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  1. Over the week, I've been finding places to travel so I could get out more, especially to Queens. Next Tuesday, I'll probably take my last ride on the (M2), , and as we know it, because I won't be here for the service changes. So enjoy these photos I took whilst out these days; note that many of them are just station pictures, not really of the trains. 72nd St-CPW: Borough Hall: Roosevelt Island, my first time getting on the Island: 39th Av-Beebe Av: This day, all (N)s were going into QBP on the Lower Level, leading to MAJOR delays southbound. One shot of 240th St Yard: Westchester Yard: And that at Penn Av today, when it battery ran. Videos: Hope you enjoyed.
  2. Yes, it is possible. You can also use BVE Route Randomizer to run a route with a different train as well.
  3. BJ's absolutely. I go for shopping at home, and when I had large events at school, we'd go shopping there for our items too.
  4. In what way? Having trains cross in front of each other at high frequencies? If I recall correctely, trains don't cross in front of each other at 125th St. Or just about having ATS active?
  5. The also now announces the at South Ferry. Which nighttime routes didn't have transfers? I took the from Times Sq to Atlantic-Pacific last summer on an R160 and we had correct transfers even going via Whitehall.
  6. A report from Eyewitness News says that they expect that the extension bill will be passed tomorrow, giving us another week.
  7. When each of the boards displayed 2 minutes to the next train, usually the train was actually coming in and they changed to reflect that. Otherwise, they're pretty accurate. Saved me from waiting for an express to get ahead to a I just missed.
  8. Nice work catching the Viking! And you got the elusive QM23 too before it's retirement. Awesome job!
  9. These are really fantastic photos. Love bus poles and the destination signs. You caught a nice dose of pretty much everything, even the elusive Q111 to Cedarhurst. Fantastic job!
  10. After I got a haircut early this morning, I decided to go out and railfan Livonia since it's full of NTTs. This is what I came up with: Van Siclen Av: Junius St, where a major cloud shift changed the lighting completely: Huge tree in the way here: E for Eastern Pkwy, maybe? Rockaway Av: The Saratoga Av Curve: I got a second chance going New Lots-bound: Sutter Av: New Lots Av: And, back to Van Siclen Av: And the will be out here all weekend: Filling the (3)'s position. Hope you enjoyed!
  11. Just a few videos from today. You'll notice that my camera only has digital zoom while in video mode, so pardon that. I'm still trying to get that fixed. The White Plains Road videos were a one-time thing, I was up there for a special event. I didn't realize so many R62s go up there out of service to get washed at a time. That's cool. Hope you enjoyed the videos.
  12. I suggest going for the to the Rockaways. You'll be fine during the midday (that's pretty much the best time to railfan for any line IMO). I also suggest the to the Bronx. It's nice and fast through the upper Manhattan tunnels and the EL section is very good, along with some views of 207th St. Unless you want to come during the end of the AM Rush when trains are going into Livonia Yard for some variety, stay away from Livonia on the , as all you'll get are R62 trains as opposed to a sea of NTTs and R62s. And that is the best time to come out here to railfan too (I came New Lots-bound at 10:30 AM and there were at max 25 people on the entire train after Utica). A lot of people like the because of the RFW, take the line if you wish, but I'd pass it up to go over to the if I were you.
  13. Sorry, but I'm perfectly fine with service the way it is now. Transferring at Utica and Nevins is not hard at all, and I'm glad it's there even though not that many people exit at Nevins. Yes, enough people transfer from the to the at any given point, but that switch at Atlantic is 10 MPH, meaning delays there especially since you already have Rogers being the way it is (my and a neighboring had a nice little "guess who's going across first" notion yesterday, I imagine that happens very often) at Franklin AND the now comes during the midday. A nice long-term project would be to realign the express tracks at Utica to go to New Lots instead. But obviously the MTA does not have money for such a project. So, we can live with our service for now. Enough people know of the (4)/(5) extras during the rushes and outside of that, transferring is good enough until we can figure out a solution that won't cause any more delays than there are now.
  14. I'm back in NY, and decided to take the length of the train on an R160. I did so, but exercised caution today since I really didn't know what to expect, having not railfanned for a good 3 months. This is what I was able to come up with: I don't know where those two came to the F.I.N.D., but they are there. Lots of videos now: Okay, from there I eventually made it onto a Flatbush Av-bound train. It had a preacher in the 4th 3rd car at 59th St. By Borough Hall, he made it to my first car. I ditched it at the very last second, and got this short video at Borough Hall. Then, I experienced my best usage of the countdown clock since I've been home. I got on the R142A train, and we were passing Hoyt St slowly because the R142 was literally in front of us. I saw that the countdown clock at Hoyt said 3 mintues to the next New Lots Av-bound . This meant that the one ahead of me was 5 minutes ahead as they run on 8-minute headways during the middays, and the would never make it to Utica in time to catch it since the R142 was ahead of us. So, I decided to get off at Nevins and make the R62 without having to wait too long. It came right on time. So, right now, I'm a fan. I understand their drawbacks though. And that's my trip for today. Just getting back into the groove. Hope to see you guys around, and hope the hobby is treating you guys well.
  15. What time was this during (like was it at 11:45/11:50 at night)? There was a scheduled G.O. this week that required trains to terminate at Bowling Green during the night hours if you're referring to the Bowling Green reading. Or perhaps it is something I am missing from the pictures.
  16. -Runs from Harlem-148th St (formerly Lenox Terminal) in Manhattan to New Lots Av in Brooklyn -Is home to the only IRT EL in Brooklyn (Livonia Av) -Currently holds the only revenue 5-car platform in the system (145th St) -Shares its line concurrently with the between 135th St & Franklin Av. -Recieved 24/7 status with a shuttle from 148th St to Times Sq in (2007?) -Once held a consistent, but largely unnoticed G.O. for a while (Trains extended to 34th St during the nights due to local service). Has since ended. -Ran 9-car R62As in the '90s with RFWs on both ends most of the time. -Was the only mainline IRT line to have an actual RFW until late 2008/early 2009. -Calls the only IRT Yard in Brooklyn its home. -Was shortened to 14th St back in 2001 due to the 9/11 attacks. -Holds a fleet consisting of just one car type, the R62s. -Runs the set that survived the Union Square Wreck in 1991 (1431-1434 & 1438), which is the only mismatched R62/R62A 5-car set. Please correct any of the above information if it is incorrect.
  17. Jamiroquai-Black Capricorn Day from Synkronized (1999) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVyPhonWpBc This one seems to be shorter than my album version though.
  18. Good pictures. Looks like they successfully put on both "Queens Blvd" and "53rd St-6th Av" as trunk lines going southbound, something the doesn't have. That's nice.
  19. At my time at Philippa Schuyler, I took one of the 5 B60 school trippers to Canarsie, taking it to Rockaway/Livonia to get the . Typical kids, but I sat in the front the entire time. I wouldn't take a school tripper nowadays, but then again, I don't have any place on them either.
  20. Very nice! I'm surprised they put "via Bridge" on the ®'s side LEDs when they don't for the . Cool stuff.
  21. But Charlie tells people to please watch the gap as people exit the train to the platform. I heard it on my return trip on the after I rode the for the last time.
  22. I meant was the time on the train you had programmed wrong or offset, because you had to have been the time you said (5 PM) since you were doing skip-stop.
  23. Ouch...what might have caused that? Was the time wrong?
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