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  1. Rather than to just lock threads by vtrain, why not just lock his account? it's pretty much the same thing at this point. We all know he posts useless (boarder line harassing) stuff.

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    2. RTS CNG Command

      RTS CNG Command

      It doesn't matter how many times he's done it. As long as he's within the rules of this board and isn't posting any inflammatory spam, he can post whatever he wants. The last topic he posted was within the rules.

    3. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      @IRT, lol! @RTS, but he always ignores the existing threads to keep asking: 'when does (whatever) open' or 'when does (that) return'? It's annoying and just spam at this point. Enough already!

    4. Threxx


      You can't just lock accounts, or so I thought, until a certain someone locked his OWN account...

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