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  1. BVE. They have real NYCT routes for it and its all nice and excellent.
  2. this trainz looks pretty good. i think it'll have to wait till i get a new computer my computer can barely play BVE with a 5 FPS framerate
  3. Does trains have real NYCT Subway routes just like in BVE? trains looks really good though, my computer would probably like blow up the minute i click to load it
  4. oh yea, i forgot to mention i have a LOT of timetables: i have it for the 1, 2 copies of the 2 from different times, 3, 4, 6, 7, B, C, D, E, F/V, 2 copies of the G from different times, J/Z, N, Q, R, W, Q11, Q54, Q60, B54, Q13
  5. besides from the fact that my cheap computer only gets 5-6 FPS with BVE, it is a Excellent program and i would recommend it to anyone who asks
  6. did you install it in the right place?
  7. Oh, i see. It's a shortcut problem. Go to C:\Program Files\BVE\, and then right click on bve.exe, then click Send to, then Desktop(Create shortcut), then you will have a new working shortcut!
  8. let's see now, the current map a few maps from 2005-2007 (i used to have the 100 Years of Subway map with the brief history of the subway and the old fashioned maps on the back, but i lost that) , the 2001 map, and the 1993 map which i really have no clue how it was there but i was going through the closet in my room one day and i just found it lying there. i also found a 1980s map once but someone threw that on the middle of the street on a rainy day so it was all nasty and soggy and I didn't take it home, but i took a look at it and everything was so different than today (except for the IRT lines, every IRT line was the exact same thing as it is today lol). i also have a few train and bus timetables and that's pretty much it lol. brighton local where did you get those signs with all the different trains on them and their destinations?
  9. nice job! its always nice to see photos of abandoned stuff
  10. What about BVE2? I don't like BVE4, my frame rate is even worse with it
  11. Does anyone know a screen video capturing program that works well for BVE ?
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