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  1. 10) Look on the payroll to get the name and pass # of the train operator you'll be with.
  2. The D and N went local on 4 Avenue to make room for work trains.
  3. There are a lot of others: "16 miles" leaving 57/7 on 1 track, and "17 miles" leaving DeKalb towards the tube. I have no clue why they don't end in a 5 or 0 though.
  4. One of those AM B trains that do not go back to Brooklyn go to 207 yard for PM A train service.
  5. Seems like there are more 160s on the R when it goes to 179 Street.
  6. The F to Church is part of the station construction project.
  7. R68As have the EDO doppler speedometer, but R68s do not.
  8. I saw it as well earlier. I thought I was going crazy at first!
  9. That temporary roof at 168 on the 1 is gone?
  10. The 4 Ave/ 9 St complex is one of the worst. It's not ADA accessible and the fact that it is a local stop for both lines makes it worse since the F and/or R might have a G.O. which makes it go express in one direction or those routes might have a skip. At least there's a transfer for those lines at Jay Street.
  11. Lack of flexibility at 168. If a C has a problem on the uptown local track, then the earliest its follower can go on the express track is 125. Also, when the morning A trains terminate there, they plug up the As behind it. Same problem going southbound with the C. Problem with the train on the southbound local, can't bring a train on the southbound express.
  12. Best: Euclid Stillwell Worst: 145 168 Church Ave

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