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  1. 7200s-7500s have an insert car in the 7900s. The 7800s for the most part are 11-car consecutive sets (or at least they used to be before now being broken up into individual 5 and 6 car sets). I just hope they don't accidentally run a 12-car train by accident. Imo, they should have made them all new trains in sets of 10 numerically with the 11th car a different number so trains will still be 10 cars and an 'insert'. Easier to remember things when the car set ends in:1,5,6,0. As for c cars, they are next to the a cars. All the inserts are c cars, but some of the b cars of the r142as were converted to c cars iirc.
  2. Well the eny lines are set for a few decades with new trains (also depends if the r179s ever comes). So i don't think there would be a need for the new fleet to be 8 car trains. The r211s should be 10 car trains to replace the r46 fleet. And if they do have these gangways, it would probably be like the current set up now, two 5-car sets. The only line that needs 11 cars is the 7 and they will be set when the last r142as are converted.
  3. But if it is reduced to a shuttle, why bother keeping it as part of the rr? The area it runs thru could probably be better off served by a subway line as well as possibly connected to one of the lines vs the lirr expanding to lower manhattan.
  4. Yeah N or Q only. I still would prefer the Q to astoria since that seems more reliable than the N, imo. If the Sas is going to be stuck up to just 96, then it isn't like it matters which of the two goes there. fast, i wouldn't hold my breath on it. The express tracks are there just for added capacity. Rush hours you will be lucky the train beats the local while on a slow crawl.
  5. If it was just the airtrain, i figure it might've been to try and cram it into an existing tunnel. But if it was an lirr extension, then it would be either the total seizure of one of the subway tunnels (if cranberry, then A/C forced to share rutgers with the F) or the new tunnel. Now that there are plans to turn the lirr brooklyn branch into a glorified shuttle when the gct esa is opened, it might be the lirr line that might be better off converted to a subway line.
  6. It'll need to be better than the ventilation system on the ntts right now. Even those aren't good enough to clear the air on crowded trains.
  7. It can still happen. At the moment maybe the 1800s were not ready to be moved over to the 6 yet. As for the cars the 6 will get: they will need at least a few 2000s since 1900s will still be needed on the S. And the 7 has 400+ cars to return back. The mainline lines will get some extra trains since the 6 is giving up fewer trains than it will take back because the 7 had at least 8 brand new train sets and all the insert cars. Some r142as on the 6 is going to be pushed out to the 4 so the 4 can push a few r142s over to the 2/5.
  8. But with the homeless people, it takes one person to clear out a whole car. Open gangways will allow that stench to reach te other cars. I don't think it would be a great idea.
  9. i take it this was part of the plan to extend the lirr brooklyn branch and take over one of the subway tunnels like the montegue or cranberry?
  10. And the season ends. Royals wins the ws in 5 games because the mets couldn't finish the whole 9 innings of the game before imploding. It is a shame that the mets could've very well won all 3 home games and almost could've won the series too. I give them credit for not getting swept like the 2007 rockies, but the royals were a very good team coming very close last year. Royals deserved the win so my hat off to them. The retooling for next year begins and i dunno if the mets are willing to keep most of the players around for next year especially the likes of murphy and cespedes.
  11. well the r110a paved the way for the r142/as. Hard to say if this will be a one off or if it becomes the first of a new batch of trains. I personally don't think it would be a good idea to have trains connected together like on the triplex given how it takes one smelly homeless person to drive people out of one car. Imagine having to deal with the stench for the whole train set? That and despite trains in linked sets, it would be difficult to inspect the cars unless the cars can be split apart from each other. If one car is totaled, the rest of the set is useless.
  12. i know, but at least it serves several subway lines. The wtc path building costs double and serves 1 river tunnel with a few branches. With the pa, they seem to ramp up the excessive spending. That 'simple' entrance for path when it first opened after the attacks was not that bad and could've worked for any station entrance, but nope, go ahead and build a $3-4billion terminal building.
  13. Still, what are they using to build the place? Titanium, gold, marble? $10billion for a friggin bus terminal. Effing absurd!
  14. To sum up a few things: The F has to stay local in brooklyn. They tried making the F exclusively express and G local decades ago and riders were pissed at that idea and for the most part that was why the express service was killed off. Bergen lower level needs major work to be used for service again. There is an entrance to the lower level platform behind the big metal doors. Of course don't go past them or you will be trespassing. Just look for them on the current platform, you can't miss them unless they have been covered behind something. M is probably never going to be changed back to what it used to be. So forget about terminating the M back to chambers or somewhere in south brooklyn again. If they revive the culver express, it has to be a split of F service. As for the V designation, i would guess they could use that instead of the . As said, take away the extra E trains to 179th and re designate them as the V, but have them run thru 53rd. 53rd won't be able to handle more than that, so any other V trains would have to run with the F via 63rd. culver express is needed for rush hours only, so basically riders south of church wanting to skip he park slope stops can take the V, park slope riders can have emptier local trains. As said, the express isn't going to save much time, but the idea is to carry more people, so it should be looked into to expand capacity.
  15. For a $10 billion bus terminal, you would think they are going to build two 1wtc towers on that spot. Just ridiculous about the port authority and the waste. Smh.
  16. I did not say 14th st at that area was great, i was talking about how you wanted to spend money to untangle or simplify the connection there. And yes i agree that for all that money for one area was a waste just like the south ferry complex now costing $1billion to serve 2 lines just so people can get off all 10 cars, but still have a long walk to get to the ferry terminal. If it were up to me, south ferry as is now would've been just fine: the loop platform and the corridor connecting to the R line and that's it. They can add all the barriers to keep the lower level platform of the station safe, but i don't see the fed bailing out the mta for another god knows how many hundreds of millions to tat money pit. Let's face it, there will always be waste everywhere. I'd rather have all the stations be brought up to a decent level of repair before trying to reconstruct existing complexes that are probably low in terms of priority.
  17. there are other 1900s below 1961 used on the shuttle. Ideally they could trade some cars coming back from the 7 with the shuttle, but the S needs full width cab ends and they may probably have to leave a few trains of non consecutive units to run on the 6. That is until/if they ever rebuild the times sq end of the shuttle so it can run a 5-car train and no longer need 3-4 car trains. Some said the cars on the S are linked and i dunno if it would be a simple matter of unlinking them. I think there are the 1920s numbered cars still wit the red stickers that could be put together as two consecutive 5 car sets. They ran on the 1 few years ago, but were out of sequence. I would've figured they might've linked them since they had the lower 5 cars together. There is nothing stated all trains going to the 6 must be full width cabs, but i do understand there might be a preference from the crews to have full width cabs.
  18. it is an underground corridor from 6th to 7 av like the one from 7th to 8th av at times sq. what can you do to 'improve it'? For that matter, if you are against waste, why spend even more money on that when the money would be better off spread out to bring other stations to a state of decent conditions? and while i do agree fulton st was way overbudget and excessive, it was to untangle the 'rat maze' to get from the 2/3 to 4/5 a little more easily without having to go down to the A/C platform to get past the J line platforms blocking the path. It isn't just an mta hing. Look at the port authority spend $3-4 billion for a pointless wtc hub and that serves 6 tracks for a single tunnel line. At least fulton serves several subway lines and cost half of the pa's 'dove building'. lol. This is so accurate. It is a contradiction, no matter what the mta does, they are never good to him and it is always mta bashing because it isn't to his 'standards'. Even the brand new stuff like the fulton complex is a 'money pit'. All his ideas will just be more money pits. When dealing with government agencies, it will always be a money pit. The point is to try and see what projects makes sense. Ideally the private sector should be used, but then unions would cry foul and there's bound to be kickbacks somewhere. Of course things will never be done on time or on budget because of this.
  19. I think it was to be side platforms or will have to be with the track close together the whole way. And it was a shame. They cry it made the costs too high to build the extension and they dropped 10th av entirely with no provisions to start the station with a shell. To build it now, they will have to spend even more which makes me feel 10th av is going to be very doubtful. The L at 3rd av and 1st av are side platforms. I don't think 10th av had to be island platforms since they would probably build a mezzanine above it and you can get to the other platform if you were to accidentally end up on the wrong platform. The other option would be to go to the next station and switch on that platform. But yeah, the 7 extension doesn't do much for people west of 8th av. They will still need to rely on the poor m42 service or walk as they currently do.
  20. they have still yet to build that deck over the lirr yard for the towers to go over it. For the moment the station is usuful for getting to the javits center, but 10th av was the station that would've really justified the 7 extension.
  21. Well, true, but the battery thing might take up some space though*. Not sure how many ogs they want to convert to lithium ion batteries. I still think rtss makes more sense as eny still has them and to increase the fleet age. But if jam sends over the ngs, then so be it. *do they usually change the batteries after a while or are they changed somewhere else?
  22. Having rode the q35 before and after the mta took over it from the pbl, i can say that now as imperfect as it is, the line is much better and more consistent. Which makes it hell of a lot more reliable than the b41, which is like hit or miss with the traffic north of the junction and why i really wished they'd add in a few short turn b41s to help ease the madness at the junction. The q35 at 10-15 min intervals rush hours and regular respectively, it is easier to know when the bus is coming instead of having to guess when the next will show. A few times there is as long as a 30min wait either due to a bus not making its interval or a b/o not showing up to drive the bus at the junction. These have happened around the time school lets out after 3, which makes things much worse for a lf o7 og bus. Cutting the stops in brooklyn to make it a limited stop only bus helped as before sometimes the q35 b/os will skip the stop unless you were to 'flag it' to get their attention.
  23. I don't see why eny would get ngs. That doesn't really help them regarding the many types of local buses they have to maintain. You just trade the lfs for ngs which still leaves them with the xd40s, rtss, and o7 og buses to deal with. At least if eny gets rtss back in return, they will be down to just 3 types and it better balances out the fleet age as they are young enough already with all the new buses they have and pushing out the oldest rtss to mta bus and queens.
  24. Tbh, i haven't cared much about the nba in a while. Yes, it was good the one year the knicks had won their division and made the playoffs, but especially last year, i just wanted to forget the knicks were even an nba team after being such an embarrassment. If they clinch an 8th spot, fine so long as they aren't dead last or close to it.

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