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  1. I had two cameras: Kodak Easyshare C340 it stopped working, I then upgraded Kodak Easyshare C653 I don't have a wishlist, don't even know much about good cameras anyway. But I would like some sort of an SLR camera someday.
  2. That was in the 80s. This was a big rarity, due to an R42 set being displaced by the flooding that weekend.
  3. Good news! My R160B Siemens train had EVERYTHING working in EVERY single car. Yes, I went through every car and checked. One was 8988-8992 and the other was 8953-8957. Nothing was malfunctioning at all. Not sure about the trains though, that may be another story.
  4. In that case, it's time to rename Chauncey St on the (J)/(Z) to Rockaway Av, Gates Av to be renamed to Ralph Av, and Junius St on the to be renamed to Sackman St. Unless it will confuse more people, then they should stay the same.
  5. Holy cow. That would be a thrilling ride. Nice photos!
  6. Changing it for sponsorship reasons, no that's not a good thing. 5th Av-53rd St should stay 5th Av-53rd St. However, Chauncey St on the (J)/(Z) should be Rockaway Av, because that's where the exit is (just as an example). If that was the case, it'd probably be different. But, Disney Times Square...bad idea IMO.
  7. There were pictures on Subchat and stories where the X32 has (one time or another) gotten local buses with hard seats. They don't ALWAYS get them, but for them to get them and pay 5 bucks, to me, isn't good.
  8. Sorry, gotta pull my name from the list. I have somewhere to be. Hopefully before I leave, I'll go with you guys.
  9. No...but ever since they first tested the R143 Siemens Propulsion set (8205-8212, which has since reverted back to Adtranz), I guess they wanted to use it. But that's just a completely wild guess.
  10. I'm still disappointed that the MTA refuses to show anything BUT Nassau St on the displays of these trains (besides Skip-Stop). I mean, they only travel on Nassau St for 1 Stop (Fulton St), and that means trains aren't even "Nassau St Locals" during Middays (neither are (J)s on weekends). They can display Jamaica Local or Myrtle Av Local or (if it won't confuse people) Broadway Local/EXP (J)/(Z), in addition to Nassau St. And what happened to West End for the rush hour ?
  11. Oh, by the way, yes, the R160s are on the , but I saw one set on the still, so there is at LEAST one set still being put-in on the .
  12. Alright, sign me up, but tentatively for now. I'll let you know for sure on Thursday if I'm going or not.
  13. Nice photos. It's unfortunate they're going to take it off when those cars are moved to the . I'd like to see these ads on the mainline for once, but I know it'll never happen.
  14. Where are you guys going? I'm not signing up just yet, I just need to know first.
  15. Oh, it's about time. Been too long since I've been there, I guess...
  16. Yes, it did. Debris on the tracks at 59th St forced some over West End, and some over Brighton. I saw the signs as I headed over the Manny B southbound on the R160 .
  17. If New Lots handles the , , AND during reverse peak rush (trains coming to and from Livonia Yard), it can handle evening & service.
  18. I understand exactly what you're saying, but what I'm trying to show is that as long as a connection can be made at Bowling Green, MAKE that connection. It makes no sense that the connection isn't made if the trackwork is not there, because it is the absolute most convenient transfer point for riders from 7th Av to get to Brooklyn.
  19. This was the one with the via 6th Av: Q|via 6 Av Q|57 St-6 Av Interior, TV screen displayed same thing. FIND was correct for the 6th Av local stops, but 57th St-6th Av was only listed as 57 St.
  20. 886x, I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE. The first one I got on was 8992. The second one was an 87xx set. The third one, I'm not sure if it was in revenue, but I DID see it coming up the hill at West 8th St.
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