. The N4 is way faster and more reliable. Makes a huge difference in the number of red lights you must stop at.
  2. You don't have to make it "closed door" along the Q36 stretch. You just have to spread out the N24 stops along the Q36 stretch so that they are a half-mile apart. It's ridiculous to stop EVERY SINGLE BLOCK along that stretch. Even Manhattan bus stops aren't that close together. Absolutely insane.
  3. Best solution to mitigate delays is to be awake and realize there's a "gap in service". Then you hold a train to minimize the gap in service, especially when there are 5 trains in a row. Could someone really be that stupid that he/she didn't realize that during this evening's rush-hour? if these people aren't awake, these people shouldn't be paid and shouldn't have a job.
  4. I bet Bay Ridge politicians are going to hear from a lot of constituents after the terrible delays and 20+ minute waits during rush hour tonight. Why send 5 R trains in a row to Bay Ridge, then have over a 20 minute gap, then 3 more in a row? Ridiculous that nobody thought to hold the 5th R train in a row at Atlantic for 5+ minutes for a connection to several N and D trains. Total and utter incompetence at the MTA. Guess everyone was just asleep and didn't realize there were 5 R's in a row, then a 20 minute gap, then 3 more R's in a row. Why are we paying these people if they can't make a simple "hold" to spread out the gap? Every single person who was was responsible for such a gap should no longer have a job. To have to wait over 20 minutes at 6:05pm for a Bay Ridge R train at 36th tonight was inexcusable, especially when I was on an N train that just missed the 5th R train in a row at 36th.
  5. The buses have been a total disaster with more and more and more dropped runs. Worse than it's ever been. To have to wait 30+ minutes for ANY N22/N24/N15 bus from Roosevelt Field to Mineola during afternoon rush-hour, you know how bad it's become. A few years ago, you would have seen close to 100 people by then. Now you might see 15 people. Coworkers are getting their other coworkers to drive them to the LIRR, coworkers are taking cabs to the LIRR, people are carpooling ,etc. I'm walking a mile to the LIRR now. Way faster than waiting for a delayed bus that gets to the LIRR 1 minute too late. Ever since they cut the N51 and N45, the number of students in the mornings has dropped by half or more. Does anyone have any idea how NICE ridership has been over the past year? Anyone with half a brain knows that most people now make at least $15.00/hour minimum wage like at McDonalds. Why waste at least an extra hour on a slow (or nonexistent) bus to save $8 or $9 on LIRR fare? It's far cheaper to work an extra hour and ride home on the LIRR. Walk to the Carle Place or Garden City or Mineola LIRR stations, but forget the nonexistent N22/N24 buses.
  6. Problem with severe lateness persists today; only now, they have more and more dropped runs during the heart of afternoon rush-hour.
  7. The dropped runs are really getting out of hand. I've counted numerous totally dropped runs on the N15 and N24 weekdays during rush-hours and mid-days the past several weeks. And severe lateness on the N24, N15 and N22. Customer base appears decimated since people are switching to other modes of transit, rather than wait for slow, delayed or dropped buses. Someone needs to take charge and fix this, before this company goes out of business. Mineola and Roosevelt Field have far fewer customers than in years past.
  8. N79 on its way to Suffolk County passes thru a lot of wilderness areas; you feel like you're on a winding road in the woods!
  9. Are they not going to do any of the stuff in the NICE Vision plan? No N24x, no Mineola/Roosevelt Field/NCC "hub" shuttle, etc? Those would have been great ideas. I do think the Manhattan to Nassau bus idea was crazy though (think of the empty buses that ran from Roosevelt Field to Manhattan about a year ago; I forget what the reason was for those, but I do know they were virtually empty and a total failure.) Riders just need fast and frequent service to the 179th subway. There's a frequent F express the remainder of the way.
  10. Interesting how Nassau bus drivers usually enforce the fare. But Staten Island bus drivers, especially approaching the ferry, just let tons (and I mean sometimes half the bus) walk past defiantly without paying.
  11. Very smart to have the N22x bypass Mineola Terminal, since it often takes 6 or 7 traffic lights to exit during rush-hour afternoons (hundreds of drivers leaving the multi-level parking lot back things up severely). Willis/Hillside has very heavy ridership so it's a plus to add that stop. More frequent N22x service is always welcomed too. They need to have an N24x too (ridiculous to stop practically every single block, especially in Queens). They talked about reinstating a Nassau Hub Shuttle (Roosevelt Field/Mineola/NCC area). Might help to get back all the students they lost due to N45/N51 and other cuts. Very bizarre how they prioritized a "Shore Road Shuttle" in the Roslyn area, when a Nassau Hub Shuttle would likely have far more ridership.
  12. All of these ideas are great EXCEPT the service to Manhattan. Express buses are a big money loser for the MTA and will prove the same for NICE. However, within Nassau County, the introduction of more express routes & higher frequency of these routes is very smart. For example, it's ridiculous to have an N24 stop EVERY SINGLE BLOCK in parts of Queens. Wastes the driver's time and money. Hopefully the N24x will just stop at Queens railroad stations, then New Hyde Park, Mineola, Roosevelt Field, and Hicksville. Would be so much quicker! Love the idea of a Nassau Hub service too (Mineola, Roosevelt Field, Colisseum).
  13. Why not just take the N6 bus to the F train at 179th? So much cheaper!! The N6 is the most frequent bus in Nassau County. 40-45 min ride on the bus, then 30 min on the F. Use the extra few minutes to study on the bus/train, and with the HUNDREDS of dollars a month you save, you'll have tons of extra spending money!
  14. Perhaps some express bus customers from places like Rosedale will avail themselves of this option. May save the MTA money too as it's cheaper than running express buses. Can't see most others taking advantage of this. $60*4 = $240 for 28 days. That's double the 30-day Metrocard price. Most of the folk at Parsons-Archer can't even afford that. Best way to encourage ridership is to accept Unlimited Metrocard for these LIRR stations, but only on OFF-PEAK trains. Capacity is an issue for many peak trains.
  15. So all bus schedules will be eliminated on the N40/N41 soon, at all hours of the day? So on a Sunday around 10pm, the schedule will say "every hour out of Freeport starting 10pm". You won't have any idea when the bus will leave Freeport, and it's up to the bus driver's discretion to leave any time at all within that hour?

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