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  1. Thanks, and yes. Slowest West End EXP ever today...
  2. I love the (B)righton EXP. With that said, let's get on with the photos. They traded in Sea Beach for via Whitehall. They need to have BOTH. Construction on Sea Beach That's all, hope you enjoyed your day.
  3. Too late. There's nowhere else to send them. They decide to stack up Utica rather than stack up Flatbush.
  4. Heck yeah, the should be running more on weekends! And with no service in Brooklyn this weekend and Sep. 15th, it's going to be hell in Brooklyn with the added riders, but not enough trains. But, seriously, add & service on the weekends, even if it is just to every 10 minutes. We need something done about the Eastern Pkwy EXP southbound during PM rush. Because of limited capacity at Flatbush, they decide to stack up the express to Utica, meaning no trains moving really (I've seen this quite a lot). But until Flatbush gets more capacity, nothing can be done there. I think the (7)/<7> could use more service during the middays, like every 8 minutes per and every 8 minutes per , like the (6)/<6>, reverse peak 4 minutes. Likewise, the needs more weekend service; every 8 minutes is an insult with over 40 trains to use, and the Lexington Av Local can get pretty crowded. Stationwise: Renovate Pelham's stations, it's the only EL in the Bronx without any renovated stations so far. Also, Livonia still needs renovated stations as well. Most of the underground stations can all use some new tiles and things.
  5. Posted on:8/27/2008 5:28:35&nbspPM Due to signal problems at the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue Station: Selected Jamaica Center-bound trains are running local from the Queens Plaza Station to the Forest Hills-71st Avenue Station. Selected Jamaica-bound trains are running local from the 21st Street-Queensbridge Station to the Forest Hills-71st Avenue Station. Also, due to switch problems at the Bergen Street Station: Jamaica-bound trains are running on the line from the Bergen Street Station to the Queens Plaza Station. Selected Inwood-bound trains are running on the line from the Jay Street-Borough Hall Station to the West 4th Street-Washington Square Station. Please expect delays in service on the , , and trains at this time. Only positive: Crosstown-Queens Bl service during rush hour for the first time in a LONG while.
  6. I personally would love to see the diamonds return. My post above was the "MTA Justification" post. I don't really agree with all of that. But the definitely needs a comeback, I agree with that at least. Everything else can be talked about once that happens.
  7. You came over by me, I see. Nice job, you got an R142 on Livonia, and you got one of the only R160 trains. Excellent.
  8. Thanks. I do too. Thanks! Thanks! I know, too fast. There was a stuck at Broadway Junction, and at the same time, a came in on the middle track. So they had to hold the while the eventually went, and that led to a back up on the Fulton EL.
  9. Yep, I did it again. Took the B83, to the [witnessed skip-stop messing up!], to the [R32, fast as EVER], to the slow [took quite long to come] to 75th Av. And missed the first one. Which gave me enough time to take some photos. Because Queens Blvd has a median, I wasn't used to taking photos there, but enjoy these tidbits. One comment: Where are the Guide-A-Rides? They really need to get them up, the Q60 took 15 minutes to come. Come on...get those new signs up already. They should be displaying: Q60/East Midtown QM11/Downtown Manhattan, AM Rush Only. My bus: This bus wasn't the best MCI I've been on. From the bus: What the heck is this? It was above my seat. Above: Q23. Wait...is that? It is...the Metrocard Bus. Well, that's pretty much it. After that, I took a nap and woke up on the FDR. We were SO behind schedule. And we had standees on the bus. A 9 AM bus that was to get to City Hall at 10:30, I though it would've been less crowded. This is a route that needs MCIs. There you go, hope you enjoyed.
  10. However, the and are split out of the and . There is NO in the same direction that there is a , therefore they decided to make it just a . Same thing with the , doesn't matter where it's going, Nereid or Dyre, there is no in the same direction there is a , so they decided to just keep the . There is a in the same direction as there is a , that's why they're split. Same thing for the (7)/<7>
  11. Thanks! Middletown Road is the 2nd best place to take photos there, the first being Whitlock Sure is, you'll only see it in LED now unless someone messes with the signs.
  12. Fulton Local stations (some of them) have R42 8 Car boards up.
  13. Just a little update. I took the 2nd set of Siemens today on the , 8848-8852. Every FIND was working. I also took a train of Alstom sets today (one was 8728-8732), and the entire train had it's FINDs working as well. Not to say that the problem is gone, but at least some trains still have them working perfectly.
  14. 1. 9650, even if it leaves first, because I will get a seat. 2. B46, because only Limiteds run through there during the day. 3. Take the , and if it's a , I'd definitely take it, I don't care how jacked up Lex can be, the through those twists and turns in Lower Manhattan is ridiculous. 4. Neither, I'd take the (J)/(Z). But if I had to, the Q24, because traffic on Atlantic moves much better than on Jamaica Av due to lack of EL over me. 5. B45, because ENY's Hybrids are always reliable, and it's closer to a family destination. 6. I'd take the , no doubt. The Manhattan Bridge IS THE fastest way out of Brooklyn, hands down, saving at least 6-8 minutes over the tunnels.
  15. I understand. I chose 1991 because that's my birth year. Otherwise, I would've used something like (3) Livonia Ave Local or something.

  16. Queens Blvd Layups. Jamaica has nowhere near enough space of all of its almost 1200 cars, so most of them are on the express after 71 Av. Oh, and great stuff there!
  17. I will try, but I'm too far from a station...7 miles... Don't worry, I'll still be in contact.
  18. I'm going back to school in Massachusetts for the year. I'll be back in November, December, and March. Then, of course, for the summer.
  19. Woah...cranks on the R32s. Confused riders galore that equals. Nice job, you are SO lucky to have gotten that. Man, am I going to miss NY when I leave...
  20. This is far-fetched, but they could be doing distancing for an via Sea Beach/B'way EXP up to 63rd St. Or, it could just be a schoolcar.
  21. I thought that too. But it wasn't working with it off. I turned it on, and it worked.
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