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  1. Thanks guys 63rd is my home station lol
  2. I think what they did with the Franklin Shuttle is stupid and they should have just left the original two track design the entire length of the shuttle. When planning transportation in an ever-growing place like New York, you should always plan for expansion and not cutting back.
  3. That's all for now.. Enjoy!
  4. Just some of my non-Transit work I never got to sharing until now lol Squirrel by llibllib, on Flickr Broadway @ 18th St by llibllib, on Flickr HTC Nexus One by llibllib, on Flickr Taxi by llibllib, on Flickr Mail Truck by llibllib, on Flickr Tribute In Light by llibllib, on Flickr Inwood by llibllib, on Flickr That's all for now.. Will post more as time goes on. Feel free to visit my Flickr page as well ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/114824668@N03/ ) for more . Thanks & Enjoy!
  5. Thanks for looking & Enjoy!!
  6. I really wouldn't be surprised if they did end up reviving the N6 LTD.. When Long Island Bus was still around, the buses had a N4 LTD sign already programmed into the buses. Too bad the MTA never took off with that idea; now Veolia gets credit for it.
  7. Thanks all.. And with the snow coming down just now, expect the buses to get even dirtier lol
  8. Thanks 1287 looks like it could use a wash lol
  9. from Friday and Saturday: That's all for now.. Thanks & Enjoy
  10. I don't think the runs should be cut, but if there's only 6 people riding the bus then perhaps they should consider sending out a C40LF instead of an MCI.. Good report
  11. Haven't used a camera in a while, so yeah lol And two Non-MTA Buses: That's all for now.. Thanks & Enjoy!!
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