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  1. Continue on Union Tpk-right GCP Service Rd-right Springfield back to Union.(old Q88 turnaround).
  2. Why does it show layover on s/b B20th at Cornaga when both routes continue south to Seagirt.?
  3. That's going to be some right turn to make from Northern Blvd onto Marathon Pkwy for the Q12.You'll have to swing wide from the left lane to do it.
  4. As far as proofreading goes,the service changes for buses on the MTA website always has mistakes. For example;Ave instead of street,right turn instead of left,etc. Seems like it's done by people that know nothing about the system.
  5. I've always thought the N1 should continue down to the center of Hewlett by Bway/West Bway jct. or even turn around by the LIRR sta. instead of terminating at that deadend location of Bway & Rockaway Ave.
  6. What a stupid idea. Turning a one-seat ride into a two-seat ride,esp. carrying packages & shopping bags cramming into paratransit vans.
  7. So-is the N16J still running or has it been killed off also?
  8. Does anyone know how this route is doing,if in fact still running at all?
  9. The N20H does not run non-stop bet. Glen Cove Rd & Bway Mall. The non-stop portion is bet. CW Post & NY Tech due to Brookville nimbyism & safety concerns on Rt. 107.
  10. Hound


  11. Flushing Lunar New Year parade detour on Friday listed on NICE website-but parade is on Sat.
  12. I've been noticing some SCT buses operating in service at night with their interior lights off. Has this become an accepted practice?
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