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  1. You JUST missed me at 74th-Broadway... I boarded 1661 with the SWAG Hat kid at the RFW (I was pissed lol) I was standing at the front of the Manhattan bound platform waiting for the 7 train.
  2. Yeah it's mine So far I've seen N4 N6 and N20 with Scrolling side signs on the new 3G's. The N21 program does not have it (unless if that particular 3G I saw did not have updated signs, which could also be a possibility)
  3. Did they actually fix up the bridge going over the highway into Willow Lake by the playground and open the trail, or did someone rip open the fence again lol
  4. Thanks guys The TA did not give me any issues while taking photos of the R188. As for the R yes it might have been a deadhead from the CI Yard into service. There have been quite a few R160 on the R lately.
  5. R188 used Emergency Brake It's super effective
  6. A wild R188 appears. And an R160 R appears too
  7. If you extend the Q88 to Fresh Pond Road you would have to make that Q88 a LTD or something.. otherwise it would be WAY too long.
  8. Nice catch... I tried to get a photo of it by CVS but it just flew right past me lol
  9. Well I was actually planning to have it run down Gates Ave and cut back the B13 (which is another pretty long route) but extending it to the B20 is another idea.. really the southern end of the Q38 on my agenda can still be changed, as long as it doesn't make the route too long...
  10. Yes, a Q38 extension to Flushing would benefit me and the many others living in the growing Asian community here in Rego Park who lack a direct bus route to Flushing. The Q38 as it is now does not serve much purpose, as it is always prone to delays, up to the point where many people would rather walk instead, and it does not serve any popular destination other than the Metro Mall. I think that my proposal for the Q38 will increase reliability (even if you keep the 20 minute headways) and generate new ridership for the route. The Eliot half of the Q38 does not warrant a direct link to Flushing at the time as 1) the people there have a direct transfer to the Q58 on 108th Street (which is why I extended that half of the route to 108th St) and 2) there is not as much of a growing Asian community in Lefrak City and Eliot Ave who would like a convenient way to get to Flushing, and 3) there is not enough room to accommodate so many buses at the terminal as it is already sharing with the Q58. The Eliot half of the Q38 would be sent to Ridgewood to provide better transfer options; Myrtle-Wyckoff station with transfers to the L and M train and the variety of buses at the Ridgewood Terminal offers better transfer options than the Metro Mall with only the M, Q54 and Q67 buses. I chose not to extend the Penelope/63rd half of the Q38 also because there may not be enough room at Myrtle-Wyckoff to accommodate that many buses. I have been living here in Rego Park for over 10 years, and I have been riding and observing the Q38 ever since its days at Triboro Coach; in addition I know the areas I am talking about pretty well. So, if requesting better, more efficient and more meaningful bus service for my community is selfish, then yes I am very selfish Routing the Q38 via Horace Harding and Main St could be another alternative; however, as discussed that would just end up duplicating the Q88 and Q44. Also, where would you terminate the Q38 if you were to do that? Making left turns on Main Street is highly unadvised due to the amount and nature of traffic on it. Additionally, the heavy traffic on Main Street can cause massive delays on the Q38. I chose to route it via the Q58 College Point Blvd since it is the most direct and quickest way to get to Flushing from 108th Street. My philosophy is that if the route is there, the route is fast, reliable, and serve popular destinations, people will ride it.. Public transportation services should both respond to and encourage ridership patterns.
  11. It could be based out of any depot.. Fresh Pond or College Point.. Grand Ave and LGA aren't too far away of a deadhead either Right now there is no direct way to get from the Rego Park area to Flushing... The Q38 would provide a convenient, direct way for those living in the area to get to and from Flushing. Doing what I propose will improve service on the Q38 by shortening the distance that it travels (as said before having longer routes will make it more prone to delays), and will generate new ridership for the Q38 since it will now travel to a new popular destination.
  12. How about instead of making new long routes, we shorten an existing long route and give it some real purpose.. the Q38!! I have been saying for the longest to split the Q38 and extend the 63rd Drive/Penelope half to Flushing and the Eliot end to Ridgewood... but nooo I get called "selfish" for that.... https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=202078413367997810042.0004bac6630fd0b410ffb&msa=0&ll=40.711744,-73.882799&spn=0.046257,0.090895
  13. Thanks guys @youngblaze Nice seeing you, kinda lol I rode on the bus in front of yours (5565).. That Bx55 was all bunched up on that last day
  14. The content of this post will reflect the title of it. That's all for now.. Thanks for looking & Enjoy!!
  15. The content of this post will reflect the title of it. That's all for now... Thanks for looking & Enjoy!!!
  16. The content of this post will reflect the title of it. - - - - - That's all for now.. Thanks for looking & Enjoy!!
  17. Yes I did read the article... Again, I do not see the point of Chinese steel being used for the bridge being "inferior"; If the steel is being used here in the US then it should meet the quality standards set here just like any other steel that is being used for the bridge. In all honestly I really don't see any legitimate reason for concern over this matter.. yes I understand the regulation in China is much less strict than the regulation here, but this is not China and I think that we can rest assured that any products being used for the bridge will be held up to our high standards. Furthermore, according to the article, no American company was willing to produce the steel that the MTA needs... what are they supposed to do, make it themselves??
  18. I don't see the point of the claim that the MTA is using "inferior" Chinese steel... if the steel is being imported and used here in the United States, it will be subject to meet the quality and performance standards set and requested here and not those set in China... the US Government should not be pressuring any other country to do anything with their currency; the US Government is already involved in too many unnecessary, costly, and pointless foreign affairs and do not need to be involved in any more.
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