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  1. I was wondering if the voices on the new tech trains will ever be changed? I thought it would be nice to change the voices around every 5 years to freshen up the announcements.
  2. Will there be a strike or no anybody comment please:(
  3. Thanks to the water main break and the city NOT doing anything to inspect these mains I suffered a severe asthmatic attack, thanks to the good people on the uptown D train that was concerned for me I was able to make it home.
  4. Will The D train service be restored for tonight's rush hour or do I need to make other plans to get home? :mad:
  5. Does anyone know if they are going to do any construction work on the D Line from Bronx to Brooklyn bound downtown and uptown trains. :confused:
  6. Iv'e been riding an Amtrak sleeper car passenger for about 6 years, they have got to change there Viewliners on the Silver Meteor and Silver Star trains they are quite brutel no more TV's the air is so so and the bedding is like a notch better than a Rikers Island bunk bed and they charge close to 1000.00 for this LOL.:cry:
  7. Yesterday I was stuck on the downtown number 6 train the emergency brakes went into a halt no announcements were made we were on there for well over 20 minutes. Finally they opened one door and people were let out. I take the number 5 train to Brooklyn Bridge same darn thing happens going uptown, again no announcemnets from TA police or Transit officials :mad::mad::mad:
  8. I just booked my yearly train trip to Florida and I just wanted to show you guys some pics from last years trip aboard Amtraks Silver Service sleeper car. scancat
  9. Amtrak


    The and can get you there. The neighborhood is mostly Italian and Spanish with a small mix of a few more. Overall the neighborhood is nice safe neighborhood. The ride into Manhattan is about 45 minutes to an hour. I almost moved out there once. scancat
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