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  1. Haven't been on here much, too busy. I am not surprised the yankees failed by losing to the astros. Astros especially that pitcher just owned them. The hitting just went dead. Yankees slumped their way to the finish. They were lucky they clinched the wc spot as well as having home field, which did nothing for them other than making it easier to clean out their lockers sooner.I can't blame anyone in the coaching position as no one can solve the hitting issues with this team. They can either beat the hell out of a team like 13-21 to whatever in a few games and get shut down the next. Even the new coach this year couldn't help them, so another coach won't make a difference. I fully approve cashamn for not panicing and trading the young guys for a few month rentals. Even if the yankees got david price, he can't hit and if he was here all he would've done was made the score like 1-0 loss because he would have had no run support. Let's face it, the team did over achieve and i predicted they would have at best clinched a wc spot. With the likes of the royals and the blue jays and now astros, whoever wins the alcs will really deserve it. On the NL side i never expected the nl central to be that cut throat, so congrats to 3 of the 5 teams there all clinching a playoff spot. I dunno who will win the ws, but i think it might be cool to see an all Missouri ws. Otoh, i might like to see the blue jays and cubs in it since it has been so long for either team being in the ws. Finally rip to yogi berra, the most winningest player of all time for the yankees with 10 championships and of course his unforgettable comments like 'it ain't over till it is over' etc. he will be missed. I am glad geroge steinberner apologized to him years ago and yogi returning back to the stadium.
  2. 1906-10 could be left for just track 4. Ideally they should rebuild the platforms so they can hold a 5 car train. 1906-10 could also be left out as singles for work duty since they can't run as a 5 car set.
  3. Ortiz usually kills the yankees. I dunno what it is from joe torre to girardi on why they don't just walk him and still pitch to him. I mean pitchers would always intentionally walk barry bonds so he can't hit a homer off them. Even if ortiz is on the decline :cough:cheater:cough: he is still a threat.
  4. I have been away for a bit and didn't know fb got back the rtss they sent to eny. 5141 to wf is a strange move. Couldn't they have just given wf an o5 instead? I also read some 4200s from fb were sent to gun hill? Is this just a summer loan or something more? I would figure it makes sense to bump off that batch of ngs now since they've been at fb for a while now and racked up a lot of miles as well as to balance out the fleet age with all the xd40s they have and will get. The age would be balanced nicely with the return of the 5100 rtss. i do agree, I don't understand why they are giving cs a large number of xd40s making it the oddball of the queens depots as they are set to get the lfs. At least if eny got the 30 xd40s, cs could be split with xd40s and the lfs. And for cs they already have the lfsa, So technically they should have the parts to cover them too. Giving eny the novas means they have 4 types of local buses unless there's a plan where eny gives up their ogs? This whole fleet moves stuff is making my head spin. I think that was the point for meredith. The whole point was to ease the burden on then cas and yuk as the only depots handling the whole borough's fleet.
  5. Why would jerome see 3 types? If you moved all the r62as back to the 6, the 6 still needs a few r142as to meet the needs. If anything the 6 might push out a few r142as to the 4 and then the 4 pushing out a few r142s to the 2/5 so all the lines will absorb the surplus of trains once the whole r188 conversion stuff is complete. The 7 is getting new cars in the form of inserts and 8 brand new 11 car trains. That is more than enough for the extension to 34th and cover for the current r62a singles they have now. Hell to make things even simpler, the r142as left on the 6 could go to jerome so the 4 has all the r142as and the 6 takes a few r142s. Either way there is no reason why the r62a needs to go to the 4. As others said, keep it simple as a 6 and 7 line fleet swap and keep the other lines out of it. As for the 2200s or whatever on the 6 now, they are on loan since the 6 needs anything it can get as r142as are getting converted for the 7. I do agree that eventually when everything is settled, the 1600-1900s (non single units) and 2000s should all go back to the 6 and the 1 takes back their sets and take on the 2100s in trade for the 1800s. I have noticed some of the trains on the S now has cars grouped within a range of 10, ie: 1950s in one train and 1930s in another. I dunno if this was already done long ago or recent, but once more of the singles comes back from the 7, they could probably arrange more singles into consecutive 5 car sets. The lowest 1900s in 5 car sets i've seen are in the 1960s group.
  6. Lol, yeah I don't get this hype about the R143 on the J. They are ntts and are basically the same with the R143s having a strip map and a single door storm door. It isn't that vastly different like R32s on the J. Then again some still make a big fuss over an R68 on the N when it ran on the N for decades before it became entirely R160s. I can understand the hype about the R68 A train as R68s have never been on the A before. At least not regularly as far back as i remember from the late 90s. = As for R142As on the 2 and 5, call me jaded, but I didn't feel any difference. R142as ran on the 2 maybe 9 years ago when R142s were undergoing sms? So the 2 borrowed some sets from the 6. Eventually by the time they were working on the sets on the 4, the 4 borrowed some R62As from the 1 and 7 lines iirc. Now that was interesting to see since the 4 was all R142/As. The 5, it was some GO where it ran local on lexington av and it borrowed a set from the 4 or 6.
  7. lol, I'm sorry 'do it'? I hope you mean view from the rfw. And I dunno why the many questions. Just go to the front and watch there isn't anything mysterious about it. Worse comes worse someone else is already standing there or as other said, the t/o has his cab door open and blocking the door.
  8. I know i'm in the minority when I say I think the G should go back on QBL for the weekends as the R alone is just terrible. They could run the E local or extend the M as alternatives, but I would think the G makes the most sense (as long as there's no construction going on) since people just takes the local to the next express stop anyway. Yes, the G is half the length, but again, it doesn't matter since people are just taking it a few stops and getting off. Run opto for the G. If the M were extended, it would have to be the full 8 car train and not the 4 car train it is now to Chambers (until the switch at essex is built back). As for the R, I don't see why they can't short turn some trains at Whitehall. Either turn back select Queens bound trains there or the Brooklyn end of the line and then you can improve one end of the line without the entire line being so unreliable.
  9. Most taxies i see have one passenger, so the only difference is someone else does the driving. Ok, yes at least the car is still out around picking and dropping off people instead of ending at a parking spot or garage. But with some of these drivers, you think only manhattan exists and none of the other four boroughs unless it is the airports. Not exactly that much better than driving by yourself. Although i do prefer people carpool if they insist on driving.
  10. The only plazas that i think were good were the ones on broadway eliminating broadway almost entirely at the intersection especially herald sq with broadway going the opposite direction of 6th av. The bike lanes everywhere was over doing it. Peacemaker was being sarcastic about the whole thing. Drivers are tolled for using the tunnels. The only way the congestion pricing works is if tolls across the city gets adjusted accordingly. Collect tolls in both directions and lower the toll on the vz bridge etc.
  11. Here, this is why it looked familiar. http://www.nycsubway.org/perl/show?46243
  12. So you just copied and pasted an image you saw online and had to post a thread about it, why? I also assume this was found from nycsubway.org? This is what the random thoughts thread is for.
  13. Smh, people just can't let it go about the 2/5. Why put r62as on them when it is a pita to roll every single sign on the train if they need to be used on the other line when it takes seconds to select the program for a line on a screen?
  14. Not too surprising. They have a bunch of those 8900 and low 9000s. Just a matter of time till mta bus gets 9500 and 9600s if they last that long to get moved over.
  15. I would figure 205th is in dire need of a full rehab and when it gets a rehab, they will have to add the elevator there as well.
  16. What increase? I said in the past when redbirds were still running they ran 10car trains because the 11th car had no ac. When the 7 was all r62as, then it was 11 car trains all year round.
  17. I do agree on the ogs to fp, but no on more ngs to fb. We have a bunch of lf buses as it is especially with the xd40s here. Interesting about the fb 4200s going to gh. If gh has o5s, i could see gh just retiring the o5s and keeping the ngs there. I don't see the need to bring those ngs back unless they intend on moving the rtss around again. yes and a bit sooner than i expected. They were there for a short time like the fp ngs at fb before the xd40s started to arrive.
  18. Ok.... you are reading way too much into what i said. All I did was walk a few blocks around the area of some stations on the lines i mentioned. I want to see for myself the area than from what I see and read on an image or article. And from your generalization about 'all Bronx neighborhoods as bad' have you even been outside your precious riverdale area? Maybe you should see for yourself that not all of the bronx is that bad at least passing thru.
  19. Two 5 car sets is not a problem. When there were only redbirds on the 7, the summer time they would cut out the R33wf single car (no a/c) and run 10 car trains. With R62As, they can run 11 car trains all year round. The serious issue with a 12 car train is of course being too long, at 612'.
  20. I only ventured into the area just to see what it was like, nothing about moving there. I haven't ventured into the Bronx much in the past few years and with an unlimited card i wanted to walk a few blocks outside the station of a few Bronx lines including the 2/4/5 lines.
  21. What I want to know is, does the person stop the same amount of time as the bus when the bus has to pick up/drop off riders? I mean of course a bus stopping to load/unload at every block is going to be slow. CPW and lexington av are also choke points because of the subway riders waiting to get on. I am glad the m86 is an sbs line for the off board payment. Now there won't be a long line to get to the front of the bus as the back doors are empty. Too many times with the d60hf buses, people would still be getting off from the front than going to the back.
  22. My guess that is just a summer loan. Brooklyn depots like FB tends to lend a few of their buses to other depots because they don't need as many with school out for the summer. And if not mentioned already: 5171 was on the B44 yesterday. It spent some time (few months) at ENY when FB was getting the xd40s. I dunno if it means eny is pushing out RTSs for the nova lfs and if 5171 is coming back to stay at FB (instead of a summer loan). I would think ENY should be pushing out some of their old gen hybrids so those hybrids can be sent elsewhere to help retire some of the remaining O5s as well as to balance out the fleet age at ENY.
  23. Well of course, everywhere i go even in midtown manhattan, I always remain on guard. I'm just saying i walked a few blocks from the station to the parkway and over the pedestrian bridge over the mncr tracks and didn't have an issue. As far as the prices there, i wouldn't know as i am not looking to move to the bronx.
  24. Um, what's with the blank post javier? Well, it was going to happen eventually. They weren't going to keep them in the same 11 car group forever. Whatever is ready to run, they take. No different than with the R62As. I just hope they don't mistakenly connect two 6 car sets together.
  25. I agree, they could build the elevator next to the park. It shouldn't be too hard to do. The station is shit, but have you actually walked above the station and the neighborhood? It's actually kinda nice. The problem is they don't clean up after their dogs leaving dog shit here and there, but it's one of the safer areas i've passed thru.
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