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  1. I had work, so I missed it. But my cousin got caught up in it. Man, can't they do it during the late nights?
  2. Ok, today I took one final railfan trip on the R42 train after work. I went all the way from Broad St to Jamaica Center. I then planned to go on the to 14th St. I met a T/O @ Jamaica Center. We struck up a conversation, just by saying hi. He was an extra, going wherever they needed him. I asked him if he was R160 qualified, and he says he works the at times. We talked all the way to 14th St basically. He was really nice, and told me to take the civil service exam since I'm a railfan, even if I'm going to college out of state. We ended up getting stuck between Roosevelt & Queens Plaza, due to that SSO on the Northern Blvd EXP, but he was a pro at clearing the station timers. Long story short, this was a good T/O, who wanted to see me behind the train or doing the door opening because I was a railfan, and I appreciated him pushing me to what I love. It's not often that I meet T/Os like that. That's my story, thanks for reading. I hope this T/O moves up in the ranks, he deserves it. Side notes: What to do about Myrtle-B'way Junction? My beat the R160 that was in front of us, and they STILL let it go first! Any time savings we gained were lost completely. That's it.
  3. Welcome sir, glad to have you! Look forward to sharing ideas with you.
  4. For your first suggestion, the will always be able to get to the Bronx from Manhattan, there's almost never a problem with that unless they're doing Lenox work. If it can't get to Brooklyn, they will send one direction on Lex, like they have been doing. And, this leaves Dyre riders in the dust if you send the up WPR. Why should they have to ride a shuttle if you can get both the & the up there? For your second suggestion, do you mean running the in both directions via Lex to Flatbush? If so, then the is stuck on the South Ferry loop and 7th Av riders have no connection to Brooklyn without taking the at 14th St/6th (long tunnel there) or the to Grand Central (long walk there as well). It's better to run one direction up Lex because there will ALWAYS be a connection at Bowling Green. Brooklynites were forced to used the for the LONG (I mean 7 month) period of time when there was no service between Brooklyn Bridge & Utica on the weekends, and Brooklyn Bridge & Atlantic during Late Nights. I think they should have direct service this time around if they can, and this (2)/(3)/(5) switcharoo seems to be working fine. If I have misunderstood any of your comments, please correct me, as I may have made some incorrect comments.
  5. If you have the terminating at Chambers St, there's no service to Brooklyn. Both tracks were NOT taken out during this G.O., only one was, which allowed one direction to go directly from Brooklyn, and sent the other one out of service, and forced the down Lexington. Basically, this type of G.O., the (2)/(3)/(5) switcharoo has to do with which track is up for repair between Clark and Chambers Sts. Today, they were doing work on the southbound track at Fulton St.
  6. Wow, they're all really good photos. And nice catch of that elusive R62 train. Nice job!
  7. Wow, looks amazing. The X29 used to run to Sea Gate...hmm, I see why they extended the X28 over there. The B31 really didn't need to run on Av U, so I see why they put it on Av R. And the B5-50 turned into the B82-7, nice. Some history there, before my time, thanks for posting.
  8. I see. So for (5)s to be sent to Flatbush means that they may be sent back up to Wakefield instead of Dyre or Nereid. Ouch. But, going to Utica ensures they will be sent back up as (5)s not (2)s. I guess that's in addition to the capacity issue. Well, ok, I can accept that. This also can be a reason that FINDS may be installed in those fleets. But, I always tell my family to stay off the express during that 4 PM hour, because trains are always backed up because of too many trains & too much layover time.
  9. Alright, how about it? 1. These R142s have OLD programs that display (in this order) 4|Lexington Av EXP 4|Brooklyn Express 4|To Woodlawn and 2|7 Avenue Express 2|To Flatbush Av and so on. These also do not have the correct announcements for some stations in Manhattan. 2. Ever tried to take a to Flatbush Avenue during the 4 PM hour? Not happening, because so many go to Crown Hts-Utica. So, because both & trains go to Utica, the Eastern Pkwy EXP is backed up. There is NO way my train would have gotten to Utica, or even Franklin before that train because there were 3 trains in front of it (my co-worker told me this). 3. Already answered, around 12:30 to 1 PM. 4. 5-car sets eliminate R32s, R38s, R40s, R42s, R44s, R46s, R68/As. That leaves R62/As, R142/As, and R160Bs. I rode in R62 1438, but I would've accepted 1431, 1432, 1433, 1434 or 1438. This is the surviving set from the Union Square wreck. 5. This one is really weird. I found this out on April 5th, 2007. This is a stupid deadhead. It does go express in the Bronx, and goes straight to the yard from East 180th St. By the time it gets up to 3rd Av-149th St, the last express southbound has already passed. Now, why they don't run it local, I have NO clue. Now for the things I wanted to discuss. I always thought that they would have deleted those old programs to make room for new ones. Ever notice that there's not a |7 Av Lcl program even though some trains run over 7th Av Local over some weekend construction? And, it doesn't help hearing that the stops at Atlantic Avenue to some people, it makes them think pre-2004 like CurAke79 correctly stated. About the trains to Flatbush, there isn't enough of them, and it's because of the capacity issue. Yet, often, it also seems like there aren't enough trains either? Many times, Nostrand riders are stuck at Franklin Av, watching Utica and New Lots-bound trains passing by while a doesn't come for a long while. In this case, I think they should send a few more (5)s to Flatbush. And, they really should run that 7:50 special local in the Bronx. There is no reason for a Bronx EXP northbound in the morning at all. Sorry for confusing everyone, I have to learn to be better with these things. The next one, I'll try to be as crystal clear as I can.
  10. Number 1, that's right. Like I said in the previous post, what's wrong with the R142s that made that announcement? Number 2, sorry, I'm going southbound towards New Lots Avenue. Number 4, refer to number 2. I'm going southbound towards New Lots Avenue. I will be forced to take a specific train with a majority of one type of car because the doesn't go to New Lots until 8 PM. Number 5, it is an Eastern Pkwy EXP. But, going to East 180th St, would it be a Bronx EXP? I'll post the answers by 10:30.
  11. For the first one, I'm sorry I'm not being clear. You are absoultely right, but I'm looking for what's wrong with the trains that are saying that for the announcements? (The R142s) That's my fault. For the next one, the train was going to Utica. Why wouldn't I take it to Utica if I saw that a train just left? It has to do with the going to Utica.
  12. No, it's not any of the R68s. It's a 5 car set.
  13. 1. That's right. Now what's wrong with those trains? 2. My home station is Van Siclen Avenue (hint). 3. Correct, around 12:30. 4. Sorry, I meant car number. 5. I'll let this one continue.
  14. I noticed a few things while going to and from work today. See if you can guess them. If I get all the answers, we can discuss what's good (or bad) about them. What's wrong with multiple trains that @ Atlantic Av announces "Transfer is available to the , , , (Qx), , and trains?" Why would I get off of a train that's at Nevins St & wait for a train, even though a train just left & the is running as an E. Pkwy EXP? Around what time would I see double trains (uptown and downtown) at 23rd St/Park Av South? I rode in a car today that is known for being in an irregular five car set. What specific car did I ride in? A train leaves New Lots Av and is heading towards East 180th St @ 7:50 AM. Is it a Southern Blvd EXP? I think that's enough. If they're not answered by a certain time, I'll give the answers and we can discuss them. I'm also open to hints, as some of these may be foreign to some people.
  15. Go to a College Point or Spring Creek express route. They're all over the place there.
  16. Thanks. I absolutely love Starrett City, it's just a great neighborhood.
  17. The southbound track has had a 10 MPH temporary speed restriction for the last 2 weeks, they've been working on it during the late nights; something probably hit a spark over there.
  18. How about some numbers for the IRT? uses R62As 1811-1900 & 2156-2475 (the first set is a little off.) uses R142s 6301-6680 (with R142s from the as necessary) uses R62s 1301-1625, except 1316-1320, 1371-1375, & 1531-1545 (which are assigned to the ), and 1366-1370, 1435-7, 1439, 1440 (in accidents). Also uses 10 R62A singles not on the 42nd St . uses R142s 1101-1250, 7071-7180, R142As 7671-7730, R142S 7731-7810, and R62s 1316-1320, 1371-1375 & 1531-1545. uses R142s 6681-7060 (with R142s from the as necessary) (6)/<6> uses R142As 7211-7670. (7)/<7> uses R62As 1651-1810 & 1901-2155, except 1909 (accident) and 20 cars in the 1900s, which are assigned to Livonia/Lenox. Uses 10 R62As that aren't on the , but are still assigned to Livonia/Lenox. If anyone has the correct numbers for the & , and even the if you can find them, please feel free to correct.
  19. Thanks. Ok, now I know. The shots came out nice from inside the bus, I was surprised.
  20. Thanks! Thanks. I did pass by your house. 1872 was a great ride. Spring Creek really spruced up the MCI, not much was falling apart, just the lights in the seat in front of me. Seats were unusually comfortable (like the suburban O5s) and I hardly felt the bumps in the road.
  21. Thanks. Sorry, typed in a hurry, didn't explain myself. Thanks, I will. Thanks, once those buses start moving, it's hard to get a good shot on. Thanks!
  22. So I wanted to represent that avatar I put up a week ago. Bottom line, I got up at 5:30 this morning to get this bus, and after 7 months, I actually got an MCI from Spring Creek. But it wasn't from Spring Creek. Ah, let's get on with the photos. Local & BM5 stuff first. They actually put the sign for the BM2 to Downtown up. BM5 riders almost NEVER get an MCI from Spring Creek. It's terrible...the other BM routes usually get them. The BM2 from Spring Creek, one of only 5 during the AM rush. MCI from S.I., most likely Castleton? Some from the bus photos: Now, the driver knew about the Loop (obviously by the sign), but was NOT happy that I wanted to stay on for the entire loop. He changed the sign by the time I got out, so I had to change my plan: Battery Place & Trinity Place MCIs There you go. I'm still trying at this, but I'm hoping to get better soon.
  23. Ok, have it start at the Rockaway Blvd Train station, go down Cross Bay Blvd, then go the entire way of Linden Blvd. Once it reaches the end, go up Flatbush to Prospect Park Station. How's that? We can call it the B19. Stops at Q11 stops on Cross Bay Blvd, B15/20 stops on Linden Blvd, then Schenck Av, Van Siclen Av, Pennsylvania Av, Alabama Av, Snediker Av, M Gaston Blvd, Rockaway Av, Rockaway Pkwy, Church Av, Kings Hwy, then every 2-3 blocks until Caton Av, then B41 local stops until Prospect Park Station. Now, if only the ridership statistics could be done for this.
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