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  1. click on the number and you can see who voted up/down
  2. Love that A train switching tracks at Howard Beach.. great stuff as always
  3. Thanks! I love articulated buses.. I'd love to drive one too lol
  4. Here's two more photos that I forgot to post..
  5. Yes Mr. Garibaldi we both went to Downstairs Riverdale and had a great time there.. you live in a very nice place
  6. Thanks Very unfortunate for those old C40's.. I wonder how long they are going to stick around at West Farms as they do not even have bustime
  7. Thanks guys That railfan window is a priceless photo op for me.. Many of my best photos were taken through that window
  8. That's all for now... Enjoy & Thanks for looking!!
  9. Awesome... Love that shot of 9457 coming off the bridge!!!
  10. As long as New Flyer's don't start looking like their buses.... I do not like the way those MARCO POLO buses look...
  11. The damage is still pretty bad out there... Doubt they'll be able to get everything back up 100% by the summer..
  12. nice job.. i really like the one of 4385 with the 1 train
  13. Here is the boardwalk at Beach 67th Street after Hurricane Sandy. And a bonus: That's all for now... Thanks for looking!!!
  14. ^^ same here, I thought you were gona compare Orion 5 #230 and new C40 #230 lol
  15. Me cutting up like a boss... and gets screwed over by the AI's anyway... You can never win with this blasted game lol
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