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  1. Great stuff. Can't believe the was late, since they have all those R160s. But, either way, great stuff. Look at that trackway at Ocean Pkwy, flawless! My favorites are the full circle LED R160s.
  2. I disagree with making it a 6th Av Local, but because there is no ( on the weekends, we can make it a CPW Local. The is good for 14th & 23rd St.
  3. The B10 which was partially made into the B15. I have a picture of the map which is still up on Miller & New Lots Avs.
  4. Thanks! I wish they did as well, makes for great runs on the Belt Pkwy on the B83. That was around 11 AM, but thanks.
  5. Awesome pics, hope you had a good trip. I was at your station last week, it looks wonderful.
  6. Here's one of me from my Physics class in May with my lab partner. I'm on the right.
  7. Or Bergen Beach, whatever floats your boat. Got 'em off today, figured I'd waste some time in this area. A B3 on Layover on E. 69th St A B41 on Layover on E. 70 St Just a B3. Does that bus have its sign off? No, look closely. A BM1. Spring Creek unfortunately lost its new MCIs to S.I. (most of them). Too bad, I'd rather this O5 than S.I.'s MCIs. Finally, what company does this bus belong to? Relax, it's just a regular old B3. Hope you enjoyed.
  8. Here's my comments: : I don't see what's wrong with it, Rockaway Park riders have the least service in the entire system, they should have a direct route during rush hours. : Brighton Beach service is probably not warranted as an express during the weekends, how about to Prospect Park? : Sure : Once the R40s are gone, Concourse can focus on getting those R68s back to normal. : Sure, but Jamaica has to get its act together, and it has too many cars to do that now. : In order to have short wait times, this route has to be shortened; there are too many problem spots. I'm not sure if that can happen so soon, but maybe. : Not during the (V)'s hours. Let the do what it does best (take QB Local riders to 6th Av), then let the take over, but definitely to Church Av. (J)/(Z): I'm not sure about skip-stop all day, maybe some extended hours during rush hour. : Sounds good, not sure if late night service will see that happen though. : Only if the returns. : See comment. : Would be logical, but might not see this happen either. : Only to help out the Broadway Local if the goes back to an express. But, wait, if the returns, the (N)'s headways will be shortened, because Ditmars Blvd can't handle 8 minutes on both lines. And, Coney Island needs the to be frequent, especially during the summer. I'd actually say leave it as it is now.
  9. I'd like that, but colored LEDs are expensive (that really shouldn't be a factor). And, I think the reason the MTA didn't do that was because red was the easiest to see. I would like colored LEDs anyway, especially on the interior signs (like on the R142/As). The R143/160s don't always have to be yellow on the interior.
  10. Not yesterday and today, no (2)/(3)/(5) switcharoo. That ended last week, today the returned to Brooklyn and the returned to it's normal route.
  11. No, but you can't get to Canarsie from Jamaica without reversing, if I remember. You can only get to Broadway Junction and west of there.
  12. Cool, by the time the J starts using them, hopefully we'll have more than enough.
  13. Definitely the R160s. The R143s have my favorite propulsion, but the R160As on the L are a little brighter and the FIND demolishes the strip maps any day that it does work. Still, both are good cars. They should put siemens propulsion in the R160A option order IMO.
  14. Thank you both (this multi-quote function is SO useful!).
  15. I was? Well, it's good to be back, formally. Thanks, Andy.
  16. Ok, good to see you here as well. Thanks, and I do agree. Thanks.
  17. Yes, I do, Pablo. Good to see you here as well. Thanks! I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay.
  18. First, let me apologize. I didn't realize that I didn't introduce myself, since I saw I registered a year ago. Sorry, wasn't polite to just come in and start making posts. But, anyway, on Subchat, I'm known as Livonia Ave. Local, and transitstuff, I'm known as my handle here. My name is Aliandro, and I'm glad to be on another transit site where I can discuss and see what other people think about the subway. I hope to enjoy my stay here discussing the transit world with everyone else. Thanks. Home station: Van Siclen Av, , Late nights.
  19. Well, technically, the X90 runs from Michael J. Quill, but that's only one line, and I'm not sure they have enough O5 Suburbans to cover the X25, which is probably why Ulmer Park does it.
  20. I agree as well, from Brooklyn, it provides much needed relief during the AM rush from overcrowded trains, and during the PM rush, provides a choice for Flatbush riders, and extra service at times for Utica riders (only problem there is it often comes right after a , meaning it's less crowded than expected to the Nostrand stations). But, I think it's much more important in the Bronx, where it's a direct link to the East Side from Eastchester.
  21. I'm not sure how accurate my statement is, but I think the is more of a local variant of the than the is of the , which is why the , as an express, goes farther than the . The really is it's own line out here, and from what I've seen with the G.O. service this weekend, if the had to handle Livonia, it'd need more trains, even on the weekends, because there were cases of some bad bunching. But, as far as the track layouts go, it wouldn't be a good idea to do more service than they already do with the during the rushes. If they were to fix that, I wouldn't see a reason not to test it. But, to understand where you're coming from, exactly what are you comparing with the E. Pkwy IRT & the Fulton IND?
  22. Personally, I don't like it when riders complain about service changes that are right in their face. When they're not notified extensively, that's fine, but when posters are on every other pillar of the station, that's different.
  23. Some other R62s with the 2 liners are 1316, 1449 (one side only, forget whether it's the left or right), and 1450.
  24. Being a rider on Livonia, service will be most welcome over here, and there is a way to do it, but it will require some money. The stub middle track that ends at ENY Av can be extended to connect to the two existing tracks. Downtown service can connect easily, but Uptown service will have to use the same track, which will pose some problems. Anyway, we have (4)/(5) service until 6:21 AM, and two Lexington peak specials, one at 7:13, one at 7:50, which are heavily used as well as PM specials at 6:10 & 6:20 PM. Of course, there's the frequent service to/from Livonia Yard that's reverse peak. It's a situation that wasn't built for Lexington service unless it runs local, which they shouldn't do. For now, I'd say leave it alone, but I do know that the weekend service has been welcome among riders for a while, mostly because of service increases, though.
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