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Status Updates posted by Harry

  1. Blogs people!

    1. Harry


      I forgot to mention full control, write, delete whatever. It's yours.

  2. So far the poll results are making me feel better about the server move and upgrade of the software! :D

  3. Chatbox is back!

  4. Square avatars turned on. Signatures are being turned on little by little.

  5. Merry christmas!

  6. Lets give it another try.

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    2. Javier


      Oh this is what they meant by the "negative voting era".

    3. Q113 LTD

      Q113 LTD

      So this means that your rep will go down from like lets say from 53 to 52?

    4. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      - ditto @ rollover....


      - yes, Q113LTD.

  7. Relaunching NYC Talk Forums with some new no-holds barred controversial subjects

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    2. peacemak3r


      But then again after some thinking, if it's based on regular topics and not transit, then yeah it doesn't make sense to have the base domain as nyctransitforums.

    3. Harry


      I'm want to bring in a new crop of users to the other website

    4. 4P3607


      I forgot my username and password to NYC Talk forums... I know i've posted on there before. I think my username was R42 Z train? Can't clearly remember it.

  8. Hope everyone is enjoying the new downloads!

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    2. Harry


      @IRT Yeah the ones in the "Your Transit Memorabilia" thread, right?

    3. Harry


      @MHV glad you like 'em there's more to come

    4. RTS CNG Command

      RTS CNG Command

      @Harry: Can't wait! :D


      (Memo to myself: Make a current-style bus map with the retro routes in mind. XP)

  9. Status update check

    1. Harry


      Status update comment check

  10. Before someone posts about it, yes I'M moving stuff around

  11. The economy and exchange is back online at the Talk forums. Check it out!

  12. New and improved bus bullets coming soon...

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    2. Harry


      Brooklyn bus bullets added so far

    3. Metro CSW

      Metro CSW

      testing them out on chat*

    4. Harry


      Bronx bus bullets completed, now working on Manhattan bus bullets

  13. Another signature smackdown for the masses, some were getting out of hand

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    2. Harry


      Correction, 800x80

    3. Threxx


      800x80 seems a bit disproportionate... I didn't find my sig to be abnormally huge but it's now cut off...

    4. Harry


      You can use up to 800px, you don't have to use it all

  14. Let's change it up a bit

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    2. Metro CSW

      Metro CSW

      Seem to be working to me....

    3. Brighton Express
    4. ttcsubwayfan


      Those people who do uphold those beliefs can just dislike contrary posts back... problem solved.

  15. Now testing cross-login for the nyctalkforums.com, you can use your credentials from here to log in there

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    2. Metro CSW

      Metro CSW

      Your name is on the member list...

    3. Threxx


      I had to "change" my password for it to work for some reason, but it did.

    4. Quill Depot
  16. Put me in a room with a hacker by ourselves... please

  17. Guys please check your personal photo limits. The settings should be updated now.

    1. 4P3607


      I Love it! Thanks Harry

    2. Harry


      Sorry for the hold up, I messed up on that one

  18. Cleaning up the house. Almost got all the junk out!

    1. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      Cleaner? Discovered anything transit-related?

    2. Brighton Express
    3. Harry


      Lots of maps

  19. Who is the person that runs the Transit Jeopardy?

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    2. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      I shall inform him of such.

    3. User


      Looks like something is coming!

    4. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      Looks like it too! :eek:

  20. Any interest in a sports betting (for fun) modification for the forum?

  21. Rough commute home today, something about fallen debris

    1. TheSubwayStation


      Was it related to the fire at DeKalb Av?

    2. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      It's a Cable Fire in DeKalb Av.

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