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  1. Why were they 9 cars? Did they stop at the 10 car marker?

    They had 9-car markers. I remember at a station like Junius St, where the 10-car marker is in a 3rd rail gap (the middle track crosses over the southbound track to go to Linden Yard), so the 1st car of a 10-car R62 (3) train has the lights go out usually (doesn't happen on the NTTs). But the 9-car R62As stopped before that and the first car never went out. At Saratoga and Pennsylvania Avs, the 9-car marker had trains stop a few feet before the exit stairs, whereas the 10-car marker has trains stop a few feet after the exit stairs, which caused some (not very pleasant) rider reactions on some trains I was on when the R62s first went on the (3). Can't believe I remember even that. There is still a 9-car marker at New Lots Av, but it's an upside down 6 that another poster here mentioned. Most of the other 9-car markers on Livonia at least are blacked out.

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  2. 9-car R62As on the (3) in the '90s with RFWs on both ends. Loved the run through Brooklyn as a kid, especially along Livonia without the timers at Rockaway and Junius. Then I remember the first time I took it up the express in Manhattan. We blasted through 42nd to 72nd. Was worth the long wait.

  3. The policy has been changed, according to the MBTA's Website:


    On Board Fares

    • A $3 surcharge will be added to tickets purchased on-board all trains departing from North, South and Back Bay Stations.
    • Monday through Friday customers will be charged $3 surcharge by the conductor when a ticket is purchased on board from a station with a MBTA ticket vending machine or where a Ticket Vendor is open.
    • A list of these stations can be found on the MBTA website here:http://www.mbta.com/...ales_locations/


    This is similar to the current fare structure, except now conductors will be enforcing the Ticket Vendor rule on Weekdays.

  4. So next week the MBTA is going to be raising their fares (I'm headed to NY the day before it happens). I e-mailed customer service a few weeks ago because of this: they say if you don't purchase a CR ticket before getting on the train, you'll get a $3 surcharge.


    The problem? Many, but not all, of the outlying commuter rail stations do not have ticket machines, nor do they have ticket vendors to buy a ticket beforehand. My e-mail asked, what if someone boards at a station where there is no method to buy a ticket beforehand. The response was the surcharge will apply if you're headed to a Zone 1A station only, which is the rapid transit zone, and which is where most people are headed from the suburbs.


    On my way into Boston today, I asked a conductor, and was given the same response: even if there's no vendor or machine at your originating station, you'll still be charged the extra price for an on-board fare.


    What do you all think? It looks like this is going to happen, and the people it will mostly affect are those who aren't monthly or weekly pass holders, just the occasional ride here and there. Also, their one-way tickets have shorter expiration dates: they used to be valid for 6 months, now only 2 weeks. I've been lucky: my trips now often originate on the Red line instead of at the outlying stations, but that isn't always the case. One of the methods to solve this problem is coming in the Fall, their mobile ticketing system. But I think it won't be available on all lines just yet, only tested then rolled out in full later. I'd rather the surcharge be applicable at places where there is another way to buy your ticket first. But I guess this is something we'll have to deal with. What are your thoughts?

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  5. Took these yesterday. The announcements were pretty clear, as was my conductor. But no one in my car was convinced that we were going to Flatbush until the T/O came out and said it, at which point they ran out of the train at Franklin:



    Funny thing is, they got the signs right too:








    The crews at the station and operating the (3) down Nostrand were very nice. The ride down Nostrand on the R62 was pretty cool. Here's a video:


    I think people might be upset with this format because they have to go from the (3) to the (4) to the 24-minute (3) shuttle instead of taking the (3) directly to Utica for the 24-minute (3) shuttle. But I've always thought that Nostrand Av shouldn't lose service for midday construction on Livonia, so I like this format better. Hope you enjoyed.

  6. Now:


    Posted: 08/19/2011 8:21PM


    MTA Service Notice


    Due to inclement weather, there is no (7) train service in both directions from the Main Street-Flushing Station to the 42nd Street-Times Square Station.


    LIRR will cross-honor NYCT passes.


    As an alternative, customers are advised to take (E), (F), or (N) train service to and from Manhattan.


    Please allow additional travel time.

  7. For those interested, there's been a new format to the (R) line's maps. Nothing huge or monumental. Take a look:


    And this was at the bottom of the map as a disclaimer:


    This was at Whitehall St and Jay St-Metrotech, at least. I'm sure any new station that gets it will probably have this format.

  8. For those interested, Atlantic Avenue has had the numbers put back. The red bullets have remained, however. All of the clocks in this station have this configuration as far as I saw. Here's a picture on the uptown local platform taken with a cell:


    In other news, and I'm sure this has been mentioned, but Nevins St has been off for at least 3 days for now (nothing at all on any of the clocks). Also, Hoyt St is just displaying time and day for today. Finally, in addition to the new config for Atlantic Av, there was also a special announcement played whenever a Nereid Av-bound (5) arrived at the station saying that the destination of the train was Nereid Av. I'm sorry if any of this info was mentioned already.

  9. So I got a chance to ride it today, nothing that special at all, the turn was made fine. My particular bus (a local at 8:50) did not announce the new routing, just made the new stops at which I explained to a couple of confused ladies that there were signs posted at the temporary stops denoting that the route would go back to normal at 6 AM today. My mom's bus, which was around 6:40, had a driver that did make an announcement.


    The only thing about the turn is that Bond St south of Fulton is under a lot of construction, and vehicles sometimes get backed up here (it didn't today, and it doesn't happen often enough to make a huge deal). Well, since the B38 no longer directly serves Nevins St station, I now take it to Borough Hall and I actually got to work faster. Overall, I'm glad it's back to normal because that insidious turn at Ashland/Fulton did add time, but since it was going to return to normal eventually, it's just whatever. I suppose the B54 will be the next to leave Ashland going to Ridgewood.

  10. Just a notification:






    Effective Monday, July 18, 2011 at 6 AM


    Service restored on DeKalb Av


    Due to completion of the Fulton Mall, westbound B38 service is restored

    on Dekalb Av.


    Westbound Bus Stops Reinstalled

    On DeKalb Av:


    Between Ashland Pl and Hudson Av

    Between Hudson Av and Flatbush Av

    Between Flatbush Av and Bond St


    Temporary bus stops are discontinued.


    It'd be interesting to see if that new turn at Bond/Fulton is as hard as the one on Ashland/Fulton because of the new Albee Square plaza area. Guess I'll find out when I'm going to work on Monday morning.

  11. I'd like to make another request. Since this one has quite a lot of stops, I'll only request one. Based on another fictional BVE line.


    FIND Screen:

    (W) Broadway Local

    Woodbridge Av

    Hylan Blvd Local

    via SI West Line (Let me know how it is fitting this 4th line in)


    Pre-6/27/10 cuts for transfers on the Broadway Local portion (rush hour)


    Next Stop: 49th St

    Then Times Sq to City Hall, all stops

    Cortlandt St <will not stop>

    Rector St, Transfer R

    Court St <Brooklyn> Transfer E, X

    Atlantic Terminal-LIRR, Transfer 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, M, N, Q, R, X (if the LIRR can fit in the transfer box, you can move it there from the station name, not sure if it will)

    36 St-5 Av, Transfer D, E, M, N, R, X

    4 Av-59 St, Transfer N, R, X

    1 Av

    St. George <Staten Island>, Transfer 9, X, SI Ferry

    Sherman Av

    Cebra Av

    Neckar Av

    Old Town Rd, Transfer X

    Seaview Av-Dongan Hills

    Jefferson Av

    Lincoln Av-Grant City

    New Dorp Ln, Transfer X

    Oakwood Heights

    Buffalo St

    Bay Terrace

    Chelsea Rd

    Giffords Ln-Great Kills

    Elmwood Av

    Richmond Av-Eltingville

    Van Brunt St, Transfer X

    Annadale Rd

    Drumgoole Rd

    Woodrow Rd

    Hampton Green

    Arthur Kill Rd

    Octavia Booker <will not stop>

    Jamiel Pauling <Sewaren Co>

    Leber Av

    Daisha Booker

    East Tappen St

    Cliff Rd <will not stop>


    Last Stop:

    Woodbridge Av


    Very much appreciated.

  12. Thank you, Lance, for the signs. I don't know if you see it on the page, but when I click on the T one, it stays on the 11-15 for a while, blinks really fast through the further stops, then goes back to 11-15. The (3) one works great, though. Thanks again.

  13. Can I make a request? It's based off of one of the fictional BVE lines.


    For the FIND Screen:

    <T> 2 Avenue EXP (light blue bullet)

    Newark-Broad St

    Hudson EXP


    Next Stop: Belt Parkway

    Avenue Z

    Avenue X

    Avenue U-Kings Plaza, Transfer K

    Avenue N

    Av K-Flatlands Av

    Kings Highway

    Avenue D

    Beverley Rd

    Church Av, Transfer K

    Winthrop St

    Empire Blvd

    Eastern Pkwy, Transfer (3), (4), K

    Utica Av-Fulton St, transfer (A), (C), K

    Throop Av

    Nostrand Av, Transfer (A), (C), K, LIRR

    Hewes St

    Broadway, transfer (J), (M), (Z)

    Bedford Av

    1 St <Manhattan>, Transfer (F), X, Y, M15 SBS

    14 St, Transfer (L), Y

    Grand Central-42 St, Transfer (4), (5), (6), (7), (S), Y, Metro-North

    Lexington Av, Transfer (4), (5), (6), (F), (N), (Q), (R), Y

    Central Park West, Transfer (1), (A), (:P, (C), (D), K

    11th Av

    Marin Blvd <Hudson, NJ> (or just Hudson, whichever works for you), Transfer T Local

    Duffield Av, Transfer T to JSQ

    Tonnele Av

    Darrall Baxter

    Lockwood St <Essex>

    LisaRaye McCoy

    Mott St

    Frank Rogers Blvd

    McCarter Highway

    Last Stop:

    Newark-Broad St, Transfer NJ Transit


    and if you have time, a downtown (3) to New Lots with rush hour transfers, 7 Av Express, Eastern Pkwy Lcl.


    Please let me know if anything needs more clarification. Thanks!

  14. First visit to the old neighborhood since I've been home. Nothing special, just Sunday afternoon happenings on Livonia:


    It appears they're renovating this staircase, maybe a sign of bigger things to come?





    This is the set with the bench seating for R62s, saw it yesterday as well.




    That's pretty much it. Not much has changed in 6 months. This is still there, though:


    Hope you enjoyed.

  15. I started riding again this year since my university started a Bike Share program (free for 8 hours per rental), but I tend to stay to dedicated bikeways (like the Minuteman from the Alewife station in Cambridge). If I had a bike here, I'd probably go for it since I'm close to all 3 East River bridge crossings. I obey the rules of the road, to answer Yuki's first question. It took a little while to get re-adjusted to them, though.

  16. Thanks, everyone. Classon Avenue is my home station now, but I only use the (G) when I'm coming from Queens as opposed to Downtown Brooklyn (though it was extremely efficient during the bus shutdown after the blizzard). I liked the announcement combo as well. I won't have a chance to railfan here again, so here are some more videos, this time of when I caught an R42 (J) train at the RFW:







    Again, thank you for viewing.

  17. Not a humongous deal, but when you're going places, sometimes you're bound to run into stuff like this.


    And regular occurences:


    And a few pics from my vacation in the city:



    That's my home station now the day after the first blizzard.



    I did go back to visit Livonia, and the only upgrade they've gotten are the countdown clocks. It's weird not calling that line home anymore.





    Thank you for viewing.

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