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  1. Haha, zoom compression of a long straightaway in Orange CT. Enjoy! your pal, Fred
  2. http://www.mbta.com/uploadedfiles/About_the_T/Police/Photo%20Policy%202012.pdf print and carry. your pal, Fred
  3. Hi all, enjoy a couple of shots from today's train, seen here in Brooklyn on the New Lots IRT. thanks, your pal, Fred
  4. Progress as of yesterday on this newest MN station. This station platforming looks similar to the Fairfield Metro station. This will be a bus and train station and will include 660 parking spaces. I was at the RFW in an M2 train, mostly to grab these shots, so enjoy! Detail of the canopy. Here is what is being built: http://en.wikipedia....-North_station) your pal, Fred
  5. Thanks, all! Here's some video from same spots:
  6. BL20GH 111 returning light after dropping off the Acela in New Rochelle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjivB2Ytn20
  7. They hadda tow it someplace GCT to Woodlawn Jct (shown) and then to New Rochelle where it ran to Sunnyside under its own power.
  8. Thanks, Joe. I like those spots and sometimes grab some eats at Cold Spring Pizza and have a picnic up there.
  9. Hello there Enjoy some CSX freights on the Riverline.
  10. Hi all, enjoy some footage from the hill
  11. Hello all, I caught twin engines yesterday along the Naugatuck.
  12. Some quality time at Rocky Neck in CT between OSB and NLC. Enjoy!
  13. You can see the new tower for the bridge on the right. Enjoy!
  14. New Year's Day fanning in Norwalk. Hope you like this
  15. Hiya, thought you might like some fast Amtrak crossing the Raritan River in New Brunswick, NJ Sorry about the wind noise as it was quite breezy. Good excuse to return tho :tup:
  16. enchoy! As you probably know, these rebuilt cars have automatic announcements. As you probably don't know, I didn't record them. bwahahahaha!!
  17. I hope you enjoy this little retrospective. It's been a good year. First M-8 in revenue service. Thanks for looking and all the support. See you next year :tup: your pal, Fred
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