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  1. Thanks everyone and yes i did lol
  2. from last week, just never put them up lol And last but not least, two very special subway cars: That's all for now.. thanks for looking
  3. Glad you enjoyed.. I'll run down there some time in the future and try to get more footage of the station for you lol
  4. Excellent quality!! Love the bokeh effect in these photos
  5. Featuring the Newly-reopened Old South Ferry Loop station That's all for now.. thanks for looking!!
  6. Thanks.. I rode an LFSA on the 34, it wasn't that bad going along 34th. It was during rush hour though so they had use of the bus lanes. I don't know how it's like during the day when the bus lanes are not in effect.
  7. Thanks guys Technically E40LF refers to the Trolley Bus.. this bus is powered by batteries, not trolley poles and overhead wire. So I wouldn't classify this as a "E40LF". This bus was converted by Complete Coach Works to run on electric battery power; I don't think New Flyer had anything to do with this
  8. Bx46 Electric-Powered D40LF LFSA's on the M34: That's all for now.. Enjoy the Foam!!
  9. R142s cannot stop at the South Ferry loop due to an issue with the gap fillers.
  10. Since the LFSA doors open in, the 1/3 door may help when the bus is packed up to the doors
  11. Wait what???? I thought CP is not getting 658.... Too bad they got rid of 5400.. Now there is only one orange sign bus left at 100 St
  12. Three minutes of bus footage mashed into one. Buses featured: Orion NG 4651 - Q21 Orion 7 3689 - Q11 Orion NG 4643 - Q41 Orion NG 4166 - Q7 New Flyer C40LF 603 - Q41 RTS 9124 - Q11 Orion 5 122 - Q53 RTS 8936 - Q53 Orion 5 132 - Q53 New Flyer C40LF 503 - Q21 Orion 5 163 - Q52 Orion NG 4655 - Q11 New Flyer D60HF 5504 - Q52 RTS 8964 - Q41
  13. Took some photos of the / in The Bronx... That's all for now.. Thanks & Enjoy!!
  14. Thanks Went down again today with my camera and got some real photos lol
  15. Thanks for the love everyone Two of these were on the Q52 Short-turn running between Arverne and Rockaway Blvd yesterday PM Rush, 5500 and 5504. They do not have the signs programmed yet... JFK cares more about their depot sticker than the sign lol
  16. 5500 and 5504 were on the Q52 this afternoon for the PM Rush.
  17. Subway will always be faster than bus no matter what.
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