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  1. If you have time, can you make me a signature that displays the following, please?: |Broadway Local |Sea Beach EXP |Gravesend-86 St |via Whitehall Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks! I don't know exactly if they saw me. I wasn't that close to the EL, I used zoom for a lot of the shots. Thanks! Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for. Thanks!
  3. Taken earlier this evening, as a friend I was visiting with invited me to his rooftop with a new camera: Hope you enjoyed. Happy 4th, everyone.
  4. Thanks, guys! Hopefully they do such a good job with the downtown platform now.
  5. I'm not surprised to see my home line on the list. Some people think that the risk of being mugged out on Livonia is triple the risk of it happening anywhere else even though many, many years of riding and railfanning a line will tell you different. No matter how much you try and convince people that things can happen anywhere (even Times Square), they will stick to what they hear or believe about the neighborhood, so there's no use in trying to convince people of things they just won't listen to. Actually, I think that the is very underfanned. Dyre doesn't seem to be as popular as the other ROWs in the subway. That could be because of its distance away from the city. But the again, Sea Beach, Brighton and 9th Av on West End are pretty far if you aren't from Brooklyn. Either way, that's my pick.
  6. Things looked normal and working fully today, even the one at GAP. A lot of people were travelling today too and using them, especially at Atlantic.
  7. Ad nauseum was displayed at its most annoying last night. At Atlantic and Franklin, the message displayed on the boards and the boards still froze because the message scrolled 5-7 times in a row (I understand that they're still testing). After 5-7 times, the next train display came on, then after one cycle of the next trains, the "If you see something" came on scrolling again for another 5-7 times. Rinse and repeat. At Franklin, while waiting, the PA came on and a manual announcement made by someone said the same message while the boards scrolled the message. THEN, when my train came, the C/R made the announcement while going to Nostrand. I think that's a bit much to be honest. All the while, the boards still didn't update. Hope they fix it soon, and I'm sure they will, because otherwise, the boards don't seem to be displaying the next trains. But if some other stations don't have this problems, then I don't think it will be a problem at all after a while.
  8. But first: Okay, here we go: I just happened to go up to ride the uptown Pelham EXP. I didn't know it would be completed today. Trains still did not stop on it, though. Southbound platform scheduled to close next Saturday. This is a job well done IMO.
  9. Just now, the train I just got off of: goes from Utica to Saratoga to Pennsylvania to New Lots. That's the worst of it. Usually they don't go battery running until Saratoga but the crowding was horrendous. In any case, they always say they skip Van Siclen, my stop, but once in a while they'll stop because New Lots is plugged anyway.
  10. Update from 5 AM: Posted: 07/02/2010 5:22AM MTA Service Notice Due to an ongoing smoke condition at the Wilson Avenue Station: train service is bypassing the Bushwick Avenue-Aberdeen Street Station in both directions. Please expect delays in train service at this time. That's better than no service. I saw the fire from the last night. Hope no one is hurt.
  11. Yes, that is 125th St/Lex. One thing: they had the "If you see something" message playing over and over on the board behind this one. While the message played, the board did not update the trains at all. This also happened at Nevins St. Last night. After the message stopped playing, the boards did update the trains.
  12. Photos of the Countdown Clocks in action at 125th St from today:
  13. While the last rides were going on last Friday, I decided to hitch a ride up to Boston to get familiar with their system before I'm stuck there for the entire summer. Here's what I came up with: That's all from me. Everyone, keep doing you while you're railfanning, whatever and wherever that might be. Have a great summer.
  14. I'm sorry if this info was already posted, but it seems that Grand Army Plaza is having errors on the eastern-most arrival board, facing New Lots/Flatbush-bound. It displays the opposite train that's coming in (if it's a Manhattan-bound , it displays , vice-versa, I don't know what the situation is during late nights). It did that a week ago, and it did it yesterday when I was going out, so I'm assuming the problem was not fixed. Not that it really matters, no one really stands there to board a train since the only entrance is at the extreme western end instead; but it still matters to get it working. Also, the southbound ones at Nevins St were off on Sunday, displaying only the time; announcements still played. I don't know if they've been fixed, but they were having problems too, displaying the codes for the trains instead of the display 5 days ago. Again, sorry if this info was already posted, but those are my observations. Everywhere else seems to be working fine. The ones at Atlantic Av have been the most useful to me.
  15. The C/R I had today on the at first didn't realize he had to make annoucnements, or so he said. He made them, but they weren't that clear. Regardless, it was a change. I wonder if they'd let them turn on the AAS after the point where there are no errors in it currently (i.e. 7th Av-53rd St for SB trains, minus W 4th since the stops there too).
  16. Wirelessly posted via (BlackBerry8330/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/105) Any reason why the displays say "Jamaica Lcl" instead of, say "Myrtle Av Local"? And do they display Jamaica Lcl on the F.I.N.D.s too or is it just 6 Av Local via 53rd St?
  17. The only time I rode one, I followed it it's entire way, as a put-in from B'way Junction to Jamaica Center, then skip-stop from Jamaica Center to Broad, then local back to B'way Junction to go in the yard.
  18. My farewell to the lines as we know them. That's all from me. For those going out to get the last rides this week and the first rides of the cuts, have fun.
  19. 1st and only so far, Van Siclen Av:
  20. I did it once while waiting for the R160 train when it was testing on that line 4 years ago. I was at 34th St-Penn Station and everything uptown was running express, but the local platform wasn't roped off. Since that R160 took a good while to come, I spent that time ferrying people from the local platform to the middle platform. Some people were thankful. Haven't done something like that since, especially since now I think it's better to wait for people who want help and will ask you for it.
  21. The obvious reason to say no is that the MTA doesn't have money to place an order of new LCD signs for these trains. That's usually the answer nowadays. I don't think it's necessary. It would be nice, a luxury, and useful if a train appears outside of its home (i.e. a 240th St-Yard R62A on the for some reason), but the rarity of that won't warrant a complete overhaul. We'll just have to stick with the OTTs as they are, and let the NTTs do that job that you gave the description of. Right now, it just isn't necessary, though it would be nice to have.
  22. From what I've seen, they can't apparently. Every I was on yesterday either had the full program or the "Will Not Stop" at 23rd, 14th, W 4th and B'way-Lafayette, but not 2nd Av. I was wondering too, because I've seen a comparison on the , where there seems to be a program to St. Lawrence Av for the Parkchester G.O. where the displays say St. Lawrence Av, but the announcements say "This is a Parkchester-bound local." [at least in Manhattan] I'm wondering if those programs are actually Parkchester programs with Parkchester knocked out (or the R142A version of the "will not stop," whatever it is), making the displays say "St. Lawrence Av" instead of Parkchester. If that could be done with these programs [knocking out the LAST stop so that another station on the train becomes the destination on the displays, preferably 34th St], we would only have the problem of the announcements being wrong, like the does. The displays would be fixed. If it isn't able to be done, well then hopefully they make a program for 34th St-Herald Sq soon since this G.O. has popped up often enough that it seems to be warranted.
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