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  1. The only minor issue I could recreate was one with Edge. Its now working as it should.
  2. Everything should be good.
  3. Do you see two fields? An About Me field and directly below that a Signature field.
  4. Harry


    Great! I will now close this topic.
  5. Harry


    Post if you're still having the login issue.
  6. Harry


    The recent community software update broke a few things. I have to fix things one at time so it doesn't break something else. The next time you login you should be good to go.
  7. Please leave the protest out of it. The video started at 00:45 for that exact reason. I wanted to highlight a major disruption of bus service during the evening rush. I want to read about your solutions to get service back to normal and not about what caused it.
  8. How would you fix this mess after everything is cleared out?
  9. Are you an ENY depot worker?
  10. What would you like it changed to?
  11. The algo wanted you to see that ad. 😎

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