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  1. Had an orthodontist appointment today, right after work. So, I thought I'd take the BM1 straight there, as the R to the Q to the B100 would've taken a bit longer. So, I wait at Church St/Park Pl, and it comes around the corner, Orion V 708. We get to Pearl St/Peck Slip, and the bus shuts down. He restarts it, it doesn't go. The woman behind me complains about "these crappy buses" they send out to Brooklyn, and a few other ladies agree. I said nothing. He said get off, the next one would come in 10 minutes, and most of the bus went for the O5 BM4 that came. I decided to wait with a young girl who was taking her first ride on an express bus instead of walking all the way back to City Hall for the train. Told her that this isn't the norm for express buses from Spring Creek, it's just a bad day. I knew that the next BM1 came in 30 minutes, so I just waited patiently, seeing BM3 after X15 after QM24 go by with a lot of seats filled. The road ops car comes and services the bus, but it didn't leave before eventually, the 4:10 Downtown only BM1 comes around the corner, and it's an MCI. I was pleased because it was an original from Spring Creek, and after an O5 shuts down on you, who wants to ride another? Anyway, this was my first bus problem with Spring Creek, but since I know that they always take good care of their buses, I'm not upset with them, this stuff happens. Just thought I'd share it with you guys. I would also like those who were complaining on the bus to think in the X32 students shoes. They pay 5 dollars for a regular O5 with no suburban seats when I as a former student paid 2.50 for an all MCI route with a student metrocard 2 years ago. It could've been worse, but I understand that some people like to place blame when things go wrong. And, besides, our first driver was kinda slow. Our 2nd driver sped down the Prospect Expwy.
  2. Actually, there are 3. I just got off one, with a program to 57th St-6th Av via 6th Av Local, the one before that was normal, and there was one following at West 8th St.
  3. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks, I try to get a shot like that every time I railfan now.
  4. Thanks! Thanks! The R62As used on the 3 are also the ones used on the Shuttle, so they're shuffled around a lot. Once in a while, it'll appear, like once every 3 months. Thanks!
  5. That's right! Long live Lenox Terminal! But, on topic, even down here on Livonia, they posted signs of the 24/7 service. We now have trains to New Lots as late as 11:30 PM on weekends, so that means both & trains during that time.
  6. Thanks, but sadly, there was no RFW on either end.
  7. Thanks. Luckily, they run it all day, but you could be waiting for a while. Cool, we were close, but passed it.
  8. I'll skip the story, and go straight to photos and captions. If you want the story, go see subchat. Blackout! East 180th St Bronx Park East/Esplande Gun Hill Rd Neer-eid Avenue-238th St... 239th St Yard Leads 110th St Lenox Terminal It's the R62A Train!!! And there you have it. Long live IRT railfanning! (in addition to B Division railfanning, of course)
  9. They run on the , apparently. As of right now, I don't know if they run on the . You're best to get out and find them yourself.
  10. Wow. You caught an R62 train in one of those pictures. Wonderful job!
  11. Just to let you know, I understand what you are saying. I use your suggestion: the Shuttle over to the East Side, because I am a rider, and the will lead me directly to New Lots without a transfer. Only thing is, I wasn't sure that everyone else would agree with it. So, your point is still valid.
  12. The isn't truncated on weekends, though unless there is construction. Let Dyre riders get their through service, even if it is to 7th Av. If you let the go to Brooklyn in both directions via Lex Av, you have 2 lines going from Lex to Brooklyn and NO service to 7th Av from Brooklyn with NO connection at Bowling Green either. Unless the is cut in both directions between Atlantic and Chambers, I see no reason not to let one direction go up 7th from Brooklyn, and one direction go up Lex. If you can provide the service, then why make people transfer? I say that this (2)/(3)/(5) switcharoo is not broken, so it doesn't needs to get fixed. There's no reason for people to take a crosstown bus or take the or the from 7th Av to Lex Av if you CAN provide the service from 7th Av straight to Bowling Green and have a simple transfer there. Alright, it's coming next weekend and the weekend after. Here's what happens: No service to 7th Av from Brooklyn (but there is TO Brooklyn), and riders can transfer at Bowling Green. If you had the running in Both Directions from Lex to Brooklyn and the running in Both directions using the South Ferry Loop, where would they transfer to get to Brooklyn? Again, if I've misunderstood anything, let me know.
  13. Nice, but as I'm sure you've been told, no flash while underground, try using a high ISO setting, like 800 or above. But, still nice pictures!
  14. Nice job, I love the BM2, and I think I might start taking it to work from Spring Creek.
  15. What he said. You have the B37, B63, B67, B69 & B75 routes if you need them. Canarsie has to transfer. One thing to remember before this line became a limited, it was an express bus that charged a local fare, much like the Q53, so it had to have a non-stop section.
  16. Well, 4th Av is about to get some congestion: MTA New York City Transit Service Alert Posted on:7/24/2008 8:49:39&nbspAM Due to a smoke condition at the Prospect Park Station, Brighton Beach-bound ( trains and Coney Island-bound trains are running on the line between the Dekalb Avenue Station and the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue Station. Also, due to ongoing signal problems at 103rd Street-Corona Plaza Station, there are no Times Square-bound express train service on the entire line. Please expect delays in , , and train service at this time.
  17. You mean the info signs? Get 25 posts and talk to our webmaster, Harry.
  18. Hey, nice photos! You live over by Livonia too? My home station is Van Siclen.
  19. No, I mean in Manhattan during weekends, it announces itself as an express whenever it goes via West End. And, I never hear the word express on an N announcement unless it's in Manhattan, via the 31 St EXP or via the Sea Beach EXP tracks, I'm sure someone can confirm.
  20. 2 R40M trains on the 8th Av Local, one at 42nd St & one at 14th St, while I was on a normal R42 train. R160As 8604-8607 are at 207th St.
  21. This is my service alert, here's the story. I work at the A.G.'s office in the Equitable Building, which means I get off at Wall St on the 4/5. Well, today, I was late (I was going to get there on time, but to me, that's late). I had to keep turning back, and I missed my 5 train from New Lots. Well, when I got to Utica on my 3 train, there was an R62 4 train across the platform. I'm thinking it was my lucky day. We speeded through the Eastern Pkwy EXP & the Joralemon tunnels. We get to Bowling Green, I'm listening to some good music, and we wait a minute. And, woosh!, smoke fills the entire platform. Everyone runs out the train, I follow them. I am not good with smoke, so my next instinct is to run before I start to feel faint. I do, but through everyone else who seems to be moving at a leisurely pace for some reason. It's like, I know I would have a problem moving at that pace, so I had to keep moving. I get out the station and make sure I'm ok by taking a breath in the park nearby. The fire trucks run down Broadway & I walk to the Equitable Building. I'm doing fine for now, though.
  22. Doubt it'll be there Thursday, better off on a weekend most likely.
  23. Thanks. Hey, RTOMan, any chance you can get them to fix the programs? Whenever the N runs over West End, in Manhattan, it announces itself as an express train even if it is local.
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