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  1. This worries me a bit, because two weeks ago, when I was in NY, the still didn't display the as a transfer at Whitehall St or the at Herald Sq (which someone forgot to put in, because it was never there). The & didn't display or announce the in Brooklyn during midday hours at Atlantic-Pacific. However, the and correctly announced transfers to the in Brooklyn during the midday. So, maybe they're just leaving the alone since it's about to go. But, yes, pretty much everything that has a relation to the lines changing will need updating.
  2. Either they think that the Bx6 has +selectbusservice or they're obviously fare beating. Send it to a news outlet for some reactions (if you desire to take this issue that far. Otherwise, let people react just here).
  3. Having my home line be the , I think I can understand why we were "demoted" to the R62s (as some put it). We had the newest cars in the '90s, the R62As (although they were only 9-car trains), the had redbirds to replace (maybe, only maybe that was the reason). But, I think the having a unified fleet has always been its strong point, then and now. Of course, it would be nice to ride an NTT on the , but they serve a nice purpose on the : refilling it with reliable and new trains, all NTTs now (I have yet to see an R62A on the although they were apparently transferred to Jerome). So, although the R142As are my favorite NTT, I think the and can keep 'em.
  4. Okay, I understand what you're saying actually now. I'm not sure to be honest.
  5. If you mean trip arms on both sides of the tracks, then yes, I'd assume that because of the two-way signalling.
  6. I think the real plan was so that whenever construction requires that the runs express, they have the option of running express either until or starting at 74th St, rather than skipping it because the switches were at Woodside. There was no intention of having the making a stop there.
  7. Should there not have been any attempt to achieve reform in the first place? I don't have health insurance because it's too expensive for my mom to afford, but everyone keeps telling me that this is not the method to change the system. Is there a proper way to do it, or should it have been left alone? I don't think I am informed enough to have an answer or opinion on this issue right now.
  8. Average of 10 MPH through the loop. Make sure you're looking through the right side, or you'll miss it. It's a short view of the station, then you'll probably be held outside of the uptown track so another (6)/<6> can depart first.
  9. Canarsie Yard is just a storage yard. The maintenance facility is East New York. So, they're all based out of ENY. Again correc if I'm wrong.
  10. Thanks! Yes, a very nice day. The R44, I believe their stripe is painted silver, whereas the R46's is pure steel. Thanks! Thank you. Yes, that's correct. R160s were definitely going there for speed testing along the test track. I wanted to stay and get more pics, but that couldn't happen. Thanks! Thanks. It was good to see them. Thanks! I couldn't have asked for a better day to go to the Rockaways.
  11. From riding them this week, in terms of ATO, not much. They both seem to have the same speed, and make the same stopping maneuvers in the station. The R143s have a stationary strip map in its cars that only display the line, and the R160s have a F.I.N.D. system that allows it be used on any route with the correct station stopping info. The R143s refer to the 8th Av terminal as "8 Av Manhattan," whereas the R160s refer to it as "8 Av-14 St." The R143s' announcements to Canarsie are "this is a Canarsie-bound train," whereas the R160s is "this is a Rockaway Parkway-bound train." The interior signs (that display time, next stop, etc.) are black on the R160s and grey (I believe) on the R143s. Finally, the R143s have Adtranz Propulsion and the R160s have Alstom Onix. I think those are the differences, please correct any misinformation.
  12. R40s are retired, and the CBTC system is active and working on the . Since they have the cars that are ready, they're using the R143s & R160s. I do not think the non-NTTs are capable of communicating with the CBTC system, which might throw off the system. However, I do not know if this is true, it's just speculation.
  13. Hello all! I've been back in NY for a week today after returning from Florida. I've ridden an R160 multiple times on every line it runs on except the and have found no frozen F.I.N.D.s so far, which pleases me. I've also been using the along 14th St a lot lately to get to meetings, and I like the ATO; it is very, very fast. The R62s are holding up well on the although we've been getting the lights off over 3rd rail gaps lately. I wanted to visit Rockaway Park since it's been 4 years since I went, and it is going to rain on Monday and Tuesday. The Q35 was extremely speedy after Kings Plaza and down Newport Av. Here are some photos from there: There were two R46s and one R44. One of the R46s were 2 A-A sets. A lot of work trains were there today as well: Then, I hitched up to Broad Channel: Unfortunately, a family would not move into the platform, so that's the only shot I got of that train. Then an came speeding in: And the shuttle came back on the other track: Then, a dilemma: That's a new R160. But, This was approaching to Manhattan. With 16 minutes to the next train, I couldn't stay because I had a meeting to get to. So, I snapped these quickly: And got on the R44, then ditched it at Euclid for a ride on the 100% R32 to Jay St. But, the RFW was way too filthy to take videos, which was disappointing. I believe the numbers of the R160 were 9777-9782, but I could be mistaken. Later on, I saw that the Brooklyn IRT is finally testing its new display boards at Franklin Avenue: Hopefully they last. Two videos: And, that's all for today, and probably this time. Hope you enjoyed!
  14. I believe the only way to transfer between the (2)/(3) and the (4)/(5) is to use the (A)/© platform. So, if the platform is inaccessible, then I will assume that no transfers can be made period.
  15. I think the reason why there aren't 5-car markers was that most of the trainsets used to be in married pairs, rather than 2 5-car sets, meaning every train would always have an even number of cars (at least from the R27s on?). Correct me if this is wrong.
  16. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16874 Check out that link for my Red Line photos. I went back in January.
  17. I think you might be referring to what Cartoon Network tried to do. This is my opinion, but they should take a look at what the Ed Edd n' Eddy finales did to their ratings because it was their longest running original cartoon, versus those new kid "reality" shows they started up and decide whether Cartoons or Live Action is best suited for "Cartoon Network." About MTV, it's a shame. And what's more a shame is that it is warranted. A lot of people want it.
  18. I hope school gets canceled for you guys too. A question: has the MTA ever done Plan 4 during the week? I know more recently, it's popped up only on Weekends, which was a good situation.
  19. May 12th, 2007 was the final time I caught an RFW on the . I saw the lone R62A train coming towards me at Van Siclen, but alas, it was going the wrong direction. I went and had a great day. Then, I end up at Atlantic Avenue, and low and behold, the same R62A, 1918 comes in, going to New Lots. After a guy failed at trying to pick up a girl sitting closest to the window, it became open at Utica. And, it was clear as day. I had my first camera still, and I took some good pictures from the front of the window of the Utica tunnel portal, the front end of the stations, and the big dip after Junius Street; some of them made it to nycsubway. It was a fantastic final RFW Livonia ride.
  20. According to the accounts of my family, I was like that too younger.
  21. Fantastic photos! Seeing these lines this weekend and these pictures now, it's interesting how some things have changed (the Blue Line and Green Line cars), and others haven't. Really cool shots.
  22. At 4:45, they're still putting in trains from ENY to go to Broad St, according to the schedule. That's the only reason I'd see a train around that time going to Broad St. They send all trains that are put-ins from ENY that run in revenue service from Broadway Junction to Broad St as trains usually during the PM rush. Correct me if I'm wrong. If they still put-in at 4:45, then that's why you saw two trains going to Manhattan.
  23. Note to Mods: I think I've put this in the wrong forum. Can it be moved where it belongs? ...And taking peak-direction Commuter Rail expresses into Boston and out of it. We went well close to 80 MPH through the local stations. Very, very cool. My exams are over. I'm half a year closer to graduating high school. I couldn't come home. So, what better way to spend time but railfanning? We usually start at Southborough, the station my school is closest to, right? Pardon the guy's head. He did not want to move away. I thought this town had no people. I was wrong. Next up, Red Line! JFK/UMASS: Braintree: Ashmont: Mattapan, with PCC refurbished cars. We sped along this, took not even 6 minutes to go through 6 stations? It looks better than the mainline! Ashmont again: South Station: Blue Line! Gov't Center & Bowdoin. A note about Bowdoin: you get to be your own conductor since only 4 cars can fit on the outbound platform. Pretty cool. We're off to Wonderland! It was SO cold out here, almost impossible to hold the camera steady. Forest Hills : Some Green Line: More Red Line @ Charles/MGH: Me acting like a true commuter @ South Station looking at this: And, finally, night shots at Southborough again: I'm going again tomorrow, but not with the purpose of railfanning. Who cares? Maybe I'll take some more. I've covered everything but the Green Line C and E lines. Videos: Hope you enjoyed! Come visit, it's a small, but fantastic system. The Blue Line is the hottest place to be during the Summer too.
  24. Since this is supposed to be "Best Express Runs," I'm sure there are much better express runs than the one I put, but: The West Side IRT from Times Square to 72nd St: northbound more so because of no timers, but in both directions, before the realignment and new tracks, it felt like you were going to fly off of the tracks going around the curve at 59th St. Nowadways, we get the speed without that feeling.
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