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  1. I wish the original Q69 was here... The M18, and the Q100?
  2. Just got through reading the thread. I agree with the many people in this thread, if someone stops being your friend, or even railfanning with you because of something like this, then that's just sad. Doesn't change a thing. I'll still comment on your pictures, your videos, even go railfanning with you if I ever have the chance. But, I would like to thank you for being comfortable with us that you can express yourself freely. That shows great character, and I'm proud to, if nothing else, share the same hobby with you. Continue to take some great pictures & vids & stuff. Absolutely NO negative comments will be tolerated by me, and I'm sure by anyone else here. I've heard and read too many of them in public and on the internet, and it's just a damn shame. Glad to know NYCT is bigger than that. Plus, I know how it feels to have no one on your side, and no one should have to feel like that. That's my $.02.
  3. Make sure User Account Control is on once you have the DLL files installed. Then, BVE2 will run FOR SURE after you restart your computer. At least it did for me.
  4. Thanks! I was making it my best since it might've been my last railfanning trip for the summer. Thanks!
  5. I do as well. They're really high too due to the highways that cross under them too. Thanks. For me, who doesn't travel to the Bronx ofetn, I love this line as well. Sure does. Imagine being stuck on it. Most of those backed up trains were stuck on it. Thanks. Thanks! Thanks! It's now a favorite of mine as well.
  6. Thanks. It's at Avenue X. Thanks. If only I can figure out my shutter settings... Thanks. Good, there's not many of them. Thanks! Thanks! It was an office inside. With nice and comfy chairs. Sometimes it pays to be in the C Division.
  7. No, it was passing at least Pennyslvania Av. No one on it.
  8. I see what you mean. I was coming home around the same time, my train had to do a Battery Run because it was so late (5:45 PM). It is possible that they sent a or a behind it to get some intervals in, even though a was directly behind me. By the way, I also saw a 240th St set of R62As coming from Livonia at Pennsylvania Av.
  9. But, he said all of this happened at 6 PM. The put-ins stop at 5:45, at least usually. That's weird.
  10. Let's jump right into it, shall we? The TCG Car: And a sperry car. There you go.
  11. 10 trains at LEAST stacked up behind each other on the local this morning. Great line, railfans need to come back! Middletown Road: I love seeing this diamond LED . Hunts Point Avenue. Transfer to the surprisingly fast Pelham Local. Whitlock Avenue, home of the nicest curve-bridge in the system! Doubling up? A few more... Thank you, Pelham, for having 41 trains on the road today so that my friend and I could photograph them (estimate). Check out the IND/BMT section for some B'way EL & Culver photos.
  12. Thanks, sure did. Bay Ridge is a nice looking neighborhood, nice to walk through too.
  13. About these FIND problems, I always find that because I like riding in the first or the conductor's car only, the FINDs, ALWAYS seem to work in those cars. Only 15% of the time I ride in these cars do they not work. This is not good, as most of the other cars don't work, but if tourists want good information, it would be good to ride in the 1st or 6th car for working FINDs.
  14. Thanks! Thanks a lot. Thanks, but there are so few of them. I haven't seen much.
  15. Thanks. Thanks! And, yes it was broken. It should be displaying QM2.
  16. Went to Bay Ridge at 7 AM this morning (that's a LONG ride from ENY) and headed down to Shore Road where the X27/37s line up. Sure were a lot of them. Took the X37 to 57th St, then the X25 to WFC. Great rides, and super fast drivers. I think it's time for the MTA Bus Local routes to get their guide-a-rides, don't you? Can you count the express buses in this shot? Yay for Bee-Line!! Oh, wait...that's MTA Bus, forget it. On a side note, that rear end is a BM5 run, which was actually using an MCI. Hope you enjoyed. Although I'm tired as ever, I enjoyed this very early morning trip.
  17. Best place to start. Take the or to Bowling Green, or the ®/(W) to Whitehall St, it's right off the corner of Broadway & Stone St. Although I have no clue about this, maybe try the Eltingville Transit Center, there's a lot of routes going through there.
  18. Nice job! You're telling me I have to make an R40M train for trainz? More work, but it'll happen.
  19. The East New York station. Nice, that station isn't photographed enough. Cool photos and videos all around.
  20. And people have the nerve to say that the didn't get any of the option order cars...nice pics!
  21. Ok...the gets upset with the overusage of its home by the & the constantly, but seems to allow the to take over at night with no complaints. The reluctantly accepted the duties of its long lost brother, the in 2005 after he was deemed the most reliable. The & have no problems with each other, but the gets mad when the takes over its track at 3rd Av-138th St. And finally, the & have riders in a bubble, since the arrival of the R160 cars will mean that they will be able to switch places without riders knowing which one was which originally. That wasn't the best, but it's what I came up with...
  22. You've gotta be kidding me...the only time I went to Six Flags and it was working was when I was too young. Oh, well. I guess I'll settle for El Toro or the dual Rolling Thunders...
  23. Nice pictures. Now, the last time I went, they said they were tearing down Batman/Robin: The Chiller. Did you see what they put in its place?
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