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  1. It would be a lot of work and $$$ to have both 3rd rail and overhead wire system.. A good example of your concept at work would be the Metro North New Haven Line, which is 3rd rail here in NYC but once it reaches the Amtrak Northeast Corridor it has to switch over to overhead power, which is why the New Haven electric cars have both 3rd rail shoe and overhead catenary.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60rXGXJ0Ths OMSI Logic...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/user/error46146/videos?query=recording Feel free to use any of my recordings. They did make a Cummins + Allison mod for OMSI but personally I think it can still use some work.. I might try modding it with some of my own recordings and see if it sounds better.
  4. If you could make this into a full-functioning bus for OMSI, that would be great.. I can provide sounds assistance if you want I don't like the single-piece windshield though.. I like the split windshield better
  5. Well Deme you got the nicer photo lol.. I saw at least 6 of these wrapped RTS's on the M66 yesterday (funny thing I saw none today) And No Xcelsior Boii... Keep that shit off my New Flyer Artics lol
  6. Here are some photos I took yesterday from the ground (sorry for hijacking thread lol but ill put em here to save from making an extra thread) later that afternoon: in the afternoon photo you see M7 #7207 and EMD MP15 #158 and 152.
  7. Thanks everyone Yes Mr. Buzzzzzaid I took those photos with a white potato with extra hipster Instragram grain boost and Valencia filter!! Very good for your health!! They were cleaning a whole bunch of trains.. I saw them cleaning at least 3 of them with more lined up to go (didn't stick around for that long).. Corona Yard is serious about their maintenance
  8. Yes Lil Wayne, we all know you are not a human being....
  9. Saw some R62A's being washed at the Corona Yard yesterday, so I took some photos and a video with my iPod (sorry about the quality but yea lol) That's all for now.. Thanks for watching!!
  10. Well there's always the chance sometime in the future that the A can get R68/R68A..
  11. Just in case you've been wondering what I've been up to lately.. (this one is for Mr. Garibaldi That's all for now.. Thanks for looking & Enjoy!!
  12. Thanks for the NICE comments everyone No I did not see 1808 The buses I saw at Babylon were operated by EBT Inc
  13. Good job. did you use a polarizer for those street sign photos?
  14. Been too lazy to carry around the camera lately, so here are some photos taken with my iPod. That's all for now.. Thanks for looking!!
  15. Users should also be notified when a post of theirs is voted up or down by someone else like the old system.
  16. The conductor moves to the other cab meaning he has to move to the other cab in another car of the train. Except for the and 's, the Conductor sits in the back half of the train. At the last stop he opens up the train using the cab in the front half of the train.
  17. If it's during the AM Rush, then it probably is a deadhead to somewhere later along the line so the trains won't be bunched up.. I doubt they would take trains OOS right before the AM Rush.
  18. Babylon: Hempstead: Freeport: Jamaica: And here's some Suffolk Transit at Babylon for good measure as well. Hope you enjoyed.. Thanks for looking!
  19. Nikon P510 is not a DSLR. It is an advanced point & shoot, or bridge camera. Drop the f-stop to as low as your camera can go, and increase ISO & shutter speed. Since every camera is different, play around to see what works best. A good place to begin is ISO 400 f/2.8 1/60.
  20. I guess it must be that Apple quality!!
  21. Just thought I'd like to share this with you.. This is part of an interesting series of videos I came across on Youtube from the Blendtec blender company. They test their blenders by blending non-food objects. Here are my favorites:
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