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  1. How do they plan to prevent fare evasion by just entering through rear doors without paying with OMNY?
  2. Mineola-Great Neck via Old Country Rd-Herricks Rd-Marcus Ave-Lakeville Rd.
  3. 181st St,Main St-Flushing,Jamaica Ave,5th Ave, & 14th St made permanent.
  4. Why the hell is NICE been ending their Queens routes by the city line for the last few nights? Don't they realize that buses are exempt from the curfew & are needed for essential workers,just like in the city? The N6 has been dumping people at Elmont Rd rather than at the city line(about a mile away) where at least they can transfer to MTA buses. The N20 for some reason runs into Queens,but only as far as 162 St? Why there?
  5. With the opening of Jones Beach this weekend, will NICE be running the N88?
  6. They should add stops bet. the bridge & HBLR sta. on 440 to serve the businesses along there.
  7. Heard rumors that LIRR taking control over NICE Bus. Anyone have Knowledge of that?
  8. Like I've always said-with the rampant farebeating,there's no way these figures are accurate.
  9. These figures are meaningless due to the high & growing amount of fare evasion,esp. through the rear doors which don't get recorded.
  10. Hound


    Academy Bus has the contract for planned work.Companies used in addition to Academy were Regency,Accord,as well as out-of state companies consisting of Suburban Transit,Dillons,Short Line,Rockland Coaches,Lakefront,& others. Definitely a lot more buses than were needed.
  11. Hound


    Major bustitution project this weekend on LIRR bet. Rockville Centre & Babylon,which I will be on.
  12. Continue on Union Tpk-right GCP Service Rd-right Springfield back to Union.(old Q88 turnaround).
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